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24 Kislev 5778 -
? Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The A&H Hot Dog Chanukiah

Get in the Hot Dog Chanukah spirit.

The Temple Mount

A flag waving over the Temple Mount

Funeral of Sergeant Ron Yitzchak Kukia

Sergeant Ron Yitzchak Kukia was murdered by terrorists on Thursday night in the city of Arad.

Beniyahu Ben Yehoyada

The tomb of Beniyahu Ben Yehoyada.

14-Year-Old Girl Rescued from 8 Meter Deep Pit

The girl was trapped underground for 8 hours until rescue workers found her.

No Escape from Gaza

Despite the reconciliation agreement, Gazans are still having trouble escaping from Gaza into Egypt.

Stay Calm! This is Just a Drill (in Efrat)

The training exercise looked so real, so people thought something happened.


View of the Tanur Stream waterfall, outside the northern Israeli town of Metula.

Escape from Gaza

Gazans line up to get travel permits into Egypt.

The Bridge is Back

The footbridge between Bnei Brak and Givat Shaul has been rebuilt.

Parshat Chayei Sarah at Hebron’s Cave of the Patriarchs

The Hebron Jewish Community hosted a record-breaking crowd this weekend for Parshat Chaya Sarah.

Blue Flag

Check out these fighter planes in Israel.

Preparing for Chanukah

A photo-essay on preparing olive oil at the Carma farm.

10 Downing Street

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and British Prime Minister Teresa May.

The ANZAC Trail

Horsemen and women from Australia and New Zealand ride along the ANZAC Trail to Beer Sheva.

Indiana Jones Was Here

The Mar Saba monastery in the Judean desert.

Standing with the Kurds

Rally opposite the US Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Passing the Batton

Outgoing Chief of the Supreme Court Judge Miriam Naor with incoming Supreme Court president Esther Hayut.

Remembering Gandi

Minister Rehavam "Gandi" Ze'evi was assassinated 16 years ago this month.

Grave Music

Some musically inclined Jews visit the grave of Rashbi.


A crop duster flies over a cotton field in the Hefer Valley.

Birkat Cohanim

Birkat Cohanim at the Kotel

Kaparot Time

Chareidi Jews and the Kaparot Ceremony Before Yom Kippur

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