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Articles You Must Read...

Watch: Chinese Touched by Mass Jewish Prayer at the Wall for their Health

China's international radio has covered the heartfelt reaction. Enjoy.

Smotrich and Shaked Visit Bnei Brak for Cholent and Voters

Yamina made inroads deep into the heart of Aguda/Shas territory.

Jerusalem Police Use 3 Cars to Arrest Smotrich’s Brother for Teaching Torah in Abandoned Samaria Enclave

The Jerusalem cops have been on the war path with religious-Zionist politicians in recent days.

Reps. Jordan & Johnson Tour Judea & Samaria as Sovereignty Map Lines Drawn for Deal of the Century

The congressmen began their tour on the “Heritage Trail” in Beersheva, where they learned about the biblical Abraham and the ties of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.

MDA Personnel Prepare to Treat Israelis from ‘Corona Ship’ Diamond Princess

"We are working in full coordination and cooperation with the Health and Foreign Ministries, the Airport Authority and the Sheba hospital in Tel Hashomer."

Bring Them Home


Watch: Chinese Touched by Mass Jewish Prayer at the Wall for their Health

China's international radio has covered the heartfelt reaction. Enjoy.

Gov. Huckabee Joins Netanyahu Rally for Anglos Sunday

"If the 250,000 olim from English-speaking countries vote with their feet, they could tip the balance in this election."

Survey Claims Voters Trending Away from Gantz to the Right, But Not to Netanyahu

Last week, Yamina was struggling to keep 7 seats in the polls, and now it finally succeeded in squeezing an eighth mandate from Itamar Ben-Gvir's Otzma Yehudit's voters.

Terror Attack on the Jerusalem Promenade

The terrorist was overpowered by a United Hatzalah EMT.

Smotrich and Shaked Visit Bnei Brak for Cholent and Voters

Yamina made inroads deep into the heart of Aguda/Shas territory.

Deep State, Leftist Media, Enraged by Investigation of Gantz’s Management Failure

This investigation is not about whether or not Gantz broke the law, it's about his failure to prevent his subordinates from breaking the law.

The ‘Triangle Communities’ and the Trump peace plan

The U.S. plan’s suggestion that a group of communities disputed between Israel and Jordan following the 1948 war be part of a potential state of Palestine has drawn harsh criticism from all sides, and is based on a faulty reading of history.

The UN Blacklist: Don’t Be Bullied

To be clear, there is no international law whatsoever prohibiting business activity in conflict areas, occupied territory, or settlements. The idea that the companies on this list are violating human rights is almost laughable

Nuclear Weapons Are Hashem’s Gift To The World

nuclear weapons – developed almost exclusively by Jewish intellects (Einstein, Teller, Oppenheimer, et al.) – are actually Hashem’s gift to the world! They have kept the world at peace for over 80 years, which makes them arguably the most moral weapons ever developed.

‘Peace in the Middle East’ isn’t Open-Heart Surgery

It’s not so complicated. Palestinian leaders have long rejected peace with a Jewish state, treating terror as a bargaining tool. Yet “The Washington Post” seems unaware of this reality.

Will Me’arat Hamachpelah Get An Elevator?

Ten years ago, Bibi promised he would get it done. Nu? Where's the elevator?

Tel Aviv Orders Removal Of ‘Inciteful’ Billboard

In a notice to the media, the Office of the Mayor stated that the billboards were removed due to “incitement and harming public feelings.”

Inspiration from Zion: 3 Reasons Both the Left and the Right are Terrified of Naftali Bennett

A quick look at Bennett’s resume makes it crystal clear that there is no place for the word “weakness” in any sentence describing the man.

UN Publishes Anti-Semitic, Pro-BDS Blacklist

While the publishing of this list is a disgusting example of the UN’s hatred of Jews and Israel, sadly it is not surprising. During her term at the UN, US Ambassador to the Nikky Haley called the UNHRC the United Nation’s “greatest failure” and condemned it as a “cesspool of political bias.”

The Anti-Zionism Hypocrisy of the World Council of Churches – Beyond the Matrix [audio]

Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant and Jerry Gordon bring back Dexter Van Zile, Christian Media Analyst of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis (CAMERA) to address why anti- Zionism is the only unifying factor for the World Council of Churches (WCC). The umbrella world body was founded in 1948 with the mission of unifying Christian witness. However, with conflicting theologies, the only thing that it shares is political defamation of the Jewish state of Israel thus providing cover for the Palestinian Authority opposing efforts at normalization.

Q & A: Saying ‘Amen’ Right Before Shema (Part VIII)

Question: Should the congregation say “Amen” after the berachah of “habocher b’amo Yisrael b’ahavah” (right before Shema)? I have seen different shuls do different things. M. Goldman

Cash Back And Points

Mr. Brayer thought for a minute. "I'm happy to charge it to your credit card," he said, "but I'm concerned about ribbis."

The First Masechta – Almost Done!

Daf Yomi is not about looking back; it’s about looking forward. There’s plenty of exciting terrain and exhilarating fulfillment ahead.

Listening To G-d

Judaism is a matter of creed as well as deed. But we should allow people great leeway in how they understand the faith of our ancestors.

Parshat Mishpatim

A society needs laws to function, while at the same time it needs to provide opportunities within the structure for the human spirit to blossom.

The Uniqueness Of The Chassidic Approach

Often he strove to aid Jews materially even before working to elevate them spiritually because an improved material life allows one’s spiritual life to thrive.

On Thunder And Apples

“We cannot keep the thunder and lightning of Sinai with us, but we can take the spirit of Sinai and incorporate it into mitzvoth – whether we are at the market, at home, in the bank or the car.

Because Hashem Said So

Mitzvos that seemed rational in earlier generations may seem irrational today.

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