Our Enemies Deploy the Cognitive

None of the characteristics of South African apartheid can reasonably be applied to Israel. Everyone who knows anything about apartheid South Africa and Israel knows that. There is simply no resemblance

Have the Jewish People Become too “WEIRD?”

Why are there so many Jewish anti-Zionists? Why do so many Jews take the side of their enemies,?

Nationalism vs. Empire

One of the reasons that Israel has been so successful, despite the challenges it has faced from its external enemies and internal tensions and the complications created by its internal minority, is its sense of national purpose as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

Why Arab MKs Hate the State

Could there be an Arab consciousness that is truly accepting of the fact of a Jewish state, a consciousness that understands that there is nothing fundamentally illegitimate about the state, and one that can see the decision to live as a minority in a state that belongs to someone else as not shameful?

Irrational, Dangerous Iran Policy is No Accident

Biden’s people say that his move to return to Barack Obama’s JCPOA, the nuclear agreement with Iran, is the only reasonable path. After all, they argue that Donald Trump’s policy of “maximum pressure” failed

America Switches Sides

If Biden chose to continue Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign, along with supporting the regional alliance against Iran, Israel’s special operations, and the strong domestic Iranian opposition, it might have been possible to bring down the regime.

It’s All About Bibi

Bennett, whose party has a total of seven seats, is probably not going to be Prime Minister this time. I will go out on a limb and predict that Bibi will manage to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat once again.

The Invisible War

“Friends” in Europe pour massive amounts of money into illegal Palestinian development in Area C – the part of the territory that is supposed to be under full Israeli control according to the Oslo Accords. Control of these areas is absolutely critical for the defense of the State of Israel, both against Palestinian terrorism and against invasion across our borders.

Election Number Four

The politicians all like to say, in sepulchral tones, that nobody wants a (second, third, fourth, or fifth) election, but I don’t believe them

Setting National Goals

Leaving out the extreme Left and the Haredi and Arab parties, I believe most Israelis more or less agree that our important goals are prioritized as follows...

How Orwell’s Vision Might Become Reality

What is worrisome is that the people running these corporations are also products of the American university system. They share the revolutionary ideology that is popular there.

Biden’s Stupid Mideast Policy

Trump and Pompeo’s sanctions were strangling the Iranian economy, and while there is no doubt that this caused significant hardship to ordinary Iranians, a military confrontation would be far worse for everyone. Had Trump been reelected, the pressure would have continued.

Only Our Friends Pay Taxes

There is no reason for Israel to subsidize these enterprises, which are explicitly or implicitly calling for its destruction.

Has Joe Forgotten Joseph?

Unfortunately Obama's ignorance of history and skewed ideology produced an equally skewed morality, in which there is no room for a Jewish state

It’s Not Paranoia

Jewish paranoia. The phrase is ridiculous.

How Israel Could Get a Stable Government

All this requires a government that can pay attention to multiple issues at the same time, a coalition that can work together, and a PM that is not on trial for corruption.

Is it a Still a “Free Country?”

Trump is blamed by many for damaging democracy. But I think far more damage has been and is being done by the reaction to Donald Trump. Trump and his movement are being used as an excuse to push the country down a path toward less free expression and less free thought.

But What About the Palestinians?

The response of the world media to Israel’s relative success in fighting the epidemic has been more hostile than anything I recall since the last time Israel was forced to defend herself against deadly rocket attacks from Gaza. “What about the Palestinians,” they screamed. Why aren’t we vaccinating them, too? “It’s because Israel is an apartheid state!”

Trump and Me

What was done to Trump by the Democratic media was unfair, even vicious. But his response was to throw a bomb at the US Constitution.

Jonathan Pollard is a Litmus Test. But for What? 

Pollard is a litmus test of some sort, but it is not either one for Right vs. Left or Orthodox vs. (religiously) liberal. It’s something else

The Netanyahu Tragedy

The possibility of yet another deadlocked election, especially now when leadership is desperately needed, is unthinkable. But we’ve said that at least twice before.

Israel’s Awful Electoral System

Instead of a government coming into office with a program, we get a collection of politicians looking out for their own parochial, sometimes personal, interests.

The Biden Administration and the “War of Return”

It’s essential that everyone involved in relations between Israel and the Palestinians understand the real issues that underlie the conflict. And it would be a good thing if all parties could agree to use words the same way.

Are Israeli Jews “Betraying” Americans by Liking Trump?

{Reposted from the Abu Yehuda blog} Here we go again. Another yawning gulf between Israelis and American Jews, “a rupture that threatens Jews everywhere, the...

Wokeism, Jew-hatred, and Misoziony

Israel needs to realize that the pendulum of public opinion in the US, especially among the decision-making class, is swinging against the Jewish state. The Arab and Iranian strategy of introducing money and activists into Western universities has been hugely effective in changing the national perception of Israel for the worse.

The Return of the Echo Chamber

Can any moral person seriously support the revolutionary Islamic regime in Iran? Two important lessons from recent Jewish history guide Israeli policy toward Iran: a) when they say they are going to kill you, believe them; and b) when they actually do try to kill you, almost nobody will come to your aid.

The Return of the Echo Chamber

Can any moral person seriously support the revolutionary Islamic regime in Iran?


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