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Vatican Warns Jews, Americans, Against Liberating Biblical Lands

The dire need for Israeli sovereignty has nothing to do with the two-state solution, but with the safety of an estimated 3,000 Jewish homes which are once again in jeopardy.

Liberman: Netanyahu Conning Everyone, Has No Intention of Applying Sovereignty

"We knew in advance that this man can finagle all of us. He invented a cosmic trick – how to swindle everyone all the time."

Im Tirtzu Wins $30,000 Libel Suit Against Yedioth Aharonoth

In two separate articles, Yedioth accused Im Tirtzu of fabricating the letter and refused to issue a retraction.

Bibi Taunts Gantz in Meeting with US Envoy: Iran Can’t Wait Until We Fix the Coronavirus

Having stabbed his colleague on the left, Netanyahu turned to welcome his guest properly.

Bring Them Home


Israel Heading to Elections if Annual Budget Isn’t Approved, says Finance Minister

“The public is in desperate need of reform and financial aid” regardless of politics, says Finance Minister Israel Katz • Coalition deal sets Aug. 15 deadline for the passing of a biennial budget.

After Freezing Ties with Israel, PA Fears Facing COVID-19 Pandemic Alone

Following the sharp rise in the number of cases in the PA, the PA announced the return to a total lockdown throughout the areas under its control .

Sovereignty Movement Goes All Out to Support Netanyahu’s Move

The movement promises to continue its activities with the ministers, members of Knesset and politicians to bring about essential changes leading to the first step of sovereignty.

Vatican Warns Jews, Americans, Against Liberating Biblical Lands

The dire need for Israeli sovereignty has nothing to do with the two-state solution, but with the safety of an estimated 3,000 Jewish homes which are once again in jeopardy.

FIRST, Sovereignty in the Jordan Valley

Historic decisions may require careful consideration, but they also require courage and determination.

Apply Sovereignty to the Jordan Valley, NOW

The Jordan Valley is Israel’s only defensible eastern border and Israeli sovereignty there is vital for the demilitarization of a future Palestinian state.

The Lockdown Decision

Cuomo likened funerals to participatory sports: “Now is not the time to be playing Frisbee with your friends in the park.”

That Supreme Court Abortion Ruling

While abortion is at the very center of conservative concerns, the admission issue can hardly be ranked as heated.

My Visit To The Dentist

After days with no return call, I was desperate. My Israeli friends advised me to show up at the dental clinic as an “emergency case” and insist on being seen.

The Identity Politics Rebellion

Identity politics can be democratic in the sense that there can be elections. But it is inconsistent with what we know as “liberal democracy,” because the division of power, wealth, and rights in identity politics is based on group membership rather than ability, work ethic, or moral standing.

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WHY The Progressive Assault on Israel

One upon a time, history was written by the victor. In modern times it is re-written by the 99.8% with smartphones and social media accounts. And we are not winning

Goldstein on Gelt: Converting Labor Assets into Financial Assets

Doug believes we should take a big picture holistic approach to family finances, starting with our biggest asset- salary-when making financial plans.

Building Trust: From Being Right to Making Right – Soul Talk [audio]

An essential component to any healthy relationship is trust. What is at the core of this trait and how can we develop it within ourselves and our relationships? How can one learn to trust again when they have been hurt in the past? How can a breach of trust be effectively restored in an ongoing relationship that is in sore need of transformation? The answer to these questions is the key to building and maintaining healthy relationships.

Biblical Family Values and ‘The Liberal Left’ – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

Tamar talks about everything from the coronavirus closures, to the take over of the streets of America, to the clash between Biblical family values as opposed to the progressive liberal Left.

Q & A: Making Up For What We Missed (Part XI)

Question: The Covid-19 pandemic has put an end to almost all public gatherings; hence, much of Jewish congregational ritual has come to a halt. Is there a way to make up for everything we missed? M. Goldman

Kohelet, Tolstoy, And The Parah Adumah

Science deals in causes and effects, not purpose and meaning. In the end, he concluded that only religious faith rescues life from meaninglessness.

Take A Breather (Part I)

Maimonides explains that “ruach” also means a life-giving spirit, which is what remains of a person after death (Ecclesiastes 12:7).

Redeeming Relevance: All You Need is One Good Man 

a different leader of the next generation steps up and takes action. That leader was Pinchas...True leaders like Pinchas don’t come out of leadership schools. When the time is ripe, they simply emerge. 

Parshas Chukas: A Reason to Transcend

Must there be a reason for everything?

Lies Never Win

Korach was the hero of the hour. His ratings and the spirit of the times were on his side.

Keeping The Peace

Tefillah is only m’drabbanan, but the avoidance of machlokes is m’doraysa.

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