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France Submits to Terrorism, Muslim Anti-Semitism

"Muslim believers know very well what is happening. Only a minority is violent. But as a whole, they do not ignore that their birthrate is such that one day, everything here will be theirs". — Luc Ravel, Archbishop of Strasbourg.

A Jewish Life Outside of Israel – on Matters Diaspora

Diaspora Jewry assumes that they and Israel can happily cohabitate on the same planet. There is no reason on earth to believe this. The Diaspora is a result of the dispersal and existed because Israel didn't - and now Israel does.

Victimized Again: The Jews of Arab States and the June 1967 War

Few know that the June 1967 War finalized the demise of Jews historic communities throughout the Arab world. It is time the international community ensures these refugees are fully compensated for their suffering and stolen property.

Is Bibi Losing His Grip on His Government?

With a rising Jewish Home and UTJ on the religious right and a revamped Labor under Avi Gabbai who is religiously traditional as well as a centrist when it comes to security and “settlements,” Likud is finally beginning to worry that Bibi has lost his touch and thus his grip.

Palestinian Double-Dealing Won’t Work Forever

By refusing to engage in direct talks and by turning instead to third parties in the hope of cornering Israel into submission, the PLO manifests inordinate duplicity vis-à-vis Israel. It disqualifies itself entirely from the trust of the Jewish state.

Palestinians vs. Trump: The Battle Begins

Take note: These warning shots from the PA may be translated into yet another intifada against Israel under the fabricated pretext that the US and Israelis, with the help of some Arab countries, seek to strip the Palestinians of their rights.

Anatomy of a Smear

What Tzipi Hotovely said is absolutely true. It is not her but what she stands for that irritates those engaged in smearing her, like Rick Jacobs , head of the Reform movement. She is a constant reminder of what they too could have if only they would return to the honest study of Torah and the true observance of mitzvot

How Ten Dem (Dumb) Members of Congress Encourage the Use of Child Terrorists

Now ten members of the "progressive caucus" of the Democratic Party are trying to give these terrorist leaders another reason for using even younger terrorists to kill even more innocent Israeli civilians.

Israel is not a Tzedakah Box

Why did we make aliya? We didn’t run away from the bad… we ran towards the good! My wife and I believed that when the Jewish Nation calls, the Jewish individual responds! After 27 years I can honestly say that our only regret is that we didn’t move earlier.

He Gave Peace a Chance

The greatest impediment to peace is often the will to make peace.  Like it or not, we have to share our world with others who see the world differently, who have their own desires and dreams, who believe themselves justified in demands that contradict our own.

Time For A Peace Process Paradigm Change

The only two things that seem certain about Pres. Trump's Middle East soon-to-be revealed peace plan are it is likely to be acceptable to Saudi Arabia--and that it will have zero chance of success.

The Red Cross Destroys the Laws of War

The laws of war were never meant to be a suicide pact; they do not require countries to let their own civilians be slaughtered in order to avoid harming enemy civilians. But in the ICRC’s version, they do.

Tzitzis: In Or Out?

In general, Judaism values the private and the discrete – the “thin still voice” – over the public and the overt. Wearing one’s tzitzis tucked into one’s pants is a sign of modesty, not embarrassment

Jerusalem: A Personal Tribute

A tribute to Jerusalem, the Holy City, from a man, though born in exile, who always regarded himself as, in Agnon's words, "one who was born in Jerusalem.”

The Blueprint And All Its Components

In any event, regardless of what is reported in the media, the world is not becoming more depraved. All the spiritual advances mankind has already made will not recede.

Blackmailing Israel

Unable to achieve their objectives through dialogue, negotiations, and good will – without an appreciation of Israel’s distinctiveness and differences – leaders of liberal/progressive Jewish organizations are turning their communities against Israel.

Recent Sexual Controversies and Upheavals

The shock waves triggered by Weinstein may well spur reform, creating a healthier society. A shakeup is needed. The sexual depravity that surrounds us is sickening and utterly condemned by Judaism and reflect a decadent and corrupt society reminiscent of the Sodom and Gomorrah

The UNASKED Question About anti-Semitism in America

There seems to be a tendency by many Jews to brush aside, downplay or even ignore Jew-hatred from some Muslims motivated by aggressive mosques or interpretations of Islam.

Smashing Jewish Skulls in Europe

The European continent has once again enveloped itself in a toxic cloud of antisemitism and European Jews today find themselves cornered from all sides

Aliya as an Act of Faith

Without realizing it, each of the Bnei Menashe, and every other Jew who returns to this land, is conferring a blessing on us all by bolstering our collective existence both demographically and spiritually.

The Biggest Terror Enabler in the World

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson can fantasize about peace in the Middle East, but his shielding of the ones who tried to kill us and my fellow US terror victim plaintiffs will not help bring peace.

Palestinians: If You Do Not Give Us Everything, We Cannot Trust You

The Palestinians have made up their mind: The Trump peace plan is bad because it does not force Israel to give the Palestinians everything--99% is just not enough.

Sadat and Me in Jerusalem 40 Years Ago

The author, Lenny Ben-David, while working for AIPAC went to Jerusalem for Sadat’s electrifying visit, and filed this dispatch, “Cautious Optimism in Jerusalem”

IDF Clashes with Syrian Army in the Golan

The actions by the Syrian forces while not severe from a military standpoint, represent a serious escalation

Former Israeli General and ex-State Dept Official Clash Over Peace Obstacles

Former US Mideast policy adviser Aaron David Miller praised Jimmy. Carter, James Baker, and Kissinger as “the only American leaders who understood that you have to use not just honey, but also a fair amount of vinegar” in dealing with Israel.

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