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February 12, 2016 / 3 Adar I, 5776

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Terrorists Attack Jerusalem Light Rail, Riot Around Capital

Monday, January 18th, 2016

Jerusalem Arabs have again attacked the Light Rail as it passed through the northern neighborhood of Shuafat.

The “travel terrorists” threw stones at the rail cars, and also at Israeli public buses and cars as they traveled on the highway passing the neighborhood.

During the night Arab attackers riots at numerous locations in and around the capital.

Among the sites recorded were: the Qalandia and Ras el Amud neighborhoods on the outskirts of Jerusalem, near Rachel’s Tomb; Al Favar in Mount Hebron; El Hader in Gush Etzion; Havara and Azoun in Samaria; and others.

Arab Terrorists Attack Israeli Motorists

Monday, January 18th, 2016

A female Israeli motorist was attacked by Arab terrorists Monday night while driving on the road in northern Israel near Gan Ner.

The driver was lightly wounded as her car came under a hail of rocks, hurled by the Arab attackers. The vehicle was damaged as well.

The victim was taken to receive treatment to the Emek Afula Medical Center.

Police launched a search for the suspects.

Terror Attack Foiled Near Shechem

Sunday, January 17th, 2016

An Arab terrorist was put out of action early Sunday afternoon after he attempted to stab soldiers in an attack near Shechem.

The terrorist was shot by other soldiers in a unit of the Samaria territorial brigade, who witnessed the attack.

“A stabbing attack was thwarted south of Nablus,” the IDF spokesperson said in a statement.

“A Palestinian assailant drew a knife and attempted to stab soldiers securing the area. The force responded and fired towards the attacker, resulting in his death.”

No Israeli soldiers were injured.

Terror Attack Thwarted Outside Jerusalem Synagogue

Sunday, January 17th, 2016

Three Arab teen terrorist wannabes intent on a stabbing mission failed at a Jerusalem synagogue when they were stopped Sunday morning in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood, not far from Har Nof.

The incident occurred at the packed Heichal Ya’akov synagogue on HaRav Reines Street, where men praying the morning service.

All three would-be attackers immediately threw away their homemade knives, sharpened into blades from basic items they took from their mothers’ kitchens, including scissors and a spoon handle.

Jerusalem Arab teen terrorists have learned how to sharpen items from their mothers' kitchens into knives for "jihad" murders of Jews.

Jerusalem Arab teen terrorists have learned how to sharpen items from their mothers’ kitchens into knives for “jihad” murders of Jews.

But their suspicious behavior had given them away and they were immediately grabbed and taken into custody. The three would-be stabbers were transferred to security personnel for interrogation by investigators.

Attacking Jews during morning prayers in the synagogue is not new for this area of Jerusalem.

On November 18, 2014, two Jerusalem Arab terrorists carried out a massacre at the Kehilat Bnei Torah synagogue in Har Nof – a Jerusalem neighborhood not far from Kiryat Moshe.

The terrorists attacked worshipers praying the morning service with axes, knives and a gun, killing four dual nationals and a Druze Israeli police officer responding to the scene.

Seven other worshipers were also badly injured, including one who remained in a coma and later died of his wounds nearly a year later.

The two terrorists were shot dead by police.

Gaza’s Hamas Leader Urges Arabs to ‘Keep Momentum of Intifada’

Monday, November 16th, 2015

As world leaders meet in Turkey to search for a way to end the bloodshed perpetrated by radical Islamist terrorists like Da’esh (ISIS) on their shores, Gaza’s Hamas terror organization is doing its best to ramp up the violence.

De facto Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh told members of the Palestinian Authority on Saturday it is essential that the Palestinian Authority does not return to any cooperation with Israel.

Haniyeh, who serves as deputy chairman of the Hamas political bureau, said the “Jerusalem intifada must not be invested in returning to negotiations with Israel.”

Speaking at the third National Palestinian Security Forum over the weekend, Haniyeh blamed “Israeli crimes against Palestinians in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank” for the “outbreak of the intifada.”

He called on all factions of the Palestinian Authority to form a united leadership to “keep the momentum of the intifada,” the Hamas newspaper Alresalah reported.

State Dept Press Pool Suggest Israeli Security Move is ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ and Wrong

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

In the wake of a wave of vicious brutality unleashed on innocent Israelis by Arab Palestinian terrorists drunk on the lies told them by their political and religious leaders, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu raised the possibility of a serious punishment for the stabbings, shootings and car rammings. The response from some quarters suggest Israelis have no right to self-defense, and should perhaps just turn the other cheek. Wrong religion.

Netanyahu suggested that perhaps it was time to strip Arabs living in eastern Jerusalem of their Israeli identity cards.  Most of the terrorists responsible for the recent violence come from almost exclusively Arab neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem, such as Shuafat and Jabal Mukaber.

What Netanyahu said when he raised the topic two weeks ago during a cabinet meeting was: “We need to examine the possibility of canceling their residency. There needs to be a discussion about it.”  Such a discussion was necessary, he said, because it is a lawless area, with “no enforcement.”

The cabinet members decided to hold a special session to further discuss the matter.

Meanwhile, in the wake of the public discussion of residency restrictions, some Israelis say the violence has already begun to diminish.

But having raised the issue of the potential restrictive measure at the height of the violence, the story took on a life of its own. Some Arab outlets already announced that the decision was made and Israel decided to withdraw the identity cards of 80,000 Arab residents of eastern Jerusalem.

In the State Department press briefing discussion about this matter on Monday, of course, the message was distorted as well.

Ever-ready to paint Israel as the evil wrongdoer, Al Quds’ journalist Said Arikat asked State Dept. Spokesperson John Kirby about the security measure at Monday’s briefing.

Said Arikat. State Dept. Press Briefing, Oct. 26, 2015.

Said Arikat. State Dept. Press Briefing, Oct. 26, 2015.

Arikat said of the proposed security measure, “stripping 80,000 Palestinian Jerusalemites from their identity card, basically cutting them off outside of the wall,” and Arikat sought a response. “Do you have a comment on that?

That’s fine, Arikat is entitled to ask for a comment.

But then he went one step further: “Does that amount to some sort of ethnic cleansing from Jerusalem?”

This is what Arikat does. He introduces a poisonous phrase into the briefing room, a phrase likely to linger in the ears of those so inclined, a phrase that may very well appear in the reports filed by others in the room. It also spurs others to respond to that image, and to ask questions, and give answers, in light of that phrase permeating the atmosphere.

To his credit, initially the spokesperson declined to respond, uttering those magic talking points of the “expectations of all sides that they’ll avoid provocative actions and rhetoric and being to work cooperatively to restore calm.”

But the press group just couldn’t let it go.

Soon, Brad Klapper of the Associated Press stepped in, taking his cue from Arikat. Klapper, sitting in his elder sidekick Matt Lee’s seat, assumed a mien of incredulity, and asked a question as if he were in a session on Applied Ethics instead of a government briefing room.

Klapper intoned:”But rhetoric aside, just the idea of stripping tens of thousands of people of the right to move about where they currently move about, work where they may currently work, travel where they may currently travel – is that something that – provocative or not, is that something you just oppose because you think it’s wrong?”

Brad Klapper of the Associated Press

Brad Klapper of the Associated Press

Detroit Billboard: ‘America First, Not Israel’

Monday, October 26th, 2015

An anti-Israel billboard has gone up in Detroit, Michigan a half mile from the busy Southfield Expressway which reads: “NOT ISRAEL” in huge letters, and in smaller letters, above the main message it reads: “America First.”

In much smaller letters beneath the message we learn who funded this billboard. It is from “Deir Yassin Remembered.”

Deir Yassin was an Arab village high on a ridge just west of Jerusalem in which a fierce battle took place during the Arab war against the recently declared new Jewish State, in 1948.

The legend of Deir Yassin has grown to mythic proportions. Claims are made that Jewish fighters mercilessly slaughtered several hundred innocent Arab men, women and children, and anti-Israel propagandists love to tell the tale about this so-called massacre to prove that Israeli fighters are bloodthirsty. Never mind that the battle took place during an onslaught against the tiny new nation, what actually happened at Deir Yassin is quite different from the myth.


As still remains the protocol today in their respective combat locations, Israeli fighters gave residents of Deir Yassin warning of the impending assault. They were given the opportunity to flee. By doing so, the Israelis lost the vital military element of surprise. According to Yehuda Avner’s account based on an interview with the commander of the attack and published in his book The Prime Ministers (Toby Press 2010),there was no massacre.”

Yehuda Lapidot said the Israeli fighters were “being repeatedly hit and the casualties were heavy.” When Lapidot took over for the original commander who was killed early in the fighting, he said, “our men were told to avoid bloodshed as much as possible. We had a loudspeaker mounted on an armored truck which was to drive ahead to warn the villagers, to give them a chance either to flee or surrender.” The plan was for the truck to drive straight into the middle of the village, with the bullhorn blaring its warning. But the truck overturned in a newly created ditch. Though the truck crashed and was stuck, the loudspeaker still blared: ‘You are being attacked by superior forces. The exit of Deir Yassin leading to Ein Karem is open Run immediately! Don’t hesitate! Run to Ein Kerem! Run!”

Instead of retreating to safety, however, the Arab villagers “opened up with everything they had.” There was a great deal of confusion and miscommunications, but, according to Avner’s account from Lapidot, the Arabs were better armed than were the Israelis. There were heavy casualties on both sides.

“So I say to you again, no, ABSOLUTELY NO: there was no deliberate massacre at Deir Yassin,” swore Yehuda Lapidot. “The dazed and shaken Arabs you saw being driven through Jerusalem on trucks that Friday afternoon were not being driven away to be shot,” – as many accounts claimed – “They were taken to the Arab side of town and released,” Lapidot exclaimed to Avner.

As Avner noted, and as anyone who has immersed him or herself in the many fables surrounding the Arab war against Israel’s independence, the myth of a massacre at Deir Yassin lives on.


And so some group calling itself “Deir Yassin Remembered,” as lionized by bloggers at a site named for Deir Yassin, readily use the myth of Israeli brutality to justify their hatred.

The Deir Yassin massacre idolizers report that the message is intended to remind motorists passing by the billboard that their legislators must “put American interests ahead of the Jewish Lobby in determining U.S. foreign policy.”

They explain that the strategy behind this billboard “is to drive a wedge between those who feel American interests are not served by fighting wars for Israel, and the Israel-firsters in this country who manipulate our leaders into the false premise that Israel is the ally of the United States.”

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