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A Draw with Hamas is Strategically Unsatisfactory

Reducing enemy capabilities and ambitions in Gaza requires Israeli military readiness and government willingness to use force intermittently, while maintaining a healthy and resilient Israeli home front….Perhaps the Egyptian mediators might yet broker a deal for quiet, but if Hamas doesn’t back down fast – Israel is ready for a fierce campaign involving pinpoint commando operations and targeted assassinations. The IDF can pounce with crushing blows, without conducting a full-scale ground invasion.

The Plot Against the Supreme Court

Kavanaugh wasn’t the real target, the Supreme Court was.

A Corbyn Government Would Be a Terrorist Threat to the Western World

The intense public discussion on anti-Semitism in the UK Labour party has almost entirely overshadowed the problem of the huge risk a Corbyn-led government would represent to the Western world. Corbyn, a terrorist sympathizer, and various problematic associates of his would gain access to intelligence gathered by the British security services. How safe would it then be for other Western countries to continue to share high-level intelligence with their British colleagues?

Normalizing Anti-Semitism in the US

Anti-Semitism is growing increasingly normalized in American society, particularly in progressive circles. One of the most pernicious effects of this normalization relates to the discourse on Israel.

Winter Need Not Be A Dreary Time

Let the coming season not be the "winter of your discontent" but your CONTENT: Learning Torah

Why Are You Wearing Long Skirts Anyways?

When we wear a yarmulke, we are essentially marked men because our kipot and sheitels say, “I’m frum and I represent Hashem!” "If clothes make the man," then we should live up to the image we present.

Is President Trump Like Yiftach?

Let’s now consider the similarities between Yiftach and President Trump. Although flawed, Trump, like Yiftach, is viewed by his many detractors as an unlikely candidate to display great political leadership.

Decision Time on Gaza

Hamas thinks that by playing a game of dangerous brinkmanship and ramping up the pressure on Israel, Jerusalem will be more likely to enter into an arrangement that lifts security restrictions on Gaza. It is a gamble that could blow up in Hamas’s face.

Idea of a “Lone Wolf” Terrorist is a Joke

Saying that a terrorist acted alone is no doubt convenient for the Israeli government. It allows it to shy away from the hard questions and the difficult conclusions that might be reached otherwise.

On Distortions And Evasions

Are the majority of scientists correct? Can random mutation and natural selection indeed account for how evolutionary changes occurred?

Trump’s Superpower: Making Opponents Do The Stupidest Things

Warren isn’t innately dumb – she’s a former Harvard Law professor. But Trump has made her dumb.

The Torah Is Not A Science Book

The essence of the Torah, for Rabbi Kook, is what he calls "the internal" - by which he means its deeper moral, spiritual, and mystical teachings.

Our Friend, who Art in Heaven

Not all conspiracy theories are equal...

Nikki Haley’s Legacy; Depends who you Ask

Across the Middle East, reactions to reports that US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley would be stepping down were as divided as the region.

When I First Realized America Is Exceptional

Of course, Americans did not always live up to American ideals — their attitudes toward black Americans being the most obvious example. But America evolved into the least racist and least xenophobic society in human history — the society that most successfully assimilates others as full members.


If you kill a Jew and get killed (jackpot), then you get the most cash. If you stab a Jew and kill him/her but are merely wounded, then you get second prize, a lot less money.

Australian Jewish Leader: Embassy Move to Jerusalem would ‘Right a Longstanding Injustice’

The potential move by Australia to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and relocate the embassy there would mark a major shift in policy in support of the Jewish state by a world power following the United States's decision late last year.

Israel, Don’t Sacrifice Deterrence for Revenge

Destroying the family home of terrorist Khalil Yussef Ali Jabarin despite the fact that his family tried to prevent his attack on Ari Fuld seems more an act of revenge than deterrence, and could generate serious blowback with major ramifications.

A Case of Calumny

I am most dismayed at the American professor who identifies with a people who yell, “Death to Israel,” and “Death to America,” while expressing no sympathy for America’s steadfast ally, Israel, whose people are consistently attacked and slaughtered.

‘Our Struggle Is My Struggle’: Dangers of Grievance Studies

Increasingly, students are taught that the veracity of a particular claim cannot be separated from the identity of the person making it—and that suggesting otherwise is a surrender to patriarchy and racism.

Israel’s Attractive Camel

One of the fixtures of Israel’s deserts, it is uniquely created and evolved to cope with the harsh conditions of its environment. The camels of Israel

Turkey’s Revolution Looks like Iran’s – but in Slow Motion

Erdogan once said that "Democracy is like a tram. You ride it until you arrive at your destination, then you step off." It appears he has reached his destination.

Pres. Trump, tell the Palestinians: No Negotiations without Recognition of Israel

Pres. Trump should demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel’s right to exist in peace and security as a Jewish state and insist that the US will not press Israel to negotiate with the Palestinians unless and until that happens.

What Do We Have In Common?

Our culture has fragmented — can we celebrate July Fourth and stand for the national anthem together, or even watch a football game without arguing about our divisions?

The Temple Mount – In Their Hands

The Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest site where its two temples stood, is a place of some of the worst discrimination, humiliation, and persecution of Jews in the world.


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