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Emmanuel Macron is Elected President of France

12 Iyyar 5777 – May 7, 2017
Emmanuel Macron will keep France in the European Union, and is likely to keep the country's liberals happy as well.

Speculation: Backed by Voter Apathy, Le Pen Might Win ‘Trump Style’

5 Iyyar 5777 – May 1, 2017
A lot is expected to happen on Monday, May Day: union members and protesters are marching against Le Pen in Paris, and the Front National party is holding its annual gathering to honor Joan of Arc.

Israel’s Pres. Rivlin Closes Holocaust Remembrance Day With Opposition to Le Pen in France

29 Nisan 5777 – April 24, 2017
"We demand self-examination from of all those who helped carry out the extermination program," Rivlin said. Le Pen denies responsibility for French deportations of Jews to death camps.

Russia’s Chief Rabbi: If Le Pen Wins, Run

27 Nisan 5777 – April 23, 2017
Russia's chief rabbi also praised President Putin, who is Le Pen's strong supporter.

Marine Le Pen on WW2 State Crimes: We Didn’t Do It

14 Nisan 5777 – April 10, 2017
Out of the 150,000 Jews living in France, 76,000 were murdered after French authorities shipped them away.

Report: Le Pen Boosting Appeal to French Jews

24 Adar 5777 – March 22, 2017
Her Jewish friends include members of the Jewish Defense League in France.

The Danger Zone – Marine Le Pen and Collateral Damage [audio]

4 Adar 5777 – March 2, 2017
French politician Marine Le Pen wants to outlaw the Hijab.

Despite Dual Citizenship Comment, Le Pen Still Pro-Israel

14 Shevat 5777 – February 10, 2017
'The Jews of France are Frenchmen, they're at home here, and they must stay here and not emigrate. The country is obligated to provide solutions to the development of radical Islam.'

Paris Court Fines Jean-Marie Le Pen For Calling Gas Chambers ‘Detail of History’

28 Adar II 5776 – April 7, 2016
Paris has become more vigorous in its fight against anti-Semitism and terror in the past few years.

French Jews Breathe Sigh of Relief over Le Pen’s Defeat

2 Tevet 5776 – December 14, 2015
The French Jewish group CRIF said the defeat of the National Front brings an "opportunity to effectively address the causes of growth of extremes."

French Court Indicts Jean-Marie Le Pen for ‘Gas Chamber’ Remarks

12 Av 5775 – July 27, 2015
French far-right politician Jean-Marie Le Pen has been indicted over his remarks about gas chambers.

Radical Islam Helps United French Jews and Far Right Leader La Pen

21 Elul 5774 – September 15, 2014
Anti-radical Islam begins to trump anti-Semitism.

Gang Raping, ‘I Love al Qaeda’ and Who is Advancing Islam?

28 Iyyar 5774 – May 28, 2014
In Paris, the Union of Islamic Organizations congress was turned into a platform for Muslim anti-Semitism.

National Front Mayor Evicts Dreyfus-Inspired Anti-Racism Group

9 Nisan 5774 – April 8, 2014
A French mayor from the far-right National Front party evicted from city-owned offices an anti-racism group inspired by the Dreyfus trial. Steeve Briois, who was...

Le Pen Recruits Pigs to Fight Islam

6 Nisan 5774 – April 6, 2014
While definitely offensive to Muslims, it's not clear Le Pen even had Jews in mind when removing pork-free options from the school's menus.

France: the Looming Battle over Muslim Integration

29 Tevet 5774 – January 1, 2014
Instead of integration, "parallel societies are forming that continuously distance themselves from each other."

Marine Le Pen: Wearing Yarmulkes Should Be Banned

7 Tishri 5773 – September 22, 2012
French right-wing politician Marine Le Pen said she supports a ban on wearing yarmulkes in public in addition to a ban on Muslim headscarves. “Obviously,...

Marine Le Pen to Sue Jewish-French Philosopher for Libel

21 Sivan 5772 – June 11, 2012
A lawyer for Marine Le Pen said the leader of the French far right will sue French-Jewish philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy for libel. Wallerand de Saint-Just...

French PM: Jews, Muslims Should Reconsider ‘Ancestral Traditions’ of Kashrut, Halal

14 Adar 5772 – March 8, 2012
Francois Fillon: Jews and Muslims should reconsider "ancestral traditions...We live in a modern society."

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