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Trump the Deal-maker and the Middle East

The first reason that so many deal-makers have failed is that peace is never negotiated and is always imposed by the side that wins a war. There is not any instance in history, which is primarily a narrative of countless wars, in which an outsider has imposed peace on unwilling belligerents.

American Jews Must Finally Realize There Is No Place For Us On The Left

The question is clear — why? Why would Jews vote for a party that has a long history of anti-Israel sentiments, which continue to grow? Why would they vote for an ideology that embraces anti-Semitic radicals?

Why Does AIPAC Still Support Palestine?

Either AIPAC didn’t get the memo on the Trump administration’s shift in policy for Israel and the non-existant Palestine or it simply doesn’t care.

Is Gaza Under Siege?

Throughout history, do besiegers allow food, water, medicine and other supplies to enter the besieged city? Are you kidding - of course not! Is Gaza under siege?

The Vatican Promotes Hypocrisy

In recent days, given the controversy surrounding the taxation of Jerusalem church properties and the public statements issued by Jerusalem’s churches which followed alongside...

Kimmel: We Make Films ‘To Upset Mike Pence.’

Hollywood simply does not make “message” films from the Right. They mock such films. In fact, films that carry any non-leftist message are trashed by the critics, derided as fascistic and simplistic.

Rabbi Meyer Juzint: The Torah Scholar Who Made A Deal With God And...

How did a teenage Torah genius, armed only with the Word of God, survive so many near-death experiences?

Strength of the Lioness: Ukraine’s Heroic Jewish Mothers Lead Their Families Home To Israel

Unable to find employment, Irena could not afford to feed her children every day, so they became sickly and malnourished.

The House of Windsor’s Israel problem

It beggars belief that the shrewd Elizabeth, for whatever reason, has willingly complied with a stance of pretending that Israel doesn’t exist.

Why Left-Wing anti-Semitism Matters

The anti-Trump resistance is in bed with Jew-haters and anti-Zionists. Why liberals need to draw a line in the sand.

Israeli Public Unconvinced by Police Recommendation to Charge Netanyahu

While most Israelis find this conduct repulsive, it’s a price many are willing to pay as long as they feel that Netanyahu is generally doing well by the country, which he is: Even his enemies admit that he has presided over a booming economy, low levels of terrorism and burgeoning relationships with countries around the world.

INTO THE FRAY: Perils of Postponing Preemption

Israel is approaching a point when it must decide to destroy enemy capabilities, rather than attempting to deter the enemy from using them.

Celebrating What Young Israel Means To Our Community

Wishing the National Council of Young Israel great success on their upcoming Gala Dinner so they can continue their essential role in Jewish life in America and Israel.

ZOA: If Reports About Trump Administration’s “Peace Deal” are True, It’s a Disaster

The reported plan amounts to Israel giving up tangible land and sovereignty in return for empty promises, and entails the establishment of a terror regime in Israel’s heartland. Worse, as previously demonstrated, there is no way such a state could be demilitarized. No sovereign state has previously either agreed to, or been successfully compelled to, demilitarize; nor could this be enforced.

Support Talmidei Chachamim – But Get Results

When we give to the poor, pray for the sick, donate to a medical center, we do so asking for results. When we support talmidei chachamim, shouldn’t we expect them to strive for practical results as well?

Israeli and US Establishments Waste Time Pondering Abbas Successor

The Israelis and Americans should stop worrying about who will lead the Palestinians, and instead spend time thinking about how Israel and America can address the civilizational war engulfing the entire region.

A Remarkable Visit To The Vatican

Some will ask: why bother? Of what use are these conferences? Personally, I say thank God that at least the Europeans are having these conversations. The issue is being addressed.

Who Stands Behind The Mask – What We Hide; What We Reveal

Many modern Jews mistake Purim for a “Jewish Halloween” or an excuse for wild parties. This view has us put on masks, like carousers at a masquerade, to “hide” who we really are. Or, perhaps, as often proves to be the case at a masquerade, we don masks to reveal who we really are.

Creating New Jewish Leadership

If Netanyahu’s name were Shimon Peres or Ehud Barak, none of these affairs would ever have been publicized or investigated. This is not about corruption. It’s about politics.

Purim 5778: Persians, Jews, and Kurds–Still Dealing With Haman and Achashverosh

Jews have lived in Iran at least since the days when Cyrus the Great liberated many of them from Babylonian captivity in what’s now Iraq, about 2,700 years ago.

Four Lessons From An Israeli Raid

The Palestinian Authority leadership promised, in the Oslo accords, to disband all terrorist groups, seize their weapons, and outlaw them – in short, to put them out of business. How can it be that, 23 years after the PA took over sole control of Bethlehem, Islamic Jihad still has active terrorist cells in and around the city?

From Kiddush Clubs to Purim Parties – What Are We Teaching Our Kids?

Go ahead. Be b’simcha. Have plenty of good, kosher fun, and if that includes alcoholic beverages, but enjoy them in moderation. Please be responsible, both on Purim and on the other 364 days of the year.

Europe’s Telling Silence on Polish Anti-Semitism

When it comes to the issue of Polish anti-Semitism, Europe is suddenly at a loss for words. This suggests that it is not merely ineptitude at work.

The Trump Plan – a Regional Disaster

Netanyahu will need to stand firm against Trump's peace plan, just like he did against Obama's.

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