The RIGHT Sort Of Racism

Hating people to end hate works as well as any other way to save the world by destroying it.

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE OF Leftist Institutions

Our institutions are useless and mistrust is universal because we have run out of objective truths. Institutions and intellectual systems don’t function without objective truths. Neither do people.

Biden Administration Funds Anti-Netanyahu Coup

While the Biden administration has often criticized Israel over its fight against Islamic terrorists, it took the unusual step of intervening in its domestic politics by attacking judicial reform.

Unless We Abandon Globalism, China WILL Win

The Chinese spy balloons may seem silly but it reveals a rigorous mindset that ought to be frightening.

Biden Tells Israel: Give Money To Terrorists, NOT Terror Victims

The media doesn’t want to talk about why Israel and the United States should be financing Islamic terrorism against Jews. Israel’s new government is determined to make that the issue.


The next time you see an AP story about “climate change”, you know who’s paying for it.


Why does Biden lie so much? The easy answer is that he gets away with it.

Why ADL Abandoned Antisemitism And Went Woke

Planting leftist ideological seeds in children is what the ADL’s education programs do.

‘Black People Are The Real Jews’

Jews don't need the civil rights movement or any particular cause or the entire absurdity of Tikkun Olam to be the linchpin of our purpose and meaning.

How The Midterm Vote Got ‘Rocked’

“Did you know youth voters canceled out every voter over 65+ for 2022?” Rock the Vote recently bragged. The voters they wanted to cancel out were Republicans and moderate Democrats.

Bureaucracy’s Democrat Majority Made America A One-Party Government

Currently, only about 29% of Democrats and 9% of Republicans trust the government. How much more trust is there to lose?

How NOT to Fight Antisemitism

The American Jewish fight against antisemitism might do well by focusing more on actionable bigotry while spending less time obsessed with social antisemitic signals.

NYC Issues ‘Halal Guide” Featuring Terror Mosques

NOT KOSHER: The Halal Guide, unintentionally, tells the story of what they took from us and what replaced it.

Virginia Military Institute Went Woke, Enrollment Fell 25%

VMI’s woke leaders are doing their best to turn the proud institution into just another woke college campus. And the fall in enrollment shows that it’s working.

Biden Terrorizes 9/11 Victims In Court to Protect Taliban Cash

Reuters headline, “Afghans outraged as 9/11 families lay claim to frozen billions” leaving no doubt as to which side Reuters, the media, and Bidenbias


9/13 after all, isn't just another day.

A Trillion Dollar Bailout For The Idiot Machine

Biden’s trillion-dollar bailout for the idiot a forced contribution by taxpayers to the grand scheme of indoctrinating foot soldiers for the leftist revolutions tearing apart the country.

Victims Wanted!

Revolution is about money and power for a select few, but for the dulled denizens of a society that has long since blurred fact and fiction, reality and ideology, the performance is the thing.

Biden’s Military Vaccine Mandate Is A Political Test

The Biden administration came into office vowing to fight “extremism” in the military. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s political witch hunt can’t be separated from his vaccine mandates.

Islam is the Only Winner in the Ukraine War

China and the Islamic Ummah need only watch and alternately cheer both sides on.

Co-Dependence Day

Wondering how Biden celebrates the 4th?

Who Would YOU Kill?

How did we get to the point where babies can be killed and murderers can’t?

Where Are The Abortion Insurrection Hearings?

Friday evening’s Arizona State Senate session had to be cut short as the legislative body came under siege from Abortion Insurrection rioters. "We have a...

On Juneteenth, Bullets Fly

Is this a celebration of "liberation"? The only meaningful liberation that still needs to happen on Juneteenth is a moral revolution.


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