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Daf Yomi

Do Clothes Make The Man? ‘When [Kohanim Are] Wearing Their Garments’ (Zevachim 17b)

Q & A: Why No Shehecheyanu Before Counting The Omer? (Part I)

Question: I have long wondered why we don’t say Shehecheyanu when we start counting the Omer. Can you explain the reasoning behind this practice? M. Schwartz

You Lie!

Each of the witnesses, in turn, testified that they saw Mr. Lander lend Mr. Braun $2,000 on Chanukah. Mr. Braun's advocate cross-examined them, but their testimony stood intact.

The Power Of A Single Act

If the merit of Avraham protected an entire nation, surely it will protect us, his direct descendants.

Is Mezonos Bread Truly Mezonos?

If you eat bread – even cake – as part of a filling meal, it’s called kevias se’udah and you have to wash and bentch.

Counting The Sefira After One Accepted Shabbos Early

When an entire community mistakenly accepts Shabbos early, even if they davened ma’ariv, they would not repeat shemoneh esrei.

When Earth Touches Heaven

The true definition of holiness is to cross the boundary between heaven and earth. We are forbidden to combine species connecting their lowest common denominators, their purely earthly definitions. We are encouraged to make combinations that allow each world to meet beyond their highest common denominators so that, together, they can connect heaven and earth.

Love Is Not Enough

Kedoshim is not just about order. It is about humanizing that order through love – the love of neighbor and stranger. Love needs order.

Matrilineal Lives Matter

“Remove the blasphemer to outside the camp.  All those who heard will rest their hands on his head.  The entire congregation will pelt him.” I suggest that the blasphemer was not executed. Rather, he was taken to the scaffold and pelted with a single rock. 

Are Tzaddikim Necessarily Role Models?

A healthy religious society has room for both chakhamim and chasidim, but knows that the latter are generally more to be admired than imitated.

Still A Nation That Dwells Alone

The legacy of Rebbetzin Jungreis, a”h is the wisdom and love she recorded for us. Please enjoy this inspiring gift.

Tefillah: A Meeting With Hashem – The Best Part Of Wakin’ Up

Why indeed should a person who lacks a Torah lifestyle want to get up in the morning?

Is Tzara’as Contagious?

Having an evil eye means that one has low tolerance for others, and especially for their success.

Q & A: Sefirat HaOmer In Shul (Part II)

QUESTION: I enjoy your weekly column. You not only give an answer, but also provide an in-depth discussion of the subject matter, including many different views. My question, which relates to the upcoming mitzvah of counting the Omer, is as follows: In my synagogue, and I assume in most others, we all stand at attention as the rabbi or chazzan recites the blessing of Sefirat HaOmer and then proceeds to count the Omer. How can we recite the blessing afterwards when we already clearly heard it before (and thus, presumably, were yotzei with it)? M. Goldblum Miami Beach, FL

Is Swordfish Kosher?

He showed Rabbi Soloveitchik the scales of a swordfish and Rav Soloveitchik said, “It’s a kashere fish!”

Saba’s First Yahrzeit

Saba, as we called him, was absolutely, hands down, my favorite guest. He loved to help in any way he could.

A Blessing Of Thanksgiving, A Blessing Of Relief

Hashem took us from under His throne of glory and put us into a body to give us a chance to grow, to accomplish and to change our essence. But, it wasn’t just us we were charged with perfecting.

The Power Of Praise

Evil speech destroys relationships. Good speech mends them. This works not only in marriages and families, but also in communities, organizations and businesses. So: in any relationship that matters to you, deliver praise daily

Letting Go of the ‘Old; Israel: A Talmudic Insight about 70 years

Israel fully understands that with power and wealth comes responsibility; it does not panic every time it is criticized; and can finally plan for the next 70 years instead of worrying about the next 70 days.

Daf Yomi

Olas Shabbos B’Shabbato ‘An Offering Of Appeasement’ (Zevachim 7b)

Seventy Years of an Unyielding 3,330-Year Marriage

Like the prophets of old, our religious leaders must generate a spiritual revolution, triggering an ethical-religious uproar that shakes the very foundations of the state. Israelis are waiting for such a move, and there is little doubt that their response will be overwhelming. Only then will the Jewish people fully re-engage with its land.

Betwixt & Between

Chag Sameach-Happy Yom Ha'atzmaut and Shabbat Shalom

From The Archives… Parshat Shemini

Great leaders like Lincoln have the strength of character to overlook wrongs and see the broader picture.

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