After Five years, the Duma Saga Approaches Conclusion

Though there was still no proof that Jews were responsible for this atrocity, it became part of the accepted narrative in almost all segments of Israeli society.

Downside of the UAE Deal

Israelis care too much about gaining international approval, especially by Arab and Muslim nations. So an official treaty of normalization of relations is almost impossible to resist.

The Coming Political Crisis in the USA

Today the USA is a candidate for a radical change away from the republic that was created when its constitution became effective in 1789, and which gradually evolved into what it is today.

Who Owns the Land?

The land belonged to the State of Israel in 1967, and indeed in 1948. It belongs to us today. We are the aboriginal inhabitants of the land, we have never lost our connection to it, we have the imprimatur of international law, and we have (so far) successfully defended it.

The West is Lost

I think the election will mark the inflection point at which the curve of civilizational decline turns sharply downward. When the US loses its dominant economic and military position, the effects will be felt everywhere. The crisis in the US will begin the sharp acceleration of the decline of the West.

The Government Fiddles while the People Burn

The Prime Minister acts almost exclusively to protect himself, and not on behalf of the country. The evidence for this is the absurdly fat and expensive “unity” (one has to laugh) government with its 35 ministers and 8 deputy ministers. This structure exists so that Binyamin Netanyahu can continue to be Prime Minister. There is no other reason.

The 800-Pound Gorilla of American Judaism

The 800-pound gorilla of American Judaism? Progressivism

Corona Days in Israel

Israel’s approach to the Corona has been very – Israeli. First, we tried to overcome it by brute force. Then we became overconfident. And now, hopefully, we’ll try to be smart.

The Identity Politics Rebellion

Identity politics can be democratic in the sense that there can be elections. But it is inconsistent with what we know as “liberal democracy,” because the division of power, wealth, and rights in identity politics is based on group membership rather than ability, work ethic, or moral standing.

Timidity is no Virtue

Right now Israel is facing a momentous decision to do something that is practically nothing.

Being an Ally Works Both Ways

“If you want to change Black Lives Matter Israel agenda, you need to show up for them,” says Mazzig. He has it backwards. If they want our help, they need to stop supporting those who want to kill us.

Dear Americans,

If 9/11 was the beginning of the decline, it accelerated even more rapidly after February 4, 2004, although no one was immediately aware of it. That was the date that Facebook came into being, and social media, the most powerful weapon of cognitive warfare ever created,

The Manufactured Outrage over “Annexation”

To say you support Israel’s security and right to exist yet reiterate as a mantra “two-state solution” is self-contradictory.

Our Soft Enemy

As a citizen of Israel, my concern is that the EU also has a foreign policy, a very active one, and I don’t like it at all.

Annex It Already

No better time than the present.

Jews and Evangelicals: It’s Complicated

Jews have a right not to be bombarded with attempts to persuade them to abandon their own faith

Mourning for Terrorists

Israel is a small country. An equivalent number, adjusted for population, would be over 1 million Americans. Every Israeli knows someone who has lost at least one family member to war or terror.

Ministers of Silly Walks

What’s truly wrong is that portfolios are given out as bribes and rewards for political support.

The Bibiad

Despite the accusations against Bibi, he is not in politics for the money. There is no doubt that he has devoted his life to his, and my, country.

Governments and Other Parasites

The process of forming the government has so far been enormously expensive, with three elections at an estimated cost of 12 billion shekels. Keep in mind also, that for the past year the legislators have done essentially nothing, while drawing their salaries.

The Haredi Disconnect

Will fear of Coronavirus do what years of negotiations and attempts at compromise have not, and make the Haredim cooperate with the state?

Israel and the Pandemic

When the rules were first announced, many people felt that PM Netanyahu and his advisors in the Health Ministry were overreacting, but as the number of cases grows, most Israelis have come around to the idea that tough measures are needed.

Bibi Derangement in the Age of Corona

The system is what is preventing us from having a functional democracy, not Bibi Netanyahu.

Israel at War — with Corona

There are many unknowns. Will the virus die out or slow its progression during the summer, as happens with the flu? If so, will it come back next winter? There are at least three laboratories in Israel on the verge of testing a vaccine. Will there be an effective one and when will it be ready? Are there other possibilities for treatment?

Israel at War — with Corona

There are many unknowns. Will the virus die out or slow its progression during the summer, as happens with the flu? If so, will it come back next winter?

Too Much Democracy?

The degree to which the key people in Blue and White – as well as their partner Avigdor Lieberman – have both personal and political animus against Binyamin Netanyahu can’t be overemphasized. But the fact that they appear to be ready to become indebted to and wholly dependent on anti-Zionist parties in order to accomplish their goal of forcing him out is shocking.

Jewish Peoplehood and American Jews

Those liberal or progressive American Jews that still feel themselves a part of the Jewish nation will have to choose: Make aliyah or work in the diaspora to support Israel,.


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