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Anti-Semitic graphic posted in 2014 on Facebook by Labour Party councillor Ilyas Aziz.

The British Labour Party has apparently been quietly suspending one member after another for anti-Semitism and racism over the past two months – a total of 50 members, in fact.

But few of those suspensions ever saw the light of day in the media, and the 13 that were made public “are said to be just the tip of the iceberg,” The Telegraph reported Tuesday.


“Senior sources reveal that Labour’s compliance unit has been swamped by the influx of hard-left supporters following Jeremy Corbyn’s election” as head of the party, according to the report.

Corbyn himself admitted for the first time in an interview with the Daily Mirror on Monday night that although there is a problem, it is “not huge.” He worked hard to minimize the crisis, saying, “What there is is a very small number of people that have said things that they should not have done. We have therefore said they will be suspended and investigated.”

London residents go to the polls on Thursday, but the latest analyses by pundits predict Labour stands to lose more than 100 seats thanks to the racist and anti-Semitic remarks over the past two years by party lawmakers.

Labour suspended three councillors within seven hours Monday over virulently anti-Semitic posts on Twitter and Facebook last week. Two called for Israeli Jews to be “relocated to America” and the third compared a former Premier League soccer star to Hitler.

One of the councillors was Ilyas Aziz, from Nottingham, who said on Facebook, “it would be wiser to create Israel in America it’s big enough. They could relocate even now [sic]”.

Former Blackburn mayor Salim Mullah was the second, and Shah Hussain of Burnley council was the third. Hussain tweeted to Israeli soccer star Yossi Bennayoun, “you and your country doing the same thing that hitler did to ur race in ww2 (sic).”

According to The Telegraph, up to 20 Labourites were suspended within the past two weeks, though not all were made public.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. a little fresh air never hurts.,the UK labor party will pay dearly at the polls these laborites are like a virus which must be contained or the UK will be another sweden with unabashed anti semites on the loose.

  2. "Move Israel to America"!!!!!! Really?? I suggest all non Israeli Arab citizens be sent back to Jordan or other Arab countries! Any non law abiding Arab Israeli be sent back also! Let them lose their Israeli citizenship and all the great perks of being an Israeli citizen! Let the Arab countries deal with their own scum…

  3. There was a joke in my old country during the "good old communists" regime.
    Comrade Kosygin asks comrade Brezhnev:
    "What would happen if we opened all borders and let people go where ever they want to?"
    Brezhnev smiles and says:
    "Well, then only the two of us would stay in the Soviet Union."
    "Yeah" – says Kosygin – "you and that idiot Podgorny."

    Now the same thing goes on with the British bolshy party, just in another way.

  4. As an American, I would gladly welcome Israel… if Israel were relocated to the Southern border we would at least have some security and protection from the never-ending horde invading us. Our own government won't stop it. I would welcome the IDF and Mossad with a ticker-tape parade…

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