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A View From A Recovering Democrat

I have clear memories of walking to shul with my father and feeling confused and uncomfortable watching black people step off of the sidewalk on Wickham Avenue as we walked by, seemingly in deference to our superior position as “white folk.”

World’s Most Harmful Super-Termite Discovered in Petah Tikva

Once established, Formosan termites have never been eradicated from an area.

Poll Shows PA, Gaza Arabs Feel Betrayed by Gulf States, Prefer Hamas’ Haniyeh over Abbas

The survey indicates great worries about the future in case of the continued severing of relations with Israel.

Report: El Al Plans to Restart Passenger Flights in October

On Oct. 12, El Al plans to resume flights along its main routes to New York, London and Paris.

Tel Aviv Launches Electric Road Pilot

The construction of an electric road to charge public transportation vehicles will make Tel Aviv-Yafo the first city worldwide to roll out the technology for charging buses on a wide scale.

Bring Them Home


Netanyahu: ‘We Are at War – the Corona War’

“We are in a national emergency, These difficult lockdown rules are essential in order to save lives."

Israeli Government Recruits Retired Medical Doctors, Issues Mandatory Call for Private Medical Doctors

The ministry underlined that those who agree to return to the hospitals will be sent primarily to non-coronavirus departments.

2 Arrests in Demonstration Against Lockdown, Prime Minister Outside Knesset

The protesters are outraged because the impending lockdown includes limitations on their freedom to hold demonstrations.

New Israeli-US Technology Filters COVID-19 Particles From the Air

“To understand the technology, imagine the porous graphene is an electric fence that functions like a mosquito zapper at the submicron level.”

Conference of Presidents Drops Civility Complaints between Longtime Members

“The enforcement process results in more communal division than unity, and significant time and resources,” said William Daroff, CEO of the Conference of Presidents, in a statement.

Israeli Researchers Say Carriers of 2 Genetic Mutations at Greater Risk for ‘Severe’ COVID-19

The researchers urged global decision-makers to "conduct population-wide screening for identifying mutation carriers and prioritize them for vaccination once COVID-19 vaccines have been approved."

Days of Awe–and Loopholes

With fear of the virus at an all-time low, Israelis have been acting as though the only thing they have to worry about is coming up with convincing lies about why they’re not at home.

The Strategic Benefits to the US and Israel of Offering F-35s to the UAE

The official normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a rare victory for the United States’ overall political and military strategy in the Middle East and has significant global implications. Should Israel elect to accept a measure of risk by supporting the sale of F-35 fighters to the UAE, both parties could see immediate as well as longer-term benefits.

Is THIS Lockdown Really Necessary?

Is there anything more Israel can do to focus efforts on the most vulnerable populations, rather than on the entire country?

A Case For Trump: Showing Appreciation Is A Torah Value

President Trump has called out anti-Semitism voiced by members of Congress such as Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, while Biden has welcomed their support and pledged at the virtual Million Muslim Vote Summit to invite “Muslim American voices as part of [his] administration."

Litzman Explains His Resignation, Blasts Gamzu

Said Litzman, "Gamzu doesn't understand the significance of such a pilgramage [to Uman] just like I don't understand the importance of a basketball game."

Rosh Hashanah Under Lockdown

While my children and I did not attend shul this year (my husband attended a very small, very early morning minyan), we did manage to have a special davening experience.

Ben Uliel, 26, Receives Three Life Sentences, Rabbis Protest

Asked how Ben Uliel reacted to the news, Baum said, “He has great faith. He is a follower of Breslov, and he looks for the good in everything.

The Last 7 Days in Israel

Everyone agrees that these numbers are up, but that's pretty much where agreement ends. Will the lockdown decrease the numbers?

May You Be Inscribed in the Book of Life – From Jerusalem With Love [audio]

Orly talks to David Giles the Nominee for AZ CD9 at US Congress, about the impotence of the upcoming american election. They also talk about Trumps pick for Supreme Court Judge. Orly wants to wish you all a happy new year!

What Does Judaism REALLY Say About Those Who Die On Rosh HaShanah? – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

I beg of you. Wake up. Get out. Come home. Figure it out when you get here, even if you have to live in poverty and start all over. It's reached that point.

The Arc Of The Moral Universe

This is a doctrine fundamental to Judaism and its understanding of evil and suffering in the world: G-d is just.

The Power To Hold Back

In Cheshek Shlomo, Rabbi Pappenheim connects “eitan” to the biliteral root aleph-tav, which he further reduces to the monoliteral root tav. He explains that this root means connections and linking.

Daf Yomi

Twin Cities ‘A City Is Given A Karpif’ (Eruvin 57a)

Whose Fault Is Our Suffering?

We all sometimes think in warped and twisted ways. ... As an example, control fallacies can lead us to believe that we have absolutely no control over our lives.

Ignoring G-d

The governor couldn’t believe the audacity of the man. He immediately called the police to arrest him.

No Jew Is Too Far Gone

No Jew need be intimidated by the imagined enormity of the leap from non-observance to observance. Moreover, every mitzvah a Jew performs creates a permanent bond with Hashem that can never be erased.

Redeeming Relevance: Moshe’s Command to Die

When we cannot fully understand God’s decision that accepting it shows our true allegiance to Him

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