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Israel and Abbas: Security Cooperation + Terrorism

At one and the same time, the PA indirectly encourages terrorism while pursuing extensive security cooperation with Israel to quell it. Israel accepts this contradictory framework and will probably continue to do so, even during the succession crisis that is likely to follow Abbas’s demise.

The New Palestinian ‘Catastrophe’: A Shopping Mall Hiring Palestinians

If a Palestinian who buys Israeli milk is a traitor in the eyes of Fatah, it is not difficult to imagine the fate of any Palestinian who would dare to discuss compromise with Israel. If he is lucky, he will have a close encounter with a firebomb. If he is not lucky, he will be hanged in a public square.

Trump and a World Without Marshall Gary Cooper

Unwittingly, perhaps, and in his unorthodox way, Trump may have invited Americans to also contemplate the choice they have.

Moshe Arens: Product of a ‘Proud Generation’

In the image of his ideological mentor, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the Latvia-born Israeli became a pillar of professional and political achievement—a voice of reason during the crucial development of the Jewish state.

US Higher Education 101: SLAM ISRAEL

Anti-Israel lesson plans are fast becoming a problem in high schools across the country and even in unlikely places like the heavily Jewish populated town of Newton, Mass.

Israel, the Land I Love

Impossible is what Israel is about, and there are few places in the world that are able to take that which can’t be done and do it anyway.

Equal Legal Rights in Israel for Everyone EVEN ‘Hilltop Youth’

This minor’s story should have shaken the foundations, but civil-rights organizations all kept their silence, and politicians fell asleep on the job.

Everybody Loses from the Left’s False Narrative about Netanyahu

Netanyahu, as two Israeli leftists recently admitted, is far more moderate than his hardline image. But by portraying him as an extremist, the left has tarnished Israel among both American Jews and the Democratic Party.

From Anti-Zionism To Zionism: Remembering a Remarkable Rabbi and a Remarkable Sefer

Rabbi Teichtel, who was a well-known rabbi (partially because of a previous sefer he authored, Mishne Sachir), did change his mind and regretted opposing the Zionist movement.

Are Sheitels Better? A Response

People are often strongly pro- or anti-sheitel simply due to their affiliation with a certain religious group. My goal in the article was to encourage people to think critically about the sheitel in an intellectually honest and nuanced manner

Only Sheitels Cover Every Strand Of Hair

Once hair is cut, it is no longer connected to a person and has the status of any other material. The hair is no longer “erva”; it is like a cloth. It is, therefore, not at all problematic to use natural hair for a wig.

Is Trump Bad For Israel?

Trump bad for Israel? Worse than Obama? Insane.

The ‘Apartheid’ Wall that isn’t

Why in the world would Israel expose its citizens to potential dangers on its roads?

Israeli Intelligence Infiltrates ISIS in the Sinai

Israel is using its intelligence to assist the Egyptian army with its war on terror, thwart the passage of arms deliveries to the Gaza Strip, and prevent the entrenchment of ISIS on its border with Egypt.

Peace: The Missing Israeli Election Issue

Not so long ago, of course, the peace process was Israel’s top voting issue, almost its only one. But in a poll published last month, self-identified centrists and rightists both ranked the peace process dead last among six suggested issues of concern. Even self-identified leftists ranked it only third, below corruption and closing socioeconomic gaps.

Tlaib, the Democratic Party, and Jew-Hate

First, many Democrats suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, which prevents them from assessing serious matters, such as antisemitism, in rational terms. Tlaib is anti-Semitic to her core but because she is a Trump hater, she’s given a free pass.

Europe’s Moratorium on Jew Hatred is Over

The assault on Jewish rights, rites and traditions – the likes that have not been seen since the Nazi era – will only get worse, because in the next few years, as the last of the Holocaust survivors pass on, there will be no more direct witnesses to the world’s darkest hour.

Hitler Didn’t Care About Your Race

The left wants us to think that Jews are white. The right wants us to think they are not. But Hitler couldn't have cared less.
The International Criminal Court building in the Hague, the Netherlands.

Setting the Wolf to Guard the Sheep: Electing Palestinian AG to ICC Nominations Committee...

The Palestinian leadership is manipulating and abusing the ICC and turning it into their own “back-yard tribunal” for hounding Israel.

Canary in the Mine: Yad Vashem’s Holocaust-awareness Programs Tackle 21st-century anti-Semitism

Not only does Yad Vashem’s International School for Holocaust Studies host 7,000 teachers annually in its Jerusalem center, but its programs train thousands more in 50 countries. And it provides a full menu of online teacher resources, including survivor testimonies, photos, rare film footage and lesson plans in 20 languages, destined for classrooms around the globe.

Two National Leaders, Two TV Addresses to Fire up their Base

Both these appearances were cameo performances that served to highlight, in very different ways, the alarming trend now accelerating across the West: the breakdown of respect for the rule of law and democratic institutions.

Is Rashida Tlaib Guilty of Bigotry?

To single out only the "Jew among nations," and not the dozens of far more serious violators of human rights is bigotry pure and simple, and those who support BDS only against Israel are guilty of bigotry.

Send the Hebron Observer Force Home

For 20 years now Israel has renewed the hostile organization’s mandate to operate in Hebron. Otherwise, its presence would have ended long ago. It is now one of the oldest observer forces in the world, and it contributes to Israel’s image as an outlaw state that demands special observation.

Were Chaucer, Marlowe, And Shakespeare Anti-Semitic?

Geoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400) is the author of The Canterbury Tales, a collection of 22 stories, mostly written in verse; Christopher Marlowe (1564-1593) was a...


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