Photo Credit: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza
President Barack Obama in an interview with Jeff Goldberg in the Oval Office, Feb. 27, 2014. The language he used to describe Israel's needs for a 2-state solution was the tired, old leftist dogma circa 1993.

It’s always Munich in The U.S. Dept. of State.

The Munich Agreement allowed Nazi Germany to take over portions of Czechoslovakia which the Nazis renamed “Sudetenland.” Nobody had ever called them that before Hitler decided they were part of the fatherland. The agreement was negotiated in Munich, Germany, among the major powers of Europe, without the presence of Czechoslovakia.


Sounds familiar? Of course, every right wing newspaper and website has been using the Munich deal as a metaphor, complete with those pictures of British Prime Minister Arthur Neville Chamberlain waving a piece of paper and promising long term peace.

But the Czechs and Slovaks did not call it the Munich Agreement. They called it the Munich Dictate (Mnichovský diktát).

We’re looking into a new peace dictate.

Because, let’s face it, the two-state solution is absolutely the worst possible solution imaginable to the conflict between Arabs and Jews in Eretz Israel. And every singe time it was suggested, starting with the 1937 Peel Commission report, it was followed by rivers of blood. This one will, too. And as has been the case since the first time that stinker has been released from the box, Arabs will suffer worse than Jews.

Look at what Obama is saying about Abbas: he’s urging Israel to make a deal with the Palestinian Authority chief because he’s coming on in years, and who knows who would replace him.

That’s not a recommendation, it sounds more like the due diligence guy recommending not to touch this deal. Sign with this guy before he dies and we have no idea who would replace him, that’s the plus side? Are we thinking before we’re talking, Mr. President?

And then, naturally, Obama pushes the tired, outdated, non-think line of the left circa 1993: “Do you resign yourself to what amounts to a permanent occupation of the West Bank? Is that the character of Israel as a state for a long period of time? Do you perpetuate, over the course of a decade or two decades, more and more restrictive policies in terms of Palestinian movement? Do you place restrictions on Arab-Israelis in ways that run counter to Israel’s traditions?”

This supposedly caring, Israel-friendly question, repeated by both Kerry and Obama, is not pro-Israel at all. It appears to be coming from a position of worrying that Israel would have to lose its democratic state values to survive the ever burgeoning Palestinian population, or it would soon be under water demographically.

But this is not a caring appeal at all, it’s a vicious lie. For one thing, Arab birth rates have been plummeting, for a variety of reasons, urbanization and a better life style being two of them. The most stunning birth rate is on the Jewish side, specifically the settlers, who are way ahead of everyone else in the birthing Olympics, including the Haredi team, and certainly ahead of the Arabs.

But that’s not such a vicious lie, it’s more like willful ignorance on the part of politicians living off the 1980s stats.

You know what’s vicious? The line of thinking that says, Israel is already increasing its unfair and undemocratic methods, its apartheid system, against the Palestinians – imagine how bad things could get in a few years. How soon before there are Soweto-like enclaves across Israel, with roundups and beatings and hanging—and then, obviously, the Palestinian Auschwitz, complete with gas chambers. It’s only a matter of time.

It’s vicious because the trend has been in the opposite direction. The IDF has been laboring to make the checkpoints it’s been using more dynamic and less permanent—to improve Palestinian civilian life. Palestinians in Judea and Samaria are experiencing a renewed wave of prosperity. There are new Palestinian millionaires, employment figures are improving, education levels are on the rise. Arabs lucky enough to be working for Israeli companies or doing business with them are doing much better. If anything, the trend is in the opposite direction, with reduced rather than added restrictions on Palestinians—so why would this dystopia of Israel going Nazi unless there’s a 2-state solution be so ever present in the Obama White House narrative?



  1. Well said, Israel to Obama is like a buzzing fly when trying to sleep, but just remember, Mr. President, Jews and Israel have contributed to this world more than any other peoples in proportion of the population. Wake up and smell the roses and the Sabras!!

  2. Excellent…President Obama, and his familiar, John Kerry, remind of nothing so much as spokesment for a product that has benn demonstrated by independent testing labs to have been deluding the public, like imported extra virgin olive oil which failed to pass any of seven tests, or Subway sandwhich bread imbued with a plastic chemical used in yoga mats, yet these to spokespersons and theirentire coterie of numbskulls continue their parading in front of the cameras, telling us how wonderful these products are for us. And don't forget the Naked Juice lawsuit. Both that juice and the Obama administrations foriegn policy have perpetrated a massive fraud on the American public, not to mention its "allies."

  3. Don't think Israel is the only one having these "Obama moments"… any sit down with Obama is a disaster – we've watch the exchanges with Putin, Syria, Libya, Egypt, North Korea, etc. Obama hasn't come out the winner with any of them – so don't worry – be happy.

  4. Don't think Israel is the only one having these "Obama moments"… any sit down with Obama is a disaster – we've watch the exchanges with Putin, Syria, Libya, Egypt, North Korea, etc. Obama hasn't come out the winner with any of them – so don't worry – be happy.

  5. when ISRAEL makes a deal/signs a treaty: THE WORLD (USA and EUROPE) HOLD ISRAEL STUCK TO THAT DEAL even though: the other side (their sworn enemy) lied from the get/go and even though their enemy has NO intention of living up to nor keeping the agreement…and even if their enemy briefly did keep the agreement, a year or two later, a new leader replaces ABBAS or some other leader and POOF EUROPE and the USA no longer expect Israel's enemy (such as "paslestinians")to keep their side of the agreement since they have a new leader or new situation…or they have five different groups in their country and those other groups are not expected to obey the treaty…BUT ISRAEL is expected to OBEY the treaty 150% even MORE than the treaty originally was meant to ask Israel to do. IT IS SO UNFAIR: that's why the TORAH orders Israel NOT to make treaties with its enemies! Previous treaties were Israel and enemy both signed a big rock and swore NOT to cross that rock…each stayed on their own side of the rock…that was a GOOD TREATY…but treaties where Israel is to give up land and do things and allow Palestinians to sworm into Israel by MILLIONS and for Palestinians to RULE parts of Israel and to be citizens of Israel but not the other way around…are very very DANGEROUS TO ISRAEL AND JEWS EVERYWHERE! All world leaders hide their HATRED of JEWS and ISRAEL when they demand that Israel sign such dangerous one sided treaties. They are more like treaties of SURRENDER!

  6. just send the Palestinians into JORDAN where they originally came from…JORDAN is made up of 80% Palestinians…and BRITISH stole 80% of Israel that was promised to ISRAEL (Balfour declaration) and made up false country of JORDAN somewhere in 1930-1950 timespan….so why not send all the Palestinians who live in ISRAEL NOW into JORDAN to live and be done with the rock throwers and riotors and terrorists and bombers once and for all ! and there would be peace…why not do it….answer…because EUROPE and THE USA govt want ISRAEL and its Jews DESTROYED forever.

  7. Don’t expect anything from Obadman except platitudes concerning the situation in the Mid-East. He has a reputation as a great verbal performer – but nothing substantial has yet come from this gangling youth. The current POTUS is an intellectual no-brainer.

  8. I'm praying that Netenyahu is the one taking this idiotic president down by about 5 pegs!!!!!!! This administration needs to get the hell out of the way because this administration has done NOTHING but take the side of the palastinians because face it this administration HATES Israel!

  9. We voted for "O" twice…he was the best of a baaaaad lot…the first time We were hopeful Ron Emmanuel could control "O"'s pro islamic "Tendencies"…he couldn't and Ron left. Obama is NOT a muslim…buuut I honestly believe he does lean in their direction…And we are card carrying Democrats!!!!

  10. Netanyahu is an idiot to sit down and talk to Obama . Hasn't he learned by now what he'll get from Obama. Whether or not Obama is a Muslim is not important. What is important is that he seems to prefer Muslims over Jews,Christians and Americans.

  11. your comments are spot on. I think the same. Give the Palestinians top half of Jordon where the refugees are. You cannot split Jerusalem. No one would split London or New York. The only people from time past in the Land are the Jews and a few Bedouins.

  12. Obama has been a lame chicken president from day one and an embarrassment to the Afro Americans globally. Nethanyahu would have been better staying home for purim.howWEVER, WHEREVER HE DOES GO, put on a kippa AND BE proud your are a Jew representing the Jewish state of Israel.

  13. obama is a pathological liar, as is Kerry. Neither of them would know the truth if it were written out for them on their teleprompters. He has betrayed Israel because His only objective is to destroy America from within and without; and to try to force Israel to destroy herself.

  14. Gosh, O'h golly and gee whiz, POTUS Obama might try to hit him with his purse. This imposter of a POTUS and the cowardly Kerry have made the US the laughing stock of the world…Israel best arm every non muslim and prepare for the worst because no good comes from these two. And yes, it is obvious from his acts, actions, and omissions that Obama is truly an islamic…and a lot of other things that decency requires that I not mention here.

  15. I find myself wondering why Netanyahu bothers with Obama at all. O is unpopular and serious people no longer pay attention to, or respect him at all. Netanyahu enjoys great respect from the American people and watching him treat our fraud president with courtesy is painful.


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