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Jerusalem, Israel
5 Shevat 5778 -
? Sunday, January 21, 2018

Jenin, Jenin

A monument showing the Land of Israel, in the Palestinian Authority controlled city of Jenin.


Netanyahu is on a week-long official state visit in India.

The Beauty Before the Storm

The upcoming storm is making for beautiful skies.

Winter Wonderland

Snow on the Hermon Mountain.

Havdalah Party

An unusual Havdalah ceremony in Miron.

A High Flying Graduation Day

A graduation ceremony for Israeli soldiers who have completed the IAF Flight Course.

Tough Girl

A Border Policewoman on patrol near Hawara.

About That Nobel Peace Prize…

Normally, we wouldn't put a cartoon here...

Candle Lighting

Hanukah candle lighting around Jerusalem.

Chanukah – Tel Aviv Style

The Tel Aviv municipal building lit up for Chanukah.

Sites of the Maccabees

The sites of the Maccabbees fill up Judea and Samaria.

General Allenby Enters Jerusalem

A reenactment of General Allenby's entry into Jerusalem, 100 years ago.

Palestinian Authority’s Anti-America and Anti-Trump Hate Continues

Trump is being given special treatment by Palestinian Authority Arabs during their regular protests.

Jerusalem’s Old City Lit Up with American and Israeli Flags

In anticipation and in honor of President Trump's upcoming announcement on Jerusalem, the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem have been lit up with American and Israeli flags.

The A&H Hot Dog Chanukiah

Get in the Hot Dog Chanukah spirit.

The Temple Mount

A flag waving over the Temple Mount

Funeral of Sergeant Ron Yitzchak Kukia

Sergeant Ron Yitzchak Kukia was murdered by terrorists on Thursday night in the city of Arad.

Beniyahu Ben Yehoyada

The tomb of Beniyahu Ben Yehoyada.

14-Year-Old Girl Rescued from 8 Meter Deep Pit

The girl was trapped underground for 8 hours until rescue workers found her.

No Escape from Gaza

Despite the reconciliation agreement, Gazans are still having trouble escaping from Gaza into Egypt.

Stay Calm! This is Just a Drill (in Efrat)

The training exercise looked so real, so people thought something happened.


View of the Tanur Stream waterfall, outside the northern Israeli town of Metula.

Escape from Gaza

Gazans line up to get travel permits into Egypt.

The Bridge is Back

The footbridge between Bnei Brak and Givat Shaul has been rebuilt.

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