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Turkish Sources: Erdogan ‘Threw Trump’s Syria Letter in the Trash Bin’

Erdogan was very upset by "Trump's mixture of threats and locker-room banter," so much so that he ordered his troops into Syria that very day.

UK, EU, Reach Brexit Deal

Should Johnson's Brexit deal not receive Parliament's approval, it would likely lead eventually to a general election.

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Justice Meir Shamgar Who Investigated Baruch Goldstein Killings, Rabin’s Murder, Dead at 94

"The state is not the property of those who are living in it today," Shamgar declared. "They are just the beginning of the message of the salvation of the children of Israel."

Survey: 59% of German Voters See Anti-Semitism Rising

Only 35% of respondents said they had seen no increase in anti-Semitism across Germany – compared with last year's 51% who saw no evil.

Lebanon Drops WhatsApp Tax as Thousands of Protesters Hit the Streets

One protester says he wishes the Jews were ruling over Lebanon.

Pence, Erdogan, Give Kurds 120 Hours to Vacate War Zone; Pompeo: Won’t Happen to Israel

Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz: "Of course, what is happening in Syria should remind us of one principle - that we must maintain our ability to defend ourselves."

IDF Downs Drone Flying from Gaza

Hamas has been working on developing aircraft that can be used for surveillance or attack missions.

Israeli Hospital Launches Collaboration with Largest Rehabilitation Facility in China

This is the first type of agreement for Reut Hospital signed with a prestigious and leading medical institution in China.

An Open Letter To Google’s Co-Founder

Google's arrogance is such that a vast number of Americans – liberals as well as conservatives – are worried that the major conduit of speech in the Free World doesn’t care about free speech.

Religious Freedom And Secular Morality

Far from preaching religious zealotry, Barr was advocating an appreciation and retention of what has served us well in this country for 250 years.

The Disturbing Impeachment Process

Then there is the significant matter of the hearings by the Intelligence Committee being held in closed session to prevent the public from learning what is being testified to.

Jewish Unity – At Any Cost?

Rav Kook considered some Jews - like Jewish communists who persecuted religious Jews in the Soviet Union - as people who had broken all ties to the Jewish people.

Israeli Chief Rabbi Rav Avraham Shapira – On His 12th Yahrzeit

He replied in a loud, irritated voice, "Why do they ask me a question that every child in cheder can answer?!"

Gentile’s Guide To Sukkot: A Dangerous Jewish Holiday

Why are the five days after Yom Kippur is the most dangerous period in the Jewish calendar? Because Jews all across the world, start building their Sukkahs.

Sukkot, Celebreties, and the Tinder Swindler – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this week's show, your hosts discuss the Ancient Pilgrimage Festival of Sukkot and some of the weather-related incidents thus far during this season. In keeping with the subject of traveling to the land, they also discuss record-breaking tourism numbers for the month of September as well as celebrities who are slated to perform in the Jewish State. But not everyone going to Israel will be enjoying their stay. On this show, you will hear about the Tinder Swindler who will likely be spending some time in Israel, but doing so behind bars this time. These stories and so much more on this week's show, Sukkot, Celebrities, and the Tinder Swindler.

Sukkot Mayhem! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Eating, touring, cooking, praying and eating some more, Andrea shares some of the lofty and not-so lofty aspects the holiday that, in fact, exemplifies the character of the Jewish people.

The Price of Freedom. – From Jerusalem With Love [audio]

Orly gives a clear message to Russia, calling them to be on the right side, of history, for our children.

Do We Deserve To Dance?

If we have fallen short, does that mean we shouldn’t dance with the Torah? Of course not. What it does mean, however, is that when we hold onto the Torah, it should be with a renewed commitment to spend more time with it during the coming year.

Kol Hane’arim

The thunderous, urgently repeated “Ya’amod” precipitated a virtual kibbutz galuyos that made my heart skip a beat and my breath catch in my throat.

Daf Yomi

Spared Possible Punishments ‘Those Who Are New To The Ketores’ (Tamid 32b-33a)

Studying The Torah

Keriat haTorah, properly understood, is a performative act. It is a weekly recreation of the revelation at Mount Sinai. It is a covenant ratification ceremony like the one Moshe performed at Sinai:

Why Dance? Why Not Learn?

To cross the infinite gulf separating us – as finite created beings – from the infinite Creator, we need to nullify our sense of self-importance.

“Twin Mitzvos”

The Vilna Gaon (cited in Sefer Kol HaTor 1:7) states that one's entire body is involved in two mitzvos: the mitzvah of sukkah and the mitzvah to dwell in the Land of Israel. (the GR"A does not mention Mikvah). It turns out that the mitzvah of sukkah and the mitzvah of living in Eretz Yisrael are like sister mitzvos.

Shade Of Faith

A person only receives the amount of parnassah that was proclaimed for him in Heaven.

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