The Return of the Echo Chamber

Can any moral person seriously support the revolutionary Islamic regime in Iran?

Biden Brings Back Cognitive Dissonance Over Israel

Obama's policy was to weaken Israel while pretending to help her, for example by phasing out the portion of the military aid that could be used to buy from Israel’s own military industry.

The Clock Ticks on the Iranian Nuclear Project

’m convinced that Trump’s “maximum pressure” policy on Iran is the only approach short of war that might have any chance of modifying the behavior of the Iranian regime

Plan Z

Israel would have to stop Iran--or nobody would.

The Biden Administration and Israel

It may not matter what, if anything, Biden thinks, because he will be guided by unseen hands.

The Day After Election Day

I devoutly hope the decision will be quick and unambiguous, but ultimately someone will win this election. So here is my advice to Americans about the aftermath...

Want Peace in the Middle East? Vote for Trump!

The development of a Sunni-Israel bloc in the region would be a breakthrough that would fundamentally alter the balance of power, and reduce the need for the US to physically intervene to keep the peace

Want Peace in the Middle East? Vote for Trump!

The development of a Sunni-Israel bloc in the region would be a breakthrough that would fundamentally alter the balance of power, and reduce the need for the US to physically intervene to keep the peace.

Closing Israel’s Political Circus

We didn’t invite the Coronavirus into the country. It may be manmade, but not by Israelis. On the other hand, the political wounds are entirely self-inflicted. They are the fault of almost all the actors in Israel’s political circus.

Social Media and the Cognitive War Against Israel

The abuses of political correctness, cancel culture, and the wide popularity of absurd, self-contradictory theories and ideologies are all epiphenomena of the ubiquity of social media.

Unfinished Business

Who remembers Jonathan Pollard?

Trump, Biden, Bibi, and Iran

On the other hand, if Biden wins it may become clear to Israeli planners that there is a very short window of opportunity to pursue a military solution to the problem of Iranian nukes.

Israel’s Corona Disaster

Laws are upheld primarily by the willingness of citizens to obey them, with enforcement only needed for egregious violators. That mechanism is breaking down in Israel.

After Five years, the Duma Saga Approaches Conclusion

Though there was still no proof that Jews were responsible for this atrocity, it became part of the accepted narrative in almost all segments of Israeli society.

Downside of the UAE Deal

Israelis care too much about gaining international approval, especially by Arab and Muslim nations. So an official treaty of normalization of relations is almost impossible to resist.

The Coming Political Crisis in the USA

Today the USA is a candidate for a radical change away from the republic that was created when its constitution became effective in 1789, and which gradually evolved into what it is today.

Who Owns the Land?

The land belonged to the State of Israel in 1967, and indeed in 1948. It belongs to us today. We are the aboriginal inhabitants of the land, we have never lost our connection to it, we have the imprimatur of international law, and we have (so far) successfully defended it.

The West is Lost

I think the election will mark the inflection point at which the curve of civilizational decline turns sharply downward. When the US loses its dominant economic and military position, the effects will be felt everywhere. The crisis in the US will begin the sharp acceleration of the decline of the West.

The Government Fiddles while the People Burn

The Prime Minister acts almost exclusively to protect himself, and not on behalf of the country. The evidence for this is the absurdly fat and expensive “unity” (one has to laugh) government with its 35 ministers and 8 deputy ministers. This structure exists so that Binyamin Netanyahu can continue to be Prime Minister. There is no other reason.

The 800-Pound Gorilla of American Judaism

The 800-pound gorilla of American Judaism? Progressivism

Corona Days in Israel

Israel’s approach to the Corona has been very – Israeli. First, we tried to overcome it by brute force. Then we became overconfident. And now, hopefully, we’ll try to be smart.

The Identity Politics Rebellion

Identity politics can be democratic in the sense that there can be elections. But it is inconsistent with what we know as “liberal democracy,” because the division of power, wealth, and rights in identity politics is based on group membership rather than ability, work ethic, or moral standing.

Timidity is no Virtue

Right now Israel is facing a momentous decision to do something that is practically nothing.

Being an Ally Works Both Ways

“If you want to change Black Lives Matter Israel agenda, you need to show up for them,” says Mazzig. He has it backwards. If they want our help, they need to stop supporting those who want to kill us.

Dear Americans,

If 9/11 was the beginning of the decline, it accelerated even more rapidly after February 4, 2004, although no one was immediately aware of it. That was the date that Facebook came into being, and social media, the most powerful weapon of cognitive warfare ever created,

The Manufactured Outrage over “Annexation”

To say you support Israel’s security and right to exist yet reiterate as a mantra “two-state solution” is self-contradictory.

Our Soft Enemy

As a citizen of Israel, my concern is that the EU also has a foreign policy, a very active one, and I don’t like it at all.


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