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    The Left’s Plot Against George Washington

    In Portland, the BLM mob toppled a statue of George Washington. Four years later, local leftist activists and officials have continued sabotaging efforts to...

    Soros Funds the Protests and the Protested

    Despite the attacks of Oct 7, all 7 of the demands for actions against Israel were either enacted, moved forward or otherwise entered consideration by the Biden administration.

    We Are the Victims and Everything We Do is Justified

    What is the answer to the self-reinforcing victim/villain cycle’s endless “you made me do it”?

    The World Prepares to Recognize a Hamas Palestinian State

    A "Palestinian" state will be a state of the terrorists, by the terrorists and for the terrorists.

    Is Biden Really the 14th Greatest President in American History?

    Somewhere along the way the definition of greatness changed from making America great to making the Left great

    The Truth About the Dearborn Jihad

    “We are on the road to a great victory, here in D.C., and there in Palestine.”

    Biden Promised Gaza Aid Wouldn’t Go To Hamas. He Lied.

    Hamas terrorists seize aid, assault civilians who, in some cases, respond by hurling abuse and stones.

    The Domestic Terrorists of Tomorrow are Blocking Traffic Today

    Leftist protests, like the terrorists they support, are also not about fixing anything, but staging ugly hostile confrontations with police and the public to recruit the malicious and the disaffected (while playing the victim) and then escalating the violence and using it to take over a country.

    Decolonization is Colonialism

    Those who define the oppressors and the oppressed get to perpetrate the genocide.

    Reclaiming the Romance of Our Cause

    When Jews argue that Israel has a right to exist, they are really opening up the question to debate. Meanwhile no one is debating whether the ‘Palestinian’ terror statelets have a right to exist. Theirs is a glorious and romantic cause because, in part, they never put it up for debate.

    Mutants Among Us

    Mutants can’t change the world, only destroy it. To change the world, a man or woman has to first deal with their greatest enemy: themselves.

    Chanukah in Israel Upholds Light Against Darkness

    Some miracles are obvious, while others are hidden. Survival is itself a miracle.

    Don’t Accept Terrorism as the New Normal

    Getting back to normal without dealing with the problem is not resistance; it’s acceptance.

    The ‘Two-State Solution’ is Terrorism

    The ‘Two-State Solution’ is not an end to violence, it’s perpetual violence.

    Biden Admin Pushing Coup in Israel

    “The US has begun to ask about the possibility of a more moderate government being shuffled in”

    The Gates of Gaza

    A decade before there was any ‘Palestinian’ cause, Muslim terrorists ambushed the bus.

    1 in 10 American Jews Support Hamas

    The Hamas atrocities and the reaction to it are a reality check. Some Jewish liberals recoil in horror at the implications of the ideology of social justice, others double down and embrace it. They claim that they want peace, but the Cygnal poll shows what they really want is dead Jews.

    Biden’s Betrayal Of 9/11

    No president, not even Obama, has been as maliciously hostile to 9/11 families.

    Elon Musk Blames Jews for a Boycott Funded by a Non-Jewish Tech Billionaire

    The real facts about the ADL, Musk and the man he's too afraid to fight.

    The Liar Sleeps Tonight

    Most politicians lie while they’re awake, but Joe Biden has broken new ground by lying while awake and asleep, lying about being awake while asleep and asleep while awake.

    Muslim Mobs Get A Free Pass

    Assaulting Jews In NYC And LA, "Get Out of Jail FREE" Card

    The Religion Of The Left

    Sacred Destruction And The Search For Lost Gods

    The Dirty Money Behind the Lynching of Clarence Thomas

    Could foreign money be financing the lynching of Justice Clarence Thomas?

    Next Joint Chiefs Chairman Wants White Male Officers To Be A Minority

    Under Gen. Brown, the Air Force has become the most woke of the major service branches.

    Crime Killed A Quarter Of A Million Black People

    The pro-crime policymaking that eliminated public safety and cost over 3,000 lives in 2020 alone was done under the guise of fighting racism.

    The RIGHT Sort Of Racism

    Hating people to end hate works as well as any other way to save the world by destroying it.

    ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE OF Leftist Institutions

    Our institutions are useless and mistrust is universal because we have run out of objective truths. Institutions and intellectual systems don’t function without objective truths. Neither do people.


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