BDS: Totally Ineffective Yet Extremely Dangerous

Once it’s established that “Palestine” is a good cause, then the more that a person aspires to moral goodness, the more anti-Israel they become. It doesn’t hurt that preexisting antisemitic conditioning, subliminally present in both non-Jews and Jews, makes it easy to see Israel as evil.

Poll of American Jews has Distressing Results

It is shocking to me that one out of four American Jews thinks that Israel is an apartheid state and is committing genocide against the Palestinians.

What We Can Do About It

It is an expression of the Antisemitic idea that Jews must always be held to the highest of standards – indeed, to a standard that is continually raised so as to ALWAYS be out of reach.

How They Did It

The solution is to employ a proactive, not reactive strategy; to attack rather than defend.

Ha’aretz is an Enemy of the Jewish People

Every day, the paper – which publishes both a Hebrew print edition that few Israelis read, and an English internet edition that is read around the world by decision-makers in governments and businesses – pumps out its vileness. Every day its writers present a slanted version of events in which Israel and Israelis are oppressors, occupiers, murderers, racists, thieves, and liars.

Special: Experts Say New Nuclear Agreement Worse than the Old One

In other words, Iran will be able to get the bomb with very little lead time for Israel to act, and the US will be obligated to prevent Israel from acting against Iran.

What is the State of Israel for?

Imagine an Israel without its Zionist purpose (and very quickly, without its Jewish majority). How long would it survive? Why would anyone want to fight for it? Would Jews and Arabs make common cause in support of a liberal, democratic state?

Keeping the Jewish State

One thing is absolutely clear: putting an Arab party in the coalition brings the question of the relationship of the Jewish state to its Muslim Arab citizens front and center in a way that it heretofore hasn’t been.

The New Government Will Soon be Tested

If you look at the ideologies of the various parties that ran in the recent election, it is clear that the great majority of Israelis prefer a right-wing government. If it were not for the question of Netanyahu, we would have a solid right-wing coalition of 70 to 80 mandates. Instead, we are getting a “unity” government that includes Meretz and Ra’am.

Are the American People Smarter than they Look?

The recent explosion of Jew-hatred and misoziony in America, which has encompassed street thugs, pro-Palestinian demonstrators, college students, and now corporate executives, is unprecedented.

Sovereign or Satellite?

Do we, as Israelis, want to tie our survival to the USA? Or any other great power, like China for example? I don’t think so.

Wardrobe Malfunction!

For the Jew-hater, everything  bad, personal and political, can be explained with reference to the Jews. Facts and logical reasoning are irrelevant; indeed, the more unbelievable antisemitic beliefs may appear, the more this confirms their truth in the mind of the believer.

Sovereign or Satellite?

Do we, as Israelis, want to tie our survival to the USA? Or any other great power, like China for example? I don’t think so.

Israel is Stuck

I see the continued existence of a Jewish state of Israel as a fundamental imperative. But if coexistence is impossible, and if divesting of the territories containing most of the Arabs is also impossible, what is the alternative?

Cobra Kai and the Jewish State

It seems that we always act the same: retaliate in a measured way, being very careful to keep civilian damage to a minimum, after which we are pilloried by the UN, the EU, and the “human rights” NGOs, regardless of that fact. We don’t destroy Hamas, we simply “mow the grass” every few years. We keep supplying Gaza with water and electricity...Is this the best our government can do, we ask?

Today’s Blood Libel

In the past one hundred years, nothing has changed except for the defendant.

The Meron Tragedy and Israel’s Autonomous Communities

Israel is not a large country and it can’t afford have several autonomous enclaves that don’t consider themselves part of the state. The lack of respect for the laws made by the national government is corrosive

Our Enemies Deploy the Cognitive

None of the characteristics of South African apartheid can reasonably be applied to Israel. Everyone who knows anything about apartheid South Africa and Israel knows that. There is simply no resemblance

Have the Jewish People Become too “WEIRD?”

Why are there so many Jewish anti-Zionists? Why do so many Jews take the side of their enemies,?

Nationalism vs. Empire

One of the reasons that Israel has been so successful, despite the challenges it has faced from its external enemies and internal tensions and the complications created by its internal minority, is its sense of national purpose as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

Why Arab MKs Hate the State

Could there be an Arab consciousness that is truly accepting of the fact of a Jewish state, a consciousness that understands that there is nothing fundamentally illegitimate about the state, and one that can see the decision to live as a minority in a state that belongs to someone else as not shameful?

Irrational, Dangerous Iran Policy is No Accident

Biden’s people say that his move to return to Barack Obama’s JCPOA, the nuclear agreement with Iran, is the only reasonable path. After all, they argue that Donald Trump’s policy of “maximum pressure” failed

America Switches Sides

If Biden chose to continue Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign, along with supporting the regional alliance against Iran, Israel’s special operations, and the strong domestic Iranian opposition, it might have been possible to bring down the regime.

It’s All About Bibi

Bennett, whose party has a total of seven seats, is probably not going to be Prime Minister this time. I will go out on a limb and predict that Bibi will manage to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat once again.

The Invisible War

“Friends” in Europe pour massive amounts of money into illegal Palestinian development in Area C – the part of the territory that is supposed to be under full Israeli control according to the Oslo Accords. Control of these areas is absolutely critical for the defense of the State of Israel, both against Palestinian terrorism and against invasion across our borders.

Election Number Four

The politicians all like to say, in sepulchral tones, that nobody wants a (second, third, fourth, or fifth) election, but I don’t believe them

Setting National Goals

Leaving out the extreme Left and the Haredi and Arab parties, I believe most Israelis more or less agree that our important goals are prioritized as follows...

How Orwell’s Vision Might Become Reality

What is worrisome is that the people running these corporations are also products of the American university system. They share the revolutionary ideology that is popular there.

Biden’s Stupid Mideast Policy

Trump and Pompeo’s sanctions were strangling the Iranian economy, and while there is no doubt that this caused significant hardship to ordinary Iranians, a military confrontation would be far worse for everyone. Had Trump been reelected, the pressure would have continued.


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