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Anti-Semitism and the ‘Visible’ Jews

The correct observation that the situation in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y., is an exception, and not the rule, for most American Jews shouldn't lead us to complacency.

Israel’s Red Lines in Lebanon and Syria

The “War Between Wars” is an ongoing Israeli military and intelligence effort to disrupt the force build-up of the Iranian-Shiite axis throughout the Middle East. This campaign, which has evolved into an entire force activation doctrine, has seen the Israeli defense establishment employ an approach that differentiates between Syria and Lebanon.

Assimilation and the American Jewish Immigrant Experience

Tom Brokaw was pilloried for urging immigrants to do a better job of assimilating. But he was right, and the success of the Jewish community is proof of it.

INTO THE FRAY: Benny Morris – Unlikely Proponent of Incentivized Arab Emigration?

If, as Morris maintains, a peaceable two-state outcome is unattainable, and a one-state outcome will lead to a Muslim-majority tyranny, then a large-scale initiative for incentivized Arab emigration is the only policy that can preserve the Jewish nation-state

Armin Wegner: The German Writer Who Defended The Jews

In 1933, Wegner chose to risk everything – his home, successful career and his own freedom – by speaking out in protest of Hitler's treatment of the Jews.

Culture-war Abortion Battle SHOULD Transcend Politics

The willingness to justify abortion up until birth is taking us into a moral vacuum created more by politics than any legitimate concern for the rights of women. It’s one thing to say women must have a right to choose. But to assert that women or doctors should have a right to terminate the life of a 40-week-old fetus or a viable infant or even to contemplate the death of an unwanted child born alive despite an attempted abortion is to lead us down the path to a moral abyss.

New Israel Fund Organizations Continue To Accuse IDF of War Crimes

The intense concern that Sfard and Yesh Din express regarding the insufficient prosecution of IDF soldiers for war crimes is starkly contrasted by the organization’s forgiving attitude toward the murderous Arab terror. In the position paper filed to the UN commission, TO think, the leaders in "lawfare" against Israel are Jews!

I’m Offended

Looking Up to Actors: I look up to my Rabbi. He has thousands of years of wisdom behind him. But you look up to someone who may be better looking than my Rabbi and far thinner, but who just formulated his worldview based on what came up in his Twitter feed.

Preparing for Peace – The Palestinian Way

Holding Palestinian leaders accountable for their systematic abuses of public freedoms, assaults on journalists and incitement is the only way to encourage badly needed moderate and pragmatic Palestinians and Arabs to speak out.

Time to Tell the Truth about the Palestinian Issue

The reality is that Israeli Arabs have more rights than Arabs anywhere in the Muslim world. They vote freely, have their own political parties, speak openly against the Israeli government and are beneficiaries of affirmative action in Israeli universities. She says there are "streets for Jews only," which is a categorical lie.

Super Bowl and ‘Shlichim:’ How the Big Game Fosters Israeli-American closeness

Israeli emissaries are well-accustomed to bringing a taste of Israel to Diaspora communities. But on one particular Sunday in the winter, the tables are turned as they encounter a highly popular American tradition.

Why Was Stone Arrested Instead of Being Asked to Surrender?

The ACLU has been absolutely silent in regard to the questionable tactics employed by Mueller. They, too, would have been up in arms had these tactics been employed against their favorite candidate and mine, Hillary Clinton. Their silence speaks volumes about their partisanship and lack of neutral standards of civil liberties.

Unrest in France: No End in Sight

When Macron lowered the taxes of the wealthiest but increased the taxes of these "peripherals" by means of a fuel tax, it was seen as the last straw -- in addition to his arrogant condescension.

American Jewish Leaders: Time to Stand up for Israel

American Jews are at a turning point. They should unite to oppose the rapid radicalization of the Democratic Party before it’s too late.

The Roots of Evil: Land Theft in Area C is Creating a de-facto Palestinian...

The Palestinian Authority’s Systematic Annexation of Tens of Thousands of Acres in Judea and Samaria

Why Zehut?

Zehut is talking about the free market, legalized cannabis, the voucher system. It also is the only party that comes with a real one-state solution.

Papers Push anti-Israel Slogan as Journalistic Shorthand

No surprise that Israel’s opening of Route 4370, a strange road that’s half highway and half territorial boundary, was used as an occasion to yet again unholster the apartheid slur. The newly opened road is essentially a pair of parallel highways, one primarily serving Israeli citizens and the other serving residents of the PA

Europe’s Jews vs. Israel

A battle pitting the mighty State of Israel against small and shrinking Jewish communities, takes place in many European countries, invariably arguing over the same subject: what the press calls far-right, populist, nativist, or nationalist parties – and what I call civilizationist parties (because they primarily aspire to maintain Western civilization).

Dirty Little Secret of the ‘Diversity’ Agenda

The default narrative on the left singles out Israel for demonization based on lies and distortions afforded to no other country, people or cause, and which has legitimized anti-Semitic tropes straight out of Nazi or medieval Christian playbooks.

When Tragedy Turns to Farce

The wounds never heal. The memory is still fresh. And one reason is that we can't find closure. Like Groundhog Day, each day is the same thing. Every time we try to put the bombing behind us, it comes back and rears its ugly head.

PA: At LEAST 502 MILLION Shekels Paid to Terrorist Prisoners in 2018

Israel is preparing to implement a new law imposing financial sanctions on the PA for its "Pay for Slay" policy, PMW has looked at the PA's financial reports for 2018 which includes its payments to terrorist prisoners and released terrorist prisoners and it is shocking

Hebron: City with No solution

Hebron proves that if there is to be peace between Israel and the Palestinians, foreign observers aren’t the solution

Representative Kalish Must Resign

Kalish has let the public believe that an Orthodox rabbi can celebrate gay marriage and abortion-on-demand. Doesn’t he care about the Chillul Hashem he is causing?

A Very Fast Leftward Lurch By The NYS Legislature

It remained somewhat speculative as to how far Democrats would go once they controlled the governorship and both houses of the legislature...


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