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Attachment Parenting: What’s It All About?

She wasn’t paying attention to what the child did when the mother was not in the room. Rather, her main focus was on what the child did when the mother returned.

Helping Children With OCD

A compulsion is a repetitive action. But what underlies the compulsion is an obsession or fear.

Why Are Children Failing In Good Schools?

When any student in the building is in danger of failing, the equivalent of tornado warning sirens should wail around the school.

Dear Dr. Yael

How can you expect people who go through such gehenom to even know how to give warmth and love?

The Good And Bad Lies In Marriage

Are we allowed to lie for shalom bayis? It would seem so, but what might be a healthy guideline for when it’s okay and when it’s not?

Dear Dr. Yael

Isn't therapy about being yourself; aren't there different ways for people to communicate with each other?

How Our Pasts Shape Us

“If you don’t stand straight, you’ll never get a husband.”

The Art Of Note Taking

A lot of people have heard about dyslexia, a learning disability that concerns reading.

Dear Dr. Yael

I believe that Hashem will only bring Moshiach when we finally achieve achdus.

First, Second, Third: Is It In Your Genes?

Because birth order can affect most children in similar fashion, there are things you can do to help your children overcome weaknesses that birth order has thrown their way.

Dear Dr. Yael

I love my husband dearly and I do everything to make him happy.

Dear Dr. Yael

Men and women have different roles to play in marriages and as parents.

When Motivation Fails

Occasionally, a teacher will encounter a student who simply cannot be motivated to do his homework, finish his worksheet or study for a test.

Helping Children Become Happy Adults

There is a point that many parenting books miss: children do more for us than we do for them.

Dear Dr. Yael

The husband needs to make some changes!

Dear Dr. Yael

Whenever he did anything loving for me, I made a big deal about it.

Sluggish Cognitive Tempo And ADHD

Tutor. Counselor. The doctor too, Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with you.

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