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    Now What?

    Our actual duty is to face the truth, which is that the price of a deal is far too high and endangers the existence of the state. The only option is to increase the military pressure.

    An Excess of Democracy

    Israel’s political, intelligence, and military elites have shown themselves incompetent. They failed to foresee, prevent, or even effectively react to the invasion of 7 October. They have turned the military successes of the war into what appears to be a surrender to all of Hamas’ demands.

    Confrontation with Iran: Who Won?

    Israel can’t continue on the path of subservience to the US, because American objectives in the region are inconsistent with the continued existence of a Jewish state.

    How Israel Lost the Information War

    In short, Israel has been and continues to be outgunned in the realm of information warfare.

    America Takes the Side of Hamas

    It is with great sorrow – and trepidation – that I observe America taking the side of Hamas in what is nothing less than...

    The Forward Revives the Massacre That Never Happened

    Allowing this hit job on Israel and the IDF to be published was no less than editorial malpractice.

    Biden’s Bear Hug

    Has the “bear hug” already squeezed the freedom and sovereignty out of Israel?

    The American Front

    What is the greatest danger facing Israel today? You may be very, very surprised...

    We Forgot

    The generals and the politicians forgot that we are not a large Western democracy, but rather a small country in the Middle East. They forgot that our enemies are not stupid. They forgot that honor and deterrence go together. They forgot that the more complicated a system, the more weak points it has, and that technology can fail.

    Tribal Warfare

    We have a message to send to Hamas and to all our enemies: we can and will fight as brutally as necessary.

    When We Said “Never Again,” We Meant It

    his is our last chance, after the disasters of Oslo, the withdrawal from Gaza, the Second Lebanon War, the Shalit trade, the ongoing loss of Area C, and countless other losses and humiliations, to end our slide to destruction.

    Yes, it’s a Coup

    There are ad hoc groups of former security officials, etc.--and then there is Ehud Barak.

    Palestinianism: Ideology and Identity

    Palestinianism as an ideology is in a certain way like Marxism or Scientology. When Palestinianists are confronted with clear-cut facts, they nevertheless find it possible to deny or ignore them

    Managing the Unmanageable

    Our conflict is a struggle between peoples for territorial dominance. Although we find it tremendously difficult to face the fact, it is a zero-sum game. One side will win, and the other will disappear from the region.

    Why Israel Should Not Talk to the PA

    If we draw Venn diagrams of the minimum demands made by the PA and the maximum concessions that Israel could afford to make (and vice versa), the intersections will be empty. There is no “creative” way to solve this problem.

    A Long Collection of Short Topics

    An overview of the top issues confronting us

    Dear Europe, …

    I welcome the idea that Israel will be able to help the Europeans in their time of need... So I have prepared a draft of a letter that our government COULD send to the EU in order to get the ball rolling.
    Jamal al-Dura and his 12-year-old son Muhammad under fire

    Shireen abu Akleh’s Blood is on Palestinian Hands

    Her blood is on the hands of the terrorists, along with that of the Israelis they murdered.

    Israel Must Become an Unaligned Nation

    Israel cannot endure as a satellite of a country whose regime opposes our survival as a Jewish state. Biden’s policies are no different than those we struggled against during the Obama presidency.

    Summer Arrives in Israel

    Along with the heat and the haze come incitement and terrorism, which will very likely develop – as it did last year at this time – into war and insurrection.

    How to Survive in the Middle East

    After the recent terrorist attack in Beer Sheva that took four lives, I (rhetorically) asked our leadership if they had a plan to deal...

    What’s the Plan?

    I have a question for the Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, his cabinet, and indeed every member of the Knesset: What is your long-range plan to deal with Palestinian Arab terrorism, both by Palestinians from the territories and Israeli Arabs?

    The Czechoslovakian Option

    What the US gets out of an agreement with Iran is not certain. Biden can declare “peace in our time” while waving the new, even worse, version of Obama’s JCPOA. But I think that the main motivation is to continue a policy, going back to the 1970s, to reverse the outcome of the 1967 war.

    Who’s Intolerant?

    Israel is no. 100 on the list of countries by population. Following it are Switzerland, Togo, Sierra Leone, Hong Kong, and Laos. I haven’t noticed pressure on these countries to take tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees.

    The Ambassador from Obamastan

    It’s clear that we are back in Obamastan now, where the aspirations of the Palestinians have equal or greater weight than the security of the Jewish state; and where Israel must pay the price for the failures of the Arab leadership.

    Obama’s Third Term

    The Biden Admin. is Obama’s third term. Its foreign policy team, and especially those responsible for negotiations with Iran, are made up almost entirely of former Obama Administration people. Although I can’t prove it, I believe that Obama, Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice, and others are pulling the strings.

    The 800-Pound Gorilla of the Non-Orthodox World

    The ordinary Israeli sees Reform Judaism for what it is, a politically left-leaning, spiritually vacuous, non-Jewish religion. But it is the 800-pound gorilla of the non-Orthodox world, with money, clout, and people that it uses to project its influence here in Israel, where, in my opinion, it does not belong.

    Will there be a Magic Carpet for Ukrainian Jews?

    This  morning’s paper discusses the plans being made for the possible aliya of the roughly 250,000 Ukrainians who are eligible for Israeli citizenship under...
    David Ben-Gurion publicly pronounces the Declaration of the State of Israel, May 14 1948, Tel Aviv, Israel.

    What Does Zionism Really Mean?

    I want to be more specific about the meaning of Zionism today: I say it is the belief that the State of Israel is the state of and for the Jewish people, and not a “state of its citizens.”

    Amnesty and its Israeli Collaborators

    Why does Israel permit her enemies to support a subversive fifth column inside the state? I don’t know. Big money corrupts. Maybe enough Israeli politicians have personal connections to these NGOs, and they or friends and family benefit from them, and that’s why the laws that have been passed to regulate foreign money are weak and toothless.


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