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ISIS parades captured Kurdish fighters in cages prior to execution.

Whether or not he was publicly forced into stating it, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has now said what most focused Israelis and Israel-watchers have realized for quite some time: the creation of any Palestinian State now, as weak as it is and has been since its leadership began attempting to resemble a functioning state, would be immediately subsumed (or, if you will, “gobbled up”) by ISIS or any of the other Islamic extremist groups in the region.

For that reason alone, if not for the myriad others – such as its own leadership’s inclination towards and support for its own version of terrorism – it is impossible for any responsible leader in the region to consider the creation of a Palestinian State any time soon.


In the words of the Israeli prime minister regarding the calamitous instability in the region and its impact on whether there should be a Palestinian state anytime soon: “Therefore, there will not be any withdrawals or concessions. The matter is simply irrelevant.”

Whether Netanyahu’s hand was forced because of the pressure placed on him by the Religious Zionist party Bayit Yehudi which consistently states it will not hand over any territory to the Arabs, or because a right-wing member of his own Likud party got the ball rolling, the end result is the same.

The cat is back in the bag, the Two State “Solution” is now clearly only a solution for ending Israel, and enslaving even the Palestinian Arabs themselves. For the safety of all those living in the land south of Lebanon, west of Syria and Jordan and north of Egypt, the only way to prevent ISIS and its fellow barbarous murderers is for Israel to remain in control of all the borders.

The Israeli prime minister began his most recent iteration in his leadership role with a earth-shattering speech at Bar Ilan University. Netanyahu invoked the “Two State” mantra as if it were within reach.

In that 2009 speech at Bar-Ilan, Netanyahu said he would recognize a Palestinian State “if we get a guarantee of demilitarization, and if the Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish state.” He said, if that were to happen, “we are ready to agree to a real peace agreement, a demilitarized Palestinian state side by side with the Jewish state.”

Even after the recent Gaza wars and bruising condemnations of Israeli self-defense by much of the international community, Netanyahu continued speaking, at least in public, of working with the Palestinian Arab leadership towards a result they claim (an idea that much of the international community was pushing very hard) they want: a Palestinian State.

Perhaps Netanyahu and his advisers believed that Israeli security is so strong it could even survive the birth of a tiny terror state of Palestine (Palistan?). But inviting ISIS into its own neural network? That would make the recent machete, hammer and automobile terrorism by local Palestinian Arab terrorists look like mere schoolyard spitting contests.

Netanyahu’s statement shutting the door on Palestinian statehood came on Sunday, March 8. It came in response to a question about a position taken by the Likud party’s answer to a small Israeli paper’s campaign question.

As Lahav Harkov reported in the Jerusalem Post on Sunday, “The article claimed that the Likud’s answer to a question as to its leader’s position on Palestinian statehood was: “The prime minister told the public that the Bar-Ilan speech [in which he advocated a demilitarized Palestinian state] is canceled.”

According to Harkov, a Likud spokesperson said party member MK Tzipi Hotovely provided the answer and it was her personal position. But regardless of whose language appeared in the campaign response, Netanyahu later made it clear he would not allow ISIS to fill the vacuum created by a weak Palestinian State.


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  1. Netanyahu is saturated with GOD'S WISDOM because he worships the ONE GOD CREATOR of HEAVEN and EARTH. Isis will swallow up anything that is unable to stop them…..BUT GOD, the GREAT I AM will stop them when the time is right. HASHEM fights ALL of Israels battles whether it's apparent to human eyes or not….HE IS THERE. ALL GLORY be to the ANCIENT of DAYS.

  2. Thanks to Bayit Yehudi,the pm finally seems to have understood a "palestinian" state in the middle of Israel s the end of Israel not only because of isis but mainly because of the huge political pressures from all over theworld in favour of arabs to replace Jews and Israel's left wing so eager to eat cheese would have to go eat it elsewhere for eample in arabs' jails if arabs let them eat anything! As long as arabs are inside Israel they CAN be expelled,YES THEY CAN, inside their own state this would be frankly impossible because of int'l law which is already pushed inside Israel's throat even though int'l law is in favour of Israel presently. Imagine if it was not…

  3. Movement from long established positions during an election period is meaningless.
    The fact of the matter is that everywhere throughout the Jordanian-named W. Bank & Gaza where there are non-Israelis is ceded land for all intents and purposes. So, to say he won't cede land is at least somewhat disingenuous.
    And, notice, according to Mr. Bibi, if ISIL weren't in the equation – say they were to be destroyed around the Mid-east & Africa where they've spread – he'd again promote his suicidal two-state solution. Oh that Bibi would actually have a genuine consistently strong spine, for God's sake. Whatever he & his predecessors did to stop daily attacks hasn't worked. No one is safe anywhere in Israel, as can be seen regularly in the news & felt by those so attacked. Screwdriver stabbing on Purim, rocks about to be thrown at car thwarted by driver's drawing gun, women border patrol agents run over, & if not every freaking day, close to it, innocent people are being attacked. All because Bibi & his predecessors won't repatriate the fifth column on the tiny strip of land west of the Jordan River.

  4. A two-state solution is just a stepping stone to total land grab – give them gornish. They had land given to them Gaza, what did the so called palestinians do with it? they turned it into a pile of rubble, it was something of their own choosing, so live with it..!

  5. My thinking:

    I would like to see a two state solution.

    Israel had every right to go in after Hamas as an act of self-defense.

    Israel should keep its powder dry when it comes to Iran, because the Mullahs are on an end-times eschatological bender, and they will not be sobering up any time soon.

  6. CANT HAVE a 2 state solution. ..Isreal needs that buffer zone now more then ever..BUT I have a Great idea..Since Syria I is in a civil was ..The Un
    Should take control. The South/west of Syria. Give That to the…BUT here's the problem..regardless. ..The Palestines Want all jews dead…even if Isreal gave them all the land….except 10 Sq miles south and the jews were forced to live there…REGARDLESS. ..they. meaning Palestines
    Would want that too…like it or not.heres the deal
    Iran..With the help of the OBAMA administration
    Are closing in on Isreal…Iran advisors are NOW on Isreal borders. As we saw during the last 50 war
    EVEN Israel said they have never seen how well organized the Arabs fighters were..Isreal biggest
    Enemy is the UNITED STATES…you might say Yeah Right…but look..DEC 14TH 2014. Obama administration. Was warned by Isreal..If they attacked Iran..The U.S. warned that U.S WILL SHOT Israel plans down…Now Isreal has to figure away to defend themselves. .knowing the OBAMA
    administration. Will funnel. Movement of Israel air force to Iran…Only the hand of God can stop this now…cause the Isreal has there finder a 1/4 inch
    From the nuclear triger..They might go down..But make no mistake…they intend to make a waste land of the middle east.

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