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December 22, 2014 / 30 Kislev, 5775
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Peace Now Founder’s Firm Builds Over ‘Green Line’ in Jerusalem

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Peace Now co-founder Tzali Reshef may passionately defend his organization’s position against construction in areas outside the 1949 Armistice Line (“Green Line”) — but in his other life Reshef’s company invests in the lucrative building trade to be found in those exact same areas in Jerusalem.

The disparity emerged last week following Reshef’s debate on Israel’s Channel 2 television with Dani Dayan, entrepreneur and former chairman of the Judea and Samaria Council of Jewish Communities (Yesha Council). Reshef, 61, served as a Labor MK from August 2002 to February 2003. Today he is a successful businessman who heads Arledan Investments, Ltd and its subsidiary, Keter Publishing House.

The issue under discussion between the two men was the construction of a new neighborhood – Givat HaMatos — in southern Jerusalem, near Gilo and on the “other side” of the 1949 Armistice Line.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has slammed what he called a “deliberate” attempt by the radical leftist Peace Now movement to sabotage his meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday. The group deliberately publicly railed about a published tender notifying Israelis of the final approval for construction of housing in the Givat HaMatos neighborhood, a years-old project that had already won its initial approval in 2011.

The group’s “leak” was timed to coincide with Netanyahu’s meeting at the White House, where it did indeed create a firestorm of outrage, as Peace Now intended.  White House press secretary Josh Earnest condemned the project, saying it would “call into question Israel’s ultimate commitment to a peaceful negotiated settlement with the Palestinians.” State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki issued a similar condemnation.

Notably, “The truth is that there is no private Palestinian land in this plan,” Peace Now admits on its website. “The lands included in the plan are state lands and tenders to these plans will be published by the state, similarly to the case in Har Homa, Gilo, Ramot and other neighborhoods,” according to the site. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat announced that in Givat HaMatos, plans include construction of housing for Arab residents as well.

As co-founder of the radical leftist movement, Reshef presents himself to the Israeli public as someone passionately opposed to building new Jewish neighborhoods or communities – or any construction in those that exist, including expansion – in areas claimed by the Palestinian Authority for its hoped-for state. Among those territories are areas that were forcibly occupied by Jordan from 1948 to 1967 and won by Israel during the 1967 Six Day War (Judea, Samaria, Jordan Valley, and about half of Jerusalem.)

Last week, Peace Now executive director Yariv Oppenheimer openly blamed Israel’s prime minister for U.S. President Barack Obama’s outrage at the construction of new Israeli homes in the neighborhood, saying “He is responsible for authorizing building in sensitive areas like Givat HaMatos.”

Likewise, during last week’s televised debate with Dani Dayan, Reshef said bluntly that construction in “East Jerusalem” sabotages peace, is an anti-patriotic act, and called it an “abomination.”

Jewish Press.com tried several times to contact Reshef by phone to request elaboration on those remarks, but failed to reach him.

“Fine. That’s his opinion and he is entitled to it,” commented Dayan in an exclusive interview with JewishPress.com on Monday evening. “But I was shocked to discover the day after our debate that Reshef’s company, “Arledan,” actually initiated construction projects in Gilo and French Hill – two major neighborhoods located over the ‘Green Line.’ ”

In fact, Arledan’s website is quite clear that the firm is proud of its accomplishments, and apparently rightfully so.

Arledan shows off its properties in the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo.

Arledan shows off its properties in the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo.

One of Israel’s leading public investment companies, Arledan began as a private corporation, acting primarily as a real estate developer. But it went public in 1981, with shares now trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Arledan acts as a developer for properties that it owns and also rents out various commercial and residential properties, to quote the company’s site, “primarily in the city of Jerusalem. Some of the projects Arledan has successfully developed over the years include residential projects in the neighborhoods of French Hill, Gilo, Givat Oranim and Mevaseret Zion, as well as residential and commercial projects in downtown Jerusalem.” (italics added for emphasis)

Netanyahu Calls Obama’s View of Jerusalem ‘Un-American’ [video]

Monday, October 6th, 2014

The Obama administration’s harsh condemnation of Jews buying homes from Arabs in eastern Jerusalem is “against American values,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview on CBS’ Face the Nation Sunday.

He pointed out that in his meeting with President Barack Obama, the president did not talk about specifics when the president raised the issue of settlements.

“I said we should address the larger issues – are the Palestinians ready to recognize a nation state for the Jewish people the way we are ready to recognize the nation state of the Palestinians,” Netanyahu said.

The Prime Minister took the opportunity to spell out the facts concerning building homes in Jerusalem to support his reaction of being “baffled” by the American position.

He said the project being planned in what is called eastern Jerusalem, although in this case it actually is in the southern part of the capital, “There are 2,400 units. What they didn’t tell you is that 700 of those units are designated for Arab residents in Jerusalem.

“The whole line that Jews cannot buy homes in Jerusalem, or you can’t have mixed housing projects for Arabs and Jews, is wrong. I am baffled.

“If somewhere in America someone said Jews cannot buy apartments here, there would be an uproar. I do not accept this.”

Concerning the purchase of six buildings in the Silwan Valley, directly across the road form the Western Wall, Prime Minister Netanyahu stated, “Some Jewish residents of Jerusalem bought apartments legally from Arabs in a predominantly Arab neighborhood. This is seen as a terrible thing.. Arab in east Jerusalem buy apartments, thousands of them, in the Jewish neighborhood in west Jerusalem. No one says you can’t do it.

“If I said to you, in some place in the United States, “Jews cannot buy apartments here,’ there would be an uproar.

“It is against American values. The idea that we’d have this ethnic purification as a condition for peace? I think it’s anti-peace.”

Netanyahu did not address the principal reasoning of the Obama administration and its predecessors that dividing Jerusalem, and not declaring the city as the capital of Israel until it is divided, is in “the national security interests” of the United States.

He did not address the issue because no one has yet been able to solve the puzzle of how the American government, mainly the State Dept., links the two. It’s like starting to recite “A-B-C- and ending up with “Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday.”

Whoever can figure out why they are connected perhaps can also explain why Jews should not buy from Arabs but Arabs can buy from Jews.

Obama Supports Anti-Semitic Palestinian Agenda of Jew-Free State

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

{Originally posted on author’s website FirstOne Through}

US President Obama again made his opinion clear that he supports Acting-President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas call for creating a Jew-free country.

President Obama told visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in October 2014, that the US is against both Jews building new homes and against Jews moving into existing homes in areas that Abbas wants to keep Jew-free.

The Obama administration comments were in response to two recent events: planned construction of 2600 new homes in Givat Hamatos and six Jewish families moving into homes they purchased in the predominantly Arab neighborhood of Silwan. Both neighborhoods are in the eastern part of Jerusalem.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said “The US condemns the recent occupation of residential buildings in the neighborhood of Silwan by people whose agenda provokes tensions.” Note this Obama condemnation was not about building a new town in a remote region of the West Bank; this was about Jews buying and moving into existing houses in Jerusalem. The reason? Because it makes the Arabs angry.

Abbas has been on record that he doesn’t want any Jewish presence in a future Palestinian country. He wants Israel to keep Jews out of potential Palestinian land now so he won’t have to evict them or pay them compensation to leave later (similar to the compensation he expects Israel to pay to Arabs who left property in 1948). In July 2013, Abbas said “In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli — civilian or soldier — on our lands.”

Blatantly anti-Semitic statements from Palestinian leadership which call for banning Jews from the region is not new. In the Arab riots of 1936-9, Arabs effectively convinced the British to limit Jewish immigration to only 75,000 over the 1940-5 years, at the end of which time, Jews would be banned from moving to the country altogether. The Arabs and British took this action during the Holocaust in Europe, aiding in the murder of thousands of innocents who could have found refuge in their homeland, which the League of Nations had mandated 17 years earlier to be “national home for the Jewish people”. While the Jews were being killed in Europe, hundreds of thousands of Arabs from around the Middle East moved into Palestine.

Liberals could perhaps try to forgive Obama’s ignorance regarding Jews in the region – maybe he doesn’t know that:

Jews have consistently been a majority in Jerusalem since the 1860s- 100 years before the 1967 war; Jews were always allowed to live throughout the land- including under the Ottomans for 500 years and then under the British Mandate; Yemenite Jews were the original settlers of Silwan, back in 1882; The League of Nations Palestine Mandate (1922) specifically stated that no one should be barred from living in the land due to religion: Article 15: “No person shall be excluded from Palestine on the sole ground of his religious belief”; The Palestinians and Jordanians started both the 1948 and 1967 wars which gave Israel half (in 1948) and then all of Jerusalem; The Palestinians and Jordanians evicted all of the Jews from the eastern half of the city in 1949, barred the Jews from visiting the holy sites and are attempting to recreate that Jew-free environment in that part of the city today; Jerusalem was never intended to be Jew-free or a Palestinian city according to the 1947 UN Partition Plan; Israel already gave the Palestinians half of the “Holy Basin” when it gave control of Bethlehem to the Palestinian Authority; In the more macro story: Jews have lived in Jerusalem for over 3000 years – 1600 years before Islam brought the Arabs to Jerusalem; Jerusalem is the holiest city for only one religion – Judaism; Only one people – Jews – ever made Jerusalem its capital in its 4000 year history; The identity of Israel is Jerusalem; it is the only country to have a national anthem ABOUT its capital

Barkat Says Housing Project in Jerusalem ‘Essential’

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat rejected on Thursday a White House statement that building in Jerusalem will “poison the atmosphere” and stated that building in Jerusalem ”is essential, important and will continue with full force.”

He added, “ I will not freeze construction for anyone in Israel’s capital. Discrimination based on religion, race or gender is illegal in the United States and in any other civilized country.

“[The] 2,600 apartments in Givat HaMatos that we approved two years ago will enable more young people from all sectors and religions to live in Jerusalem and build their future here, thereby strengthening the capital of Israel. We will not apologize for that. “

Leak of 2,600 New Homes in Eastern Jerusalem Precedes Obama-Bibi Talks

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Plans for a previously announced huge construction project in eastern Jerusalem were reported on Wednesday hours before the meeting between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama Wednesday.

The 2,610 apartment project was not officially announced but was leaked through social network media and by Peace Now.

In fact, it was announced in December 2012 and includes approximately 800 units for Arabs in the nearby neighborhood of Beit Safafa, but everyone is jumping all over themselves as if this is a new plan.

Housing construction in Israel can take years from their announcement until bulldozers go to work. However, establishment media report every bureaucratic step in building plans as if the project is something new, resulting in fictional numbers.

Whether or not the plans for new homes were posted – or re-posted -  again by the government or by Peace Now, as a Housing Ministry official suggested, the report is a clear message to Washington that the Palestinian Authority can forget about dividing the city along the old 1949-1967 borders.

The project is slated for the neighborhood of Givat HaMatos, near Gilo in southern Jerusalem.

Housing Ministry spokesman Ariel Rosenberg did not confirm or deny the new project. But Bloomberg News reported, “Rosenberg said in a phone call that Peace Now probably released the information today to embarrass Netanyahu before his meeting with President Barack Obama.”

Referring to plans to develop an area in Maaleh Adumim, east of Jerusalem, Peace Now stated, “Like the E1 plan, it divides the potential Palestinian state and blocks the possibility to connect the Palestinian neighborhoods in south Jerusalem with the future Palestinian state.”

The European Union stated, “At this delicate moment after the Gaza ceasefire, it is essential to avoid actions that may increase tensions, in particular in East Jerusalem.”

There really is not much tension. The Palestinian Authority’s openly anti-Semitic remarks this week, calling Israel genocidal and comparing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with the ISIS leaders, has reduced the entire “diplomatic process” to an illusion.

There is no tension because neither Israel nor the Palestinian Authority really cares what the other side says.



President Obama: America’s Quixotic President

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

One of the greatest pieces of literature ever written was Don Miquel de Cervantes epic, 17th century, two volume work: Don Quixote of La Mancha.

Published in 1605 and 1615 Cervantes created two fictional characters: the protagonist a retired 50 year old man, Don Quixote; who given to incessant reading of chivalry lost all touch with reality, then creating his own; and his squire, the steadfast, Sancho Panza who questioned Quixote’s sanity but obediently followed his master from one conflict to the next.

Looking back upon the past six years of President Obama’s presidency, even once ardent supporters are beginning to realize, four hundred years ago, Cervantes may have been prescient in his thinking.

Playing the part of Sancho Panza, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and current occupant of that post, John Kerry have abetted the president in one misadventure after another. Viewing the world imaginatively, bereft of American leadership, he’s managed to alienate friends while emboldening America’s enemies.

From the outset of his presidency, Obama embarked upon his infamous mea culpa tour of the Middle East. Bypassing the only constitutional, democratic country in the Middle East, Israel, he culminated his trip with the nefarious Cairo speech of June 4, 2009.

Blinded by reality the speech was replete with disingenuous paragraphs such as: “I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world; one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect; and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive, and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles, principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”

Long persecuted Copts present in the audience might vehemently have disagreed. Islamic common principles of justice, tolerance, and dignity for all human beings which overlap with that of America? People less blinded with his rhetoric may also have asked when last a person was allowed to practice Christianity, Judaism, or any other religion for that matter in Saudi Arabia? Shared value with America? Awash with misogyny, homophobia, honor killings and other foundational maleficence, Sharia law is the quintessential antithesis of American constitutional values.

Why bring up a speech given by a nascent president five years ago? Where is its relevance today? Simply, it was this speech that foretold a mendacious president and a disastrous foreign policy for years to come.

Like our fabled character, Don Quixote, President Obama has constantly spawned his own reality. Then as now he’s refuses to come to grips with the unmistakeable fact that we may not be at war with Islam but Islam is certainly at war with us.

In 2012, Dr. Sebastian L. v. Gorka, Military Affairs Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said: “The Obama Administration is rapidly revising federal counter-terrorism training materials in order to eliminate references to Jihad and Islam.” He went on to say: “The administration believes there are “good” Islamists and “bad” Islamists and the former can be dealt with. He said this policy is apparent in the decision by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to have contact with the Muslim Brotherhood “Supreme Guide” Mohammed Badei.” The same Muslim Brotherhood that hatched such wonderful groups as Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah, yet was erroneously described by Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper as a “largely secular organization.”

Pushing this fantasy of an idyllic, Islamic world, one which shares the values of American constitutional law, the president has succeeded emasculating law enforcement domestically as well as the nation’s military.

In November 2009, screaming “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) as he shot and killed thirteen fellow soldiers, maiming thirty others, former army psychiatrist, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan recently asked to become a citizen of ISIS. Despite numerous communications with his mentor, the now deceased American born terrorist, Al-Awlaki, and by his own admission: “I don’t think what I did was wrong because it was for the greater cause of helping my Muslim brothers,” the Administration still refuses to categorize the Fort Hood massacre as an Islamic terrorist attack. For reasons of their own they continue to depict it as work place violence. Shunning abundant evidence of Hasan’s affiliation to Islamic terrorism. Both the FBI and the military, most likely for career considerations allowed this loose cannon to succeed with his mayhem. Grievously this trend has continued.

Fighting Islamists : Will Modi listen to Obama ?

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Speculation is rife across the Indian strategic community that when American President Barack Obama meets Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the US soil this week, he may discuss , among several important issues, taking New Delhi on board in the ongoing military campaign against the violent Islamic State group based in Iraq and Syria. I guess Prime Minister Modi would be favourably inclined to an American proposition to this effect.

Prime Minister Modi’s speech at the current United Nations General Assembly session indicates he is well aware India has suffered at the hands of the Islamists for the last four decades and he will not tolerate the evil any more . Like most of us, Modi knows today the ISIS, led by the self-styled Caliph of Iraq and Syria Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, represents the most dangerous Islamist outfit in the world . It calls for global jehad aimed at installing an Islamic world dominion, of which India, along with many other pluralist nations, would be part.

Sharing its ideology in common with of al Qaeda, Taliban and other Wahabist Islamist outfits, the ISIS preaches hatred and violence against whoever does not subscribe to its radical, militant theological version. In its operations and activities , the ISIS has been far more aggressive and dangerous than its once ideological begetter al-Qaida. It has made a rapid advance in a very short time. Beginning just as a mere group of al-Qaida in the region, it took the shape of Islamic State in Iraq in 2006 in the wake of the escalation of the crisis the post –dictator Saddam Hussein phase generated in the country . As another crisis escalated in the neighbourhood of Syria under its autocratic presidency of Bashar al Assad, this terrorist group metamorphosed into an Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Now it is known as Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Syria, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Cyprus and parts of Turkey).

The situation demands New Delhi to cooperate with Washington( and allies) in combating this outfit without any delay. Knowledgeable sources say New Delhi could be of great use in this war in the area of intelligence cooperation . At present, Indo-American intelligence cooperation is confined just to exchanging notes on IS propaganda and information-sharing. This could be enhanced to target the Islamists and block IS attempts to enlist gullible people in India and the United States .

Time is opportune too for India. Washington and London have at long last got up from their bloody slumber to act against ISIS terrorists– I wish they had awaken before the beheading of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff , British aid worker David Haines and French tourist Herve Gourdel . President Obama has implored world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly to rally behind this campaign. He thinks, and rightly so, “there can be no reasoning, no negotiation, with this brand of evil” and force is the only language the militants understand. Obama has just chaired also a meeting of the U.N. Security Council where members unanimously adopted a resolution to prevent the recruitment and transport of would-be foreign fighters preparing to join terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State group.

Besides, U.S. planes have already began hitting ISIS targets in Syria. They have been joined by five Arab nations- Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. France has also taken part in this . Denmark has sent in its air power. It is being said that Iran too is sending troops in Iraq while Syrian President Bashar al Assad has consented to strikes on the Islamist targets on his territory .

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