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Herzl, Uganda and The “First” Balfour Declaration

Uganda could never truly become a Jewish state. It was not the national Jewish homeland. Uganda was not the indigenous home of the Jews. There were no historical, religious, and culture ties binding the Jews to any place other than the one the Western World referred to as Palestine.

Thank you, Vice President Pence

It is only appropriate that each and every one of us express our profound thanks to Donald Trump and Mike Pence. They have set our bilateral relations back on an exceptional course, drawing Israel and America closer than they have ever been.

A Tale of Two Speeches

Two momentous speeches in the Knesset plenum – by Canadian prime minister Harper four years ago and US vice president Pence this week – may have transformed the course of history. They offer moral and spiritual leadership for the world.

The Ethical Indignity of Governmental Gridlock

After a seemingly endless parade of financial, political, and sexual scandals, we finally arrived at the most ignominious one of all:  this week’s government shutdown.

The Children We Have

It sounds incongruous to say that Rav Shteinman who reached the advanced age of 104 was taken too soon but in fact it’s true; he was taken far too soon. That the rav was a great Torah scholar is a given. His true greatness, however, was in the humility, kindness, and understanding that animated his wisdom, guidance, and teaching.

The Shiva Call

Rav Shevach’s senseless murder will not change anything for Palestinian Arabs, who praised it, other than lead to more death; the terrorist who murdered him has already been found and, in the IDF’s lexicon, “neutralized.” The residents of the Balata refugee camp will continue to be “refugees” under the thumb of the PA with the help of the United Nations.

Why all the Miracles?

So much is spoken and written these days about Emunah but I beg to differ. What is needed is Bitachon – strength and resolve in the future and the courage to take on those challenges

Is Israel’s International Isolation Diminishing?

Votes against Israel at the United Nations over the decades seem to indicate it is a pariah nation, but the country’s expanding bilateral ties tell a different story.

Can the OU Expel Synagogues From Orthodoxy?

Let's say the OU were to expel a synagogue, or 4, what practical difference would it make?

Israel and President Trump’s First Year

Trump will be judged on 3 things: peace, prosperity and protection. If he delivers on these, despite the shouting from the mainstream media, and he should get his second term

The Miracle Of Israel Is An Inspiration To The World

Inspiring words from from Vice President Pence’s address to the Knesset earlier this week.

Religion in the IDF: The Struggle over Israeli Public Space

Recent years have seen a notable increase in kippa-wearers among IDF combat soldiers and commanders. This is not what drives the struggle against religionization. It is, rather, the fear of losing the military’s character as a national public space that is secular or at least neutral with regard to religion.

Israel in Trump’s First Year – Steering Toward Apotheosis

Trump turned the Mid-East upside down to the appall of experts and liberals just by adding the element of common sense: support allies, punish violators of trust. Something not tried in 25 years
Inside Israel Today: Did Jerusalem Elect Donald Trump?

President Trump Reveals the Hollowness of The “Two-State” Delusion

President Trump’s reality-based foreign policy is publicly revealing the wrong-minded hollowness of the assumptions that have long guided American diplomacy

Mike Pence, Israel, and the Final Redemption

We are now at an important inflection point in world history. This is the 70th year since Israel’s founding and we have a President and Vice President in America that not only won the election last year in miraculous fashion, but seem to understand that they are meant to play a pivotal role in history.

As Attacks On Jews Rise in Europe, Anti-Semitism is the New Cool

The oldest hatred in the word is rejuvenated-and gaining strength in Europe

Longtime Jewish Peace Process Supporters: Abbas Disqualified as Negotiating Partner

Some prominent Jewish proponents of the decades-long peace process between Israelis and Palestinians now admit Abbas’s controversial speech on Jan. 14 disqualifies him as a negotiating partner, while other dovish Jewish leaders are accusing the Trump administration of provoking the Palestinian leader.

Thank You, Vice President Pence

Put simply, Vice President Mike Pence is a friend of Israel and all thanks should be extended to him during this visit to America’s closest ally.

Democrats Go Soft on Anti-Semitism

Democrats stood against Marcus because he is not far enough to the left of students at one of the most left-leaning universities in a universe of left-leaning universities . He is just too damned hard on anti-Semitism.

The Israeli Left’s “Come to Bibi Moment”

Thanks to some solidly honest remarks by the evil terrorist despot Abbas, the entire spectrum of Israeli thought on issues vis-a-vis the Palestinians SHOULD shift dramatically rightward.

Trump Dropped a Truth Bomb on the Middle East

Time has come to tell the PLO that the game is up, they lost and are in no position to demand anything from anyone. Accepting defeat could be the best thing for the Arabs of the PA

Israel is Worthy and Winning

Wise and important actors around the world are coming to the conclusion that Israel is an anchor of sanity and a source of ingenuity in an unruly world and are willing to develop new partnerships with the start-up nation.

Time For ‘Open Orthodox’ Congregations To Leave The OU?

Open Orthodoxy should close the door behind itself as it exits the Orthodoz Union.

Who’s To Blame For A Government Shutdown? Democrats. Here’s Why-

There is literally nothing that Republicans could currently offer, beyond a full-scale cave to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) demands, that would earn his support.

The Trump Peace Plan

Trump has referred to his peace plan as “a good deal,” but unlike in the business world, agreements between peoples are only valid for the moment. Agreements are always temporary, awaiting a strategic shift in which everything is reconsidered.

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