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At Last, The Two-State Solution Is Fading

14 Shevat 5776 – January 23, 2016
The majority of Israeli Jews, as well as non-Muslim Israeli Arabs would breathe a sigh of relief if the nightmare of a 2-state solution were truly behind us.

“Back”ing A Community

13 Shevat 5776 – January 22, 2016
To date, Mr. Kaplan has raised a whopping $32,117 over a period of eight and a quarter years and has given back rubs to 227 participants and supporters.

A Giant In Torah And Education

Rav Copperman played a singular role in my daughter's process of building her own relationship with Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

Justice And Equality For Non-Jews In Jewish Law

After millennia of persecution the Jewish State of Israel exemplifies how to treat the "other"

Managing Tragedy Through Connection

It felt strange voluntarily leaving shul and getting into my car and driving on Shabbos morning

The Left Needs To Stop Lying About Rabin’s Legacy

Rabin's murder altered history, creating a mythology on which subsequent Israeli leaders have acted

A Visit To The Old Country

A Jew grows and lives differently here in Israel. Anyone who really wants to be here will do fine.

The Abuse of Halacha

12 Shevat 5776 – January 21, 2016
So dedicated to the letter of the law, some have unintentionally caused the degradation of Halacha.

Turning Up The Hate

Like Mel Gibson, Facebook denies it is in any way anti-Semitic. Maybe Mel should work for them?

Europe, Get Used To Gang Rapes

Why did Syrian refugees flee to frozen Germany, Sweden & Finland when closer countries speak Arabic?

Letters To The Editor

11 Shevat 5776 – January 20, 2016

The Secret Of The Fifteenth Day

In fact, all the Yomim Tovim that fall on the fifteenth of the month represent instances of t’chias hamaisim.

Pentagon Backs Down On Jewish Dentist’s ‘Dual Loyalty’

For his appeal, Dr. Pincus turned to Avi Schick, a partner at the Dentons international law firm, who took on the case pro bono, which led to the Pentagon reversal.

Generation of Misinformation

Campuses today LOVE silently radical media with their feigned liberalism & focus on NARRATIVES

FRAUD!!! Obama Lied And Misled About Iran Deal/Hostage Exchange On Sunday

Obama taught terrorists around the world the way to free their comrades is to kidnap Americans

‘If I’m President, We’ll Stand Unapologetically Alongside Israel’: An Interview with...

When Secretary of State John Kerry used the words “apartheid” and “Israel” in the same sentence, Cruz didn’t hesitate to publicly defend the Jewish state.

Memories Of Zaidie Sholom

For his 16th yahrzeit (10 Shevat), I asked all the grandchildren to write some memories of their Zaidie that stand out in their mind.

The Departure of the Jews and the Decline of Western Europe

European Jewish Cong. poll shows 1/3 of European Jews considering leaving the European nightmare


9 Shevat 5776 – January 19, 2016
If we don't start standing up for truth & for our rights as Jews, we can't expect the world to do so

Jordan’s King Supports ISIS; YES, You Did Read This Right!

Could Jordan’s king be doing business with ISIS? Sounds like a far-fetched possibility--or is it?

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