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Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert at his corruption trial in a Tel Aviv court. He was convicted on one count of breach of trust, while another trial is still pending. Now he's Obama's water carrier on Iran.

How can you tell when the White House is in a panic? When they recruit a disgraced has-been Israeli politician to go after Netanyahu’s Iran message. It means they were unable to get President Shimon Peres to carry that bucket of water for them, which says a lot.

After revelations that the U.S. has been misleading two of its most loyal friends in the region, Israel and Saudi Arabia, and conducting secret talks with Iran even before the latter picked “moderate” Hassan Rouhani – it’s not easy to find A-list Israelis to make fun of Bibi’s “hysteria.”


So Olmert agreed to do the deed, and told a conference of security experts on Sunday that Netanyahu’s public criticism of the American nuclear deal with Iran was provocative and counterproductive.

Netanyahu, you’ll recall, said the deal with Iran was an “historic mistake” and Israel is not bound by it.

This means that no matter how much good will Rouhani is getting from Obama and the EU gang – Israel could up and bomb the plants overnight, any night. And, considering the Saudis’ mood about Obama these days – the IAF could fly through Saudi airspace unmolested. Why, the royal band would be playing Hatikva as the Israelis fly above (you don’t want them to play the Saudi anthem, because it could interfere with the mission).

Olmert said he, too, had disagreements with Obama, but always made sure to voice them in private.

Bibi’s response was that in contrast to “others,” when it came to the security of Israeli citizens “I will not be silent.”

Why should the White House be in a panic? Because of the bipartisan action taking place in both houses of Congress – something which has been rare, indeed, these past few years. As always, only the Jews could get the Democrats and Republicans together, or, if you will, only a clear betrayal of an old friend by the president could do it.

Anonymous senior officials in the Obama administration have been making a point of saying that Netanyahu’s efforts to appeal to Congress won’t be effective and Netanyhau can be “managed”, saying that Netanyahu is “weak and desperate”, that Netanyahu lacks self-confidence, and and the the White House isn’t excited by Netanyahu’s opposition, according to a report on Israeli TV. The official made sure to add that they aren’t naive.

The anonymous senior official doth protest too much, methinks.

According to Ray Takeyh, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations writing for Politico, the Iran accord, freezing but not eliminating Iran’s nuclear program over the next six months, is proving “contentious,” as congressional critics are highlighting its problems. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), for instance, urged that the agreement be met “with healthy skepticism,” and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said that the sanctions relief vs. Iranian concessions “does not seem proportional.”

Takeyh reminds readers that all the Iran sanctions bills to date have passed with overwhelming bipartisan majorities.

“Liberals and conservatives have come together to punish the Islamic Republic for its nuclear transgressions and sponsorship of terrorism. During the past three decades, while many countries have been enticed by Iranian commerce, Congress has distinguished itself by persistently holding Tehran responsible for its human rights abuses.”

And Takeyh insists this should not be attributed to pressure from AIPAC etc., since “American legislatures are perfectly capable of being offended by supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s penal colony without such advocacy.”

Of course, the Iranians are not helping. President Obama wakes up every morning to discover new quotes from Iranian officials being candid about the interim deal. Last week, Hossein Shariatmadari, the voice of the Supreme Leader, according to the Washington Post, bragged to the Wall Street Journal that “if the right to enrich is accepted, which it has been, then everything that we have wanted has been realized.”

Wouldn’t you panic reading this quote? The Iranians are spilling so many beans, somebody is bound to trip and break something…

According to the Hill, the sanctions effort is led by Senators Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) and Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), who co-authored the Iran sanctions legislation that sailed through the Senate 100-0 two years ago (see: Senate Foreign Relations Chair (D) Attacks Obama ‘Fear Mongering’). And Senators Schumer and John McCain (R-Ariz.) are pushing for new sanctions, too.

It appears that the new legislation will take into consideration the general support of the American public for any deal that doesn’t require starting yet another war. What they’ll do is push for verification of Iran’s compliance. It will focus on getting Iran to dismantle its nuclear program, which the current six-month deal does not do.

Meanwhile, it appears Ehud Olmert, once Israel’s political fixer, has been reduced to doing Obama’s bidding. It’s a good job, but with an obvious sunset date: 2016. Until then, send all water carrying assignments to Yossi Olmert’s older brother.



  1. If Israel is destroyed another Holocaust will have happened. Sis million Jews perished while the world abandoned us. Among the murdered was my family. American Jews speak out before it is too late. Stop being cowards afraid of what OBAMA says or thinks. I begged you not to vote for him as chairman for RABBIS FOR ROMNEY. INSTEAD THE MAJORITY VOTED FOR OBAMA.
    Downplaying the Holocaust — Sulzberger & NY Times: Anna Blech at TEDxHunterCCS – YouTube In my book "CONTEMPLATING THE HOLOCAUST'' I have entire chapter on this subject. Israel is in trouble and we listen to Obama and others who have interests OTHER than saving ISRAEL from destruction. Jews are attacks by blacks and we worry about racism. Let us stop being politically correct and protect our own people. . RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

  2. I, for one, agree with PM Netanyahu. On the other hand, statements by any Iranian official (supreme or otherwise) can also be their usual bragging and meant for domestic consumption. We cannot both distrust them to tell us the truth about their nuclear installations and successes, and at the same time take their braggard statements about their "triumph" at Geneva seriously. It is bad enough even without their statements. Let us hope they never get the bomb. Let us also encourage our confused politicians and also our good-for-nothing media to support dissent and revolt in Iran. The Iranians do NOT deserve their maniacal despots any more than East European deserved their Commie despots a generation or two ago.

  3. Those insane Iranians know that to use a nuke would be suicide for themselves but they are so inflamed with hate that they will do it anyway so I would suggest that a pre-empted strike right now would be the answer to self preservation…Its your call

  4. Wake up G5. We shouldn't underestimate the Ayatollahs. Look how successfully Iran has spread Shia Islam across the Middle East. They act like buffoons. (Ex. mock stealth jet) They act like the Keystone Cops from time to time but that is only a ploy. They don't want the international community to take them seriously. The Ayatollahs and the Revolutionary Guard are very calculating.

  5. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg deserves our thanks for his courage in speaking the truth when the truth is being resisted by self-deluding liberals. Obama is an Islamist, indoctrinated by his father whom he so admired. He has been using us and deluding us for too long. Wake up, my co-religionists, he is playing a dangerous game – it may be life and death for us as a people.

  6. I certainly hope Israel doesn't wait till the last minute to react to this latest danger. Take advantage of the Saudi offer for help and make sure Iran's nuclear ambitions are set back at least 100 years. As for the relationship between Israel and the the Obama administration….Obama can't be trusted and you can believe that the majority of Americans will support whatever your nation does and not what Obama supports. Do what you have to do to protect the Jewish state. G/D is with you… and you really don't need anyone else.

  7. PLEASE do not say the U.S. as a whole!!! WE ARE DIVIDED AS TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ENTITIES!!! The people being of good nature as like you and VOICELESS at the moment. Then we have our government nothing more than liars and greedy selfish corporate kiss butts, that their best interests are not for the people of our country BUT for themselves. We CHRISTIANS pray for ISRAEL, it is a duty that we enjoy. ISRAEL, please pray for us too!

  8. EVERYONE must stop thinking and saying that AMERICA is WHOLE!!
    PLEASE do not judge the good people of AMERICA for the corrupt decisions of our government!!!
    PLEASE understand that we the people no longer have a voice at the moment and the decisions that our government makes are surely not the decisions of the people!!!

  9. i believe bibi will come through. it is obvious that he is deadly serious about the bottom line: iran will NOT get the bomb. other politics is other politics. but bibi knows when to strike and he will do it. better to hit them now than later. bibi knows that. the truth will win out. it always does in history. the best way to avoid w hellish world war is to hit them now, for obama is not going to budge. he is completely untrustworthy. bibi will be, by G-d's grace, the man of the hour, and he will strike, rest assured…its like a modern chanukah, you'll see. bibi will do it!

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