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April 2, 2015 / 13 Nisan, 5775
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Teen Girls Planned to Bomb French Synagogue

The jihad network has snared teenagers in it web. One out of every six Frenchmen supports the ISIS.

The Great Synagogue in Lyons was targeted for a suicide bombing by two Muslim teenage girls.

The Great Synagogue in Lyons was targeted for a suicide bombing by two Muslim teenage girls.
Photo Credit: Wikimedia

French authorities have arrested and indicted two Muslim girls, ages 15 and 17, for plotting a suicide bombing in the Great Synagogue of Lyon.

The girls contacted each other through social media and are among 60 people under investigation in France for association with radical Islamists, especially the Islamic State (ISIS), where thousands of Europeans have joined the terrorist group.

The suicide plot in Lyon is part of the rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe, where four people were killed earlier this year in an attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels. At least nine French synagogues have come under stack since Israel retaliated against Hamas rocket fire last month.

“Jews in France or Belgium are being killed because they are Jews,” Roger Cukierman, president of the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions (CRIF), told Newsweek. “Jihadism has become the new Nazism. This makes people consider leaving France.”

ISIS and other Muslim groups of murderers have attracted women and teenagers as well as men.

A poll last week revealed that 16 percent of French citizens – all citizens and not just Muslims – support the ISIS. The percentage jumps to 27 percent for those aged 18-24. That is not a typo. More than one out of every four French citizens from the age of 18-24 supports the Islamic State movement that beheads anyone who does not follow its command is higher in younger age brackets. Rape is standard operating procedure for the ISIS.

The same poll of British citizens came up with seven percent support for ISIS. Unlike the younger generation in France, “only” four percent of Britons in the 18-24 age bracket are favorable to the ISIS. The number jumped to 11 percent for those aged 35-44.

One of the factors driving up the surprising support in France may be unemployment.

“This is the ideology of young French Muslims from immigrant backgrounds, unemployed to the tune of 40 percent, who’ve been deluged by satellite TV and internet propaganda,” reported Newsweek’s France Correspondent, Anne-Elizabeth Moutet, She added, “These are the same people who torch synagogues”.

Muslims account for up to 10 percent of France’s 66 million people. Even if every Muslim were to support for ISIS, the 16 percent pro-ISIS figure is more than scary, even if the sample in the survey was not representative of the total population.


About the Author: Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.

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22 Responses to “Teen Girls Planned to Bomb French Synagogue”

  1. Just unbelievable for this kind of horrific antisemitism to exist in the 21st C. What is happening to our world????

  2. horrify they are brainwashed by the oldmam two scourge; they are drunk of drugs for commiting suicidal. muslim prieisthood may all you teaching the truth about Jesus life and humility. you teaching and nursing to become madness to a youngman. Wake up!

  3. Recently saw film about Hannah Arendt who wrote about Eichmann trial in Israel for New York Times. I know Jews and Israel did not like the result and I understand why, but compare Nazi ideology with ISIS et al and you will see clearly the philosophy of both and how dangerous it is.

  4. Gene Strong says:

    One out of six Frenchman are probably muslim immigrants. ..

  5. Isaac Kim says:

    All of them must be hung.

  6. That’s because Europe allowed the Muslims to FLOOD their countries. They will pay dearly for their anti semitism and support for Muslims.

  7. That’s because Europe allowed the Muslims to FLOOD their countries. They will pay dearly for their anti semitism and support for Muslims.

  8. Don’t worry Hashem will do what is necessary just watch and see

  9. Don’t worry Hashem will do what is necessary just watch and see

  10. 1 out of 6 think they are muslims

  11. 1 out of 6 think they are muslims

  12. Shira Levin says:

    Jews of France go home to Israel while there is time!

  13. Sam Cohen says:

    the morons who are for isis will change their minds when isis starts raping their mothers and sisters.its the temerity on the part of the French government who allow muslim radicals to attack the principles of democracy and get away with it,.arrest and imprison those who advocate hate and violence

  14. Neal Adler says:

    Perhaps they name of the city was misspelled, but the attacks on Jews, synagogues, and Jewish business happened.

  15. Neal Adler Absolutely. The two girls certainly were arrested too. It is just very important that other who read the article have confidence. Good journalists really have to be precise to be trusted.

  16. Edward Lobel says:

    I do not believe in the death penalty. In this case the death penalty would be too good for these people. I strongly suggest life in solitary confinement, minimal food to keep them alive, no entertainment, a very limited amount of supervised visitation with no more than one visitor at a time. Let these girls and any others that may want to follow in their footsteps know what horrors await them. Perhaps an alternative would be to punish them using their beloved Sharia law and stone them to death!

  17. It seems it is already too late for France! Not only the Muslim invasion is finishing them, but their own young people are going crazy! How can it be that a normal person can be behind Isis? Can they even think what these "people" are really doing? They are murderers, rapists, blood sucking crazy human organ eaters! It is revolting! Paris used to be a place where people would dream going, now it is a place you must avoid if you value your life.

  18. Gary Dalin says:

    This time the U.S. will not be coming to save their fois gras

  19. Reuben James says:

    These two teen pigs must be fed pork and shot dead

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