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Ben Gvir Authorizes Using Prison Dungeon to House Hamas Massacre Terrorists

Remember how so many in Israel made fun of Ben Gvir’s decree that eliminated Hamas prisoners’ baking their own morning pittas?

Fighting IDF Soldiers ‘Thirsty and Hungry for Torah’

"Don't send us material sustenance; send us spiritual nourishment."

Gazan Woman Finally Speaks Up Against Hamas, Raising Hopes for a Better Future

Denazification begins with an elderly woman bravely speaking out.

A Chabad House Grows in Gaza

The Chabad House sign was proudly hung in a building in Beit Hanoun which has been damaged in the fighting and is surrounded by rubble.

Bring Them Home


WATCH: Saturday Night Update from Israeli Government Spokesperson Eylon Levy

"There are no limitations -- no limitations -- on Israel's side on the provision of food, water, medicine and shelters to the people of Gaza."

Weapons Storage Found at Gaza City’s Al-Azhar University, Intense Combat in Shuja’iyya

Some of the fiercest fighting is still taking place in Gaza City. One battle took place at a school in Shuja'iyya, a terrorist stronghold neighborhood in northern Gaza.

IDF Soldier Injured in Ramming at Gate to Tzrifin Army Base

The ramming allegedly took place after a car chase. Police arrested two suspects at the scene. The incident is under investigation as a traffic accident.

IDF Finds Hamas ‘Teddy Bear Terrorists,’ Weapons in UNRWA, USAID Bags

More weapons were found in a nearby school as well, hidden in classrooms and some packed in UNRWA and USAID bags.

Muslim Lives Matter. Jewish Lives Don’t.

The vast difference between how Paul Kessler’s killing and the wounding of the Muslim men were treated is a microcosm of the political bias and media narratives.

The 100-A-Day Challenge

After digging deep and forcing myself to come up with new material to thank Hashem for, I noticed more instances of Divine intervention throughout the week.

From Shame To Pride

The very fact that I now clearly see what we stand for. I saw it before, but for some reason, since October 7, rather than feel ashamed to be a Jew, I feel even prouder.

Thomas Friedman Erupts against Israel Yet Again

On Oct. 7, some of the most fervent believers in peace with the Palestinians were reduced to ashes. Does he think Israel will now force 100,000 Jews to leave their homes in Judea and Samaria to create Hamastan?

Don’t Accept Terrorism as the New Normal

Getting back to normal without dealing with the problem is not resistance; it’s acceptance.

Chanukah Special: Finding The Light Of Hope In Dark Times – Soul Talk [audio]

The relevance and message of the Chanukah story feels even more potent this year. Lighting up the darkness, fighting for our survival and miracles within dark times are themes that in real time, so many of us connect to in the here and now.

Spark. Flicker. Flame! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

We do not give into despair! Resilience in the face of darkness defines the Eternal Nation. The people of Israel live, tethered to Heaven's unbreakable promise. And despite myriad travails, we've been chosen to spread light and holiness throughout the world. Chanukah Samayach!

Q & A: Ner Ish U’Beito – How Many Light The Menorah At Home? (Part I)

Question: My husband and I are Ashkenazi, yet my children go to school with Sefardim. My son came home and said that only my husband is to light the Chanukah candles. In my parent’s home, we all lit our own candles on Chanukah to celebrate the great miracle that saved our people for all future generations. Who is correct? Name Withheld Via E-Mail

Yud Tes Kislev

Torah teaches us that time is extremely precious, and every moment must be used to its fullest advantage. Why then do we use time to repeat things already known?

Drafting Yeshiva Students

Unfortunately today we find ourselves embroiled in a milchemet mitzvah, a national security situation which threatens our very existence and demands everyone’s participation.

Speech Therapy

In the end Joseph and his brothers had to live through real trauma before they were able to recognize one another’s humanity, and much of the rest of their story – the longest single narrative in the Torah – is about just that.

The Purpose of Mashiach – Parshat Vayeishev

When Tamar's life was threatened, she did not save herself by throwing Yehuda "under the bus".

Candles In The Dark

The lighting of the menorah was one mitzvah among many mitzvot, arguably not even the most important mitzvah, that had come to be neglected under the oppression of the Seleucid Greeks.

‘Tis The Season To Be Thankful

We can say Modim for our health. What about for our car and for our phone? Most of us would be crippled, so to speak, if we were missing just one of these. We could also incorporate into our Modim prayer that we are able to pay the mortgage or pay the rent.

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