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16 Years Later: Lessons Put into Practice?

Sept. 11 should be more than just a few moments of silence to remember the tragedy that befell the USA. We should also seriously consider today's global threats.

Retroactive Legalization of Israeli Settlements is Tikkun Olam

The bill is intended to deal with a very human problem — ordinary citizens who, unintentionally and due to no fault of their own, may be infringing on the property rights of another and are facing the prospect that in order to make things right, will, either voluntarily or by force, be evicted from their house, the house demolished, and years of sweat and toil will be erased in a blink of an eye.

Center for Jewish History CEO Calls Anti-Israel Activist The Future Of American Jewry –...

The Center for Jewish History must not allow Mr. Myers radical support for extremist organizations to re-define Jewish history, regardless of how strong a historian he is.

Conan O’Brien Said that Israeli Doctors Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize–He’s Right

Conan met a number of Syrians being treated at the hospital, their faces obscured for their own safety. He was amazed at the commitment of Israel and its physicians to patients from an "enemy state"

Mengele, Charlottesville and the Lessons of History

While Charlottesville has refocused us on neo-Nazis, the growing forces of the anti-Semitic left may be a far more potent contemporary threat

The Prisoner Exchange Imbroglio

Paying any price is unsustainable, reduces Israel’s deterrent power and endangers national security. Israel, as a state under siege, cannot allow itself to be subjected to such extortion by terrorists.

INTO THE FRAY: “Conflict management” – The Collapse of a Concept

While Israel has been “managing the conflict”, its non-state adversaries have been enhancing their capabilities so dramatically that they now a grave strategic threat

Israel’s ‘Not Routine’ Strike on Syrian Special Weapons Facility Confirmed by Imagery

Israel is in this as a fight for her existence, and will not be deterred or limited by the military arrangements of others. Put more bluntly, Russia’s interests in Syria, and effective control of Syrian airspace, will not hold a veto over Israel’s strategic latitude.

Israel’s Bombing of a Weapons Factory in Syria: What Comes Next?

Israel has given the United States fair warning that there are limits to what Israel will tolerate in Iranian conduct and the Iranian presence in Syria. Israel's decision to fire from Lebanese air space was also a message—to Iran, Syria, and Lebanon.

Is the Western Wall Judaism’s Holiest Site?

When did the Kotel become the holiest Jewish site? Historical evidence suggests that the Temple Mount was actually Judaism's "holy of holies," and that the Kotel's venerated position is a relatively late development with a more prosaic and even non-Jewish origin. Should these facts change the tenor of the debate about the Western Wall's future status?

The Milk Of Human Kindness

She doesn't want to talk about how she suffered in the Holocaust; she wants to tell me of her heroic act.

Dan Shapiro, Advocate For The Palestinians

Reading Shapiro’s admission, one must laugh at his self-description as “an advocate for Israel.” He is, according to his own words, an advocate for the Palestinians – and has been for the past 29 years.

From Kidnapped Yemenite Children To Renewed Yemenite Village In Jerusalem

Arabs claim Silwan as a historically Palestinian Arab neighborhood, yet it was practically empty when the first Yemenite Jews arrived in the 1880s; the Turks and British themselves recognized it as a Jewish neighborhood.

Just Don’t Get In The Way

The entire world is watching and waiting for Israeli cannabis developments. An entire agricultural hi-tech industry could have been established, providing cures for the ill throughout the world and thousands of jobs in Israel

Rendering Women Invisible Is Not Good For Any Of Us

Eishet Chayil mi Y'mtza? "A Woman of Valor, Who can Find HER" when positive images of inspiring Jewish woman (and other female leaders) are forbidden in the haredi media world

FDR’s ‘Rattlesnake’ Rule and the North Korean Threat

The US has endured 25 years of US diplomatic failure, by letting Kim Jong-un's bizarre regime "have America by the throat," subjecting us and our allies to perpetual nuclear extortion. This is not an acceptable state of affairs.

TV And The Holocaust

Shandler acknowledges that in the years immediately following the war, the Nazis’ systematic assault on Jews was not yet understood as a singularly distinct historical phenomenon.

Nicholas Kristof’s Crocodile Tears

Why didn’t Kristof care to write such an article when Barack Obama was president supporting the Saudis in their campaign? Is his newfound concern simply because it would show President Trump in a bad light?

Hating Israel at the Center for Jewish History

There is hardly an organization in the anti-Israel network where Myers hasn’t left his fingerprints.

UN-masking the UN

“UN” as defined in dictionaries: a negative prefix, expressing “absence,” “lack,” “deficiency” and “adverse” applies perfectly to the UNited Nations-an UN-fit, UN-deserving, UNder achievement

Palestinian Authority is a Genocidal Terrorist Entity and Should be Treated as Such

Why not tell European leaders that the Palestinian Authority is still a genocidal terrorist organization? Why not ask them how they can agree to finance in the Middle East what they claim to reject with horror in Europe?

The Jewish Community And Hurricane Harvey

Hundreds of volunteers were on hand in Passaic and other cities on Sunday night to load trucks with boxes of supplies and food items headed for Texas.

Antifa: Conspiracy Of Silence?

Even Rep. Nancy Pelosi, no fan of Mr. Trump, has now taken to condemning antifa.

Hillel at the Crossroads Part II: How Things Broke Down in Boston

What are Hillel International’s rights and duties — and limits — when it comes to improving Jewish campus life? This question may well be decided at Northeastern University (NEU).

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