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Two IDF Soldiers were Killed Protecting US’s Dysfunctional Aid Pier to Gaza

Two Israeli soldiers were killed protecting US soldiers from Hamas last month.

Republicans and a Democrat Demand Resignation of Woke Secret Service Chief Kimberly Cheatle

Here are a few anecdotes that could explain, perhaps, why Cheatle’s agency did not measure up to the task of protecting one of the two most important persons in the country.

Archaeologists Uncover Jerusalem’s Monumental Fortifications

Over the past 150 years, many attempts have been made by researchers and archaeologists to trace the route of the northern fortification of Jerusalem.

Report: Biden Administration Mulls Sanctions Against Israeli Ministers Ben-Gvir, Smotrich

The president allegedly . . . believed the US should not impose sanctions on elected officials in other sovereign democratic nations.

DNC Publishes Biden’s Plan for Israel and Its Neighbors with Palestinian State and Punishing ‘Settler Violence’

President Biden and Vice President Harris oppose any unilateral steps by either side — including annexation — that undermine prospects for two states.

Bring Them Home


Biden Endorses VP Kamala Harris as Democratic Nominee for President

“Today I want to offer my full support and endorsement for Kamala to be the nominee of our party this year. Democrats — it’s time to come together and beat Trump. Let’s do this.”

President Joe Biden Drops Out of 2024 Presidential Race

It is not yet clear why the president decided not to run, after having insisted he would stay in the race.

Watch As It Happens: IDF Footage of ‘Operation Outstretched Arm’ Attack on Yemen

Although the exact number and type of aircraft that took part in the operation remains classified, F-15 and F-35 warplanes comprised much of the contingent that carried out the attack.

IDF Soldiers in Gaza Inoculated Against Polio Virus

"It is important to emphasize that a soldier who does not want to be vaccinated will not be obliged to do so." But that would not be wise.

Shin Bet Thwarts Terror Attack Directed by Hamas in Turkey

An M-16 assault rifle was confiscated as well as tens of thousands of dollars received from the Hamas headquarters in Turkey.

Blinken: Iranian Nuclear Breakout ‘One or Two Weeks Away’

""What we've seen in the last weeks and months is Iran is actually moving forward with this program.

Injustice, Israel, and the “International Court of Justice”

The ICJ's "advisory opinion" on Israeli "settlements" in Jerusalem and the West Bank is an injustice that gives evidence of considerable bias against the Jewish State.

Hamas’s ‘Popularity’: Attempt To Deceive The American Public?

Since the October 7 attack, satisfaction among the Palestinians in the West Bank with the "performance" of Hamas murderers and rapists has risen to 82%.

Why I Love Being Jewish

I love the closeness Jews instinctively have towards one another during tough times like shiva, illnesses, and tragedies, and I love the joy we share celebrating in each other’s semachot.

The ICJ Ruling and Historical Precedent

It’s easy enough just to say “to hell with them”, and ignore this pathetic act of lawfare against the Jewish State. But we need to do more...

Daf Yomi Brain Teasers: Baba Batra 26

Baba Batra 26: When may a Jew cut down a tree?

Daf Yomi Brain Teasers: Baba Batra 24

Baba Batra 24: Do you keep your city clean? It’s a Mitzvah!

Daf Yomi Brain Teasers: Baba Batra 23

Baba Batra 23: How exact are the Rabbis’ measurements?

This Show Will Be Blocked – The Assassination of Ideas – Political Hitman [audio]

Howie looks at the Hannibal Directive, the attempted Trump assassination and Jew hatred in this riveting show. Catch it now before it gets banned!

Israel’s American Enemies – Phantom Nation [audio]

Israel's has many war fronts, and the US is one of them.

Teshuva, Tefillah And Tzedakah

Although I sincerely asked for mechila on every subsequent visit, she refused to accept my money or my apology. Instead she unequivocally announced, I don’t want to talk to you! and proceeded to ignore me.

Daf Yomi

Within His Grasp ‘Title…Is Established In Three Years [Of Occupancy] From Day To Day’ (Bava Basra 28a)

Q & A: Tying Knots On The Sabbath (Part III)

My son recently stopped wearing a necktie and lace-up shoes on the Sabbath. He explained that otherwise he fears transgressing the prohibition against tying knots on the Sabbath. Is he correct in this matter? A Mother in Israel Via E-mail

Each Of Us Matters

Part of what makes each of us so important is that we are all unique... Hashem created us this way because we each have unique missions in this world.

Causing Pain – Parshat Balak

What is the biblical source for not causing pain to animals?

The Destination And The Journey

In the human experience, there’s no guarantee of a safe and successful landing and return. What is critical is not the ultimate destination, but the values we bring to the journey of life.

Muhammad Deif & Donald Trump – Making Sense Of What Happened

When you feel that the world is going mad, it is important to return to our sources. Our Torah portion this week reminds us that what we are experiencing today has occurred before.

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Balak: What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You?

How important are failed plans and plots, such that the Torah needs to mention any of them at all?

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