The Haredi Disconnect

Will fear of Coronavirus do what years of negotiations and attempts at compromise have not, and make the Haredim cooperate with the state?

Israel and the Pandemic

When the rules were first announced, many people felt that PM Netanyahu and his advisors in the Health Ministry were overreacting, but as the number of cases grows, most Israelis have come around to the idea that tough measures are needed.

Bibi Derangement in the Age of Corona

The system is what is preventing us from having a functional democracy, not Bibi Netanyahu.

Israel at War — with Corona

There are many unknowns. Will the virus die out or slow its progression during the summer, as happens with the flu? If so, will it come back next winter? There are at least three laboratories in Israel on the verge of testing a vaccine. Will there be an effective one and when will it be ready? Are there other possibilities for treatment?

Israel at War — with Corona

There are many unknowns. Will the virus die out or slow its progression during the summer, as happens with the flu? If so, will it come back next winter?

Too Much Democracy?

The degree to which the key people in Blue and White – as well as their partner Avigdor Lieberman – have both personal and political animus against Binyamin Netanyahu can’t be overemphasized. But the fact that they appear to be ready to become indebted to and wholly dependent on anti-Zionist parties in order to accomplish their goal of forcing him out is shocking.

Jewish Peoplehood and American Jews

Those liberal or progressive American Jews that still feel themselves a part of the Jewish nation will have to choose: Make aliyah or work in the diaspora to support Israel,.

Anger, not Apathy

We are sick of politicians. We are sick of the way their selfishness has prevented us from getting a government that could deal with the many issues facing the nation today, including the most important strategic ones. If there were a button to push that would remove all of our politicians, we would push it.

Take the Deal

The status quo is unacceptable. It is expensive, it prevents the development of Judea and Samaria – despite what the Left says, there is almost no actual Jewish construction across the Green Line – and it leaves us vulnerable to terrorism. And no other proposed “solution” is practical.

What is it about Jews?

Then there are those Jews, both in the diaspora or Israel, who simply see a profit in signing up with the forces of misoziony- the extreme and irrational hatred of the Jewish state.

New Year of the Trees: A Love Story Between a People and their Land

New plants will cover the ugly scars terrorism left behind. Tu B’Shvat should not have to be used in this way but it is fitting that it was. Ours is a love story between a people and their land, between a land and its people.

Our European Enemy

What’s true for Jews goes triple for their state. I won’t repeat the depressing statistics about the number of UN resolutions condemning Israel that pass every year, and the fact that it is consistently attacked there for crimes that it did not commit while countries that do engage in murder, aggression, and oppression are never mentioned.

How Zionism Keeps us in the Game

Zionism is a form of ethnic nationalism, and in today’s intellectual climate, forged by the European wars of the 20th century, nationalism is considered incompatible with liberal democracy. However, Israel is a special case, because the Jewish people are a special case.

Tweet and Delete

if you get caught in a lie, no big deal. Just move on. It's the Palestinians' way.

A Nobel Prize for Donald Trump?

Trump may have cut the Gordian Knot in the Middle East. If the American voters give him time to follow through, he may be able to prevent Iran from going nuclear and might even end the Arab war against Israel, after some 100-odd years.

Will the Iranian Regime’s Obsessive Jew-Hatred be its Undoing?

You may notice that I say “the regime” and not “Iran.” This is because while the regime in Teheran pumps out anti-Jewish propaganda every day, the Iranian people are arguably the least antisemitic in the Middle East!

Trump Whacks a Terrorist, Shocks the World

{Originally posted to the Abu Yehuda website} The targeted killing of Iranian war leader Qassem Soleimani, in response to attacks on Americans in Iraq and...

Why They Attack Jews in New York

I have been searching for a coherent statement by an assailant. Most of them don’t get past “f- you, Jews.” But it seems to me that they blame Jews for something, and feel justified in hurting them. The consequences of doing it are not great, so why not?

Our Coming Election: The End for a Tragic Hero

he fact that Netanyahu managed to accomplish anything at all in his last three years as PM – and actually he accomplished quite a lot – despite the harassment tells much about his competence. But this is no way to run a country.

Thoughts on the Jersey City Shooting

Israelis were shocked by Jersey City. Not so much by the attack, but by the response of the local community, captured in a video which appears to show local residents blaming the Jews themselves for the attack, and expressing vicious hatred of them.

Getting Respect

Everything we do in Israel either adds to the sum total of respect we get or subtracts from it. .. So it is very important for us to not only win wars, kill terrorists, and in general crush our enemies as viciously as possible, but our messaging must project strength, competence, and even aggressiveness. We must avoid the image of victimhood
Rejuvenation: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Partition

The Partition Resolution: A Paper Triumph

So if the partition resolution does not constitute a justification in international law for the establishment of a Jewish state in the territory of the former British Mandate, what does?

Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria: Questions AND Answers

It’s been suggested that Trumps' pro-Israel acts are all cheap, merely “symbolic,” and have little effect on the ground. But if this is so, then why didn’t previous presidents act?

Palestinism and the Hurt/Help Principle

What is Palestinism? It is the belief that the Palestinian Arabs were unfairly victimized, dispossessed, colonized, raped, punished, expelled, murdered, degraded, castrated, etc. by the Zionist Jews who created the State of Israel, which continues to do all these things to them.

“Strangers,” in Israel and America

Maybe the best approach is for Americans to work on fixing things there, while allowing Israelis to concentrate on solving their unique problems here.

Keeping Our Honor in the Middle East

While Israel has great military power at hand, it keeps squandering its honor.
On their separate ways? Avigdor Lieberman (R) and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Hey America: Israel is Losing It Too!

Like a broken record that plays the same phrase over and over and over: Bibi, Gantz, Lieberman, Lapid: get your acts together. It is a matter of life and death

Kahane was Both Right and Wrong

Kahane’s conclusion was that Jewish survival demanded the emigration of most of the Arabs from the area between the Jordan and the Mediterranean. And I believe that he was right about this. That doesn’t mean that they should be expelled violently

Kahane Was Right

Kahane was absolutely right about one thing, and it is a big thing: Jews and Arabs cannot coexist as equals in Eretz Yisrael (by which I mean the land between the river and the sea). The Land of Israel must be the exclusive property of the Jewish people.

Young Woman is the Latest Jewish Hostage

The national feeling about Na’ama is a complicated story, involving the commandment to redeem captives (pidyon shvuim) and the echoes of history, including the Holocaust. It’s often said that our soldiers are “everybody’s children” and she falls into that category.


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