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Revelation And Shavuot

9 Sivan 5777 – June 2, 2017
There can be no experience so unequivocal and obvious as to conclusively prove the existence of God or the divine origin of His Torah.

Q & A: Standing During Chazarat Hashatz (Part III)

Question: Is one obligated to stand while the shliach tzibbur repeats the Shemoneh Esreh? I have observed that some people stand during the whole repetition of the Amida while others sit most of the time. Menachem

Daf Yomi

A Dramatic Change ‘Where His Son Traveled Overseas….’ (Bava Basra 132a)

Chesed Shel Emes

Paula and her husband did far more than that – they went to visit her and managed to persuade her to allow them to apply for her to live in a Jewish home.

The Reunion

As crazy as it sounds, we never met face-to-face until we discovered that on the same Shabbos, she would be visiting her daughter in Monsey while I would be attending my grandson’s bar mitzvah.

‘He Who Cannot Swear Must Pay’ Does Not Apply To The Debtor’s Heirs...

The court is concerned the plaintiff might be exploiting the heir’s ignorance of his father’s business affairs and is trying to get paid a second time.

The Ultimate System Of Self-Perfection

The Even Ezra is teaching us a fundamental concept in growth: that we can shape our very reality.

The Myth Of Jerusalem’s Holiness To Muslims

Jerusalem meant so little to the Ottomans that, during World War I, they let it fall into British hands without a fight and even contemplated entirely destroying the city before pulling out.

Longing To Be A Saint

Maimonides holds there is not one model of the virtuous life, but two. He calls them, respectively, the way of the saint and the sage. It is this deep insight that led Maimonides to his seemingly contradictory evaluations of the nazirite

Israeli Checkpoint Prevents Another Massacre

I, prefer inconvenienced Palestinians to dead Jews any day of the week. The would-be murderer tried to get through the checkpoint byt the metal detector detected that he was carrying two pipe bombs.

Peace At Home And Among Our People (Part Two)

The eternal wisdom of Rebbetzin Jungreis (a”h) this week on making peace and fostering it in our families, our communities, and our people

The Power Of Torah

6 Sivan 5777 – May 30, 2017
While there is a yeshiva in existence, the world will be full with knowledge of Torah. The moment the yeshiva ceases to exist, the Torah will be forgotten from the entire world.

Jerusalem: The Capital Of Israel

To honor his commitment that he made throughout his campaign to move America's embassy from Tel Aviv to the capital, President Donald Trump does not have to do anything at all. He just has to let June 1 arrive without signing another waiver.

The Uniqueness Of Our People

Jews today are quick to judge others and to label them as frum or not frum, acceptable or unacceptable, kosher or treif. We merely observe their outer layer without understanding who they really are.

From Tsarist Russia To Democratic America: Reflections on a Family Machzor

This tefillah is especially astounding given that, historically, the Russian tsar was no friend to the Jewish people.

The Early Day School Movement in America (1786 – 1879)

The newly arrived immigrants as well as some of the native American Jews refused to send their children to secular schools permeated with Christian influences.

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