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A Tu B’Shvat Tribute to Israel

14 Shevat 5774 – January 15, 2014
The date for the end of one fruit crop and the beginning of the next is the 15th day of Shvat.

Continuing the Vision

8 Elul 5773 – August 14, 2013
What is in Eretz Israel that draws so much attention? Water? Mineral deposits? Open spaces? Oil? Gold? Diamonds?

Haredi Settlers Push Back: Rebbe’s Dad Was Pro-Settlements

6 Elul 5773 – August 12, 2013
When it came to comparisons with the Third Reich, it appears the first Klausenburger Rebbe had his priorities straight.

Bonfires of the Faithful

18 Iyyar 5772 – May 10, 2012
Jews of every age and religious denomination across Israel celebrated the holiday of Lag Ba'Omer Wednesday night lighting bonfires and celebrating. The holiday commemorates...

Where Persecuted Jews May Go: In Memoriam, Benzion Netanyahu (1910-2012)

9 Iyyar 5772 – May 1, 2012
Whatever the different formulations of Zionism, all proponents share the view that the area is the birthplace and the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people, linked by historical ties and by religious and cultural traditions.

We’re All Feiglinists, Especially Feiglin

1 Iyyar 5772 – April 23, 2012
On Saturday, Defense Minister Ehud Barak mocked two Likud ministers who criticized his plan to demolish Ulpana Hill, saying they caught "a severe case of ‘Feiglinism.’” Then, one after another, Likud MKs paid homage to the new term and congratulated Moshe Feiglin on his tenacity in upholding the principles of Feiglinism.

Deadline for Evacuation of Hebron House Passes Without Implementation

11 Nisan 5772 – April 3, 2012
Defense Minister Ehud Barak and the Defense Ministry have remained silent in the few hours since the ministry reiterated that the deadline was still in effect.

Israeli Rabbinate Warns against Tu B’Shvat Figs

14 Shevat 5772 – February 7, 2012
The Kashrut Dept. of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate published a warning on the eve of Tu B’Shvat, cautioning against eating some of the holiday’s traditional fruits. Figs are at the top of the list, because of concern regarding insects and worms which "hide inside the fruit’s flesh and are difficult to detect."

Happy New Year …Trees!

11 Shevat 5766 – February 8, 2006
Until Jews began to return to Eretz Israel in 1948, noone thought of them as farmers.

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