Pesach, Israels Hope For The Nations – Beyond The Matrix [audio]

Join Rod Bryant and Jerry Gordon in the intriguing discussion about, Pesach, Israels Hope For The Nations.

Tens of Thousands Dead From Coronavirus?! Who Do We Believe? – The Tamar Yonah...

Lots or reports and video footage are coming in from all over trying to tell us that the Chinese government is not giving out the true numbers of the dead and those infected with the Coronavirus. Videos of people dropping dead in the streets of China, claims that 50,000 people have already died with their bodies incinerated, and that over a million and a half more have contracted the virus. HOW DO WE KNOW WHAT IS TRUE? How do we discern what is fake news, and staged videos, and what is real, and how much of it is real?

How To Find Real Love: Celebrating Borders & Balance – Soul Talk [audio]

One of the most important components of inner well being and healthy relationships is having proper boundaries. When a relationship of any kind is thriving, it likely has healthy boundaries. When a relationship is struggling, it's boundaries likely need to be re-assessed. How can one go about setting strong, balanced and healthy boundaries? This is an essential question that needs to be evaluated throughout the life of any relationship.

Lock Up Your Kids – Political Hitman [audio]

Howie discusses the Yeshiva University High School Child Sex Scandal

Down With Chanukah! + ‘Talking Turkey’ – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

Tamar talks about a famous article written by Rabbi Meir Kahane z"l in 1972 entitled, 'Down with Chanukah'. In it, he talks about the hypocrisy of non-observant Jews who love celebrating the holiday, which, is actually about the right for Jews to BE Jews and keep the Torah commandments. What is the REAL and DEEPER meaning of this holiday? It's not just spinning a dreidle!

What Price for Israel Suspending Sovereignty? Archaeology Weighs In – Beyond the Matrix [audio]

Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant and Jerry Gordon of Israel News Talk Radio – Beyond the Matrix bring back Kenneth L. Hanson, author of “Whose Holy Land? Archaeology Meets Geopolitics in Today’s Middle East. They discuss recent archaeological finds amidst the historic Israel-UAE Abraham Accord normalizing relations in hopefully, a warm peace. Which might lead to similar agreements with other Gulf Arab States and Kingdoms. However, the question is was it worth the price of “suspending” sovereignty over hundreds of ancient archaeological sites confirming millennia of Jewish presence in the Holy Land? Dr. Hanson is an Associate Professor in the Judaic Studies Department of the university of Central Florida in Orlando.

The Coronavirus, The Supreme Court, & Why Netanyahu Must NOT Step Down – The...

Dr. Martin Sherman, Founder and Director of the Israeli Institute for Strategic Studies , joins Tamar Yonah and explains what the Israeli public can expect regarding the Coronavirus, and the Supreme Court's examination on whether Netanyahu must step down, and what can happen if they deem this so!

If Not Now When: Seizing the Moment of Personal Optimization – Soul Talk [audio]

How do I find the balance between taking care of myself and being there for others?

$10 Billion in Foreign Donations Spawn Controversy in US Universities – Beyond the Matrix...

From 2012 to 2018, an estimated $10 billion in donations to US colleges and universities by foreign governments fueled radical Islamism and conducted espionage and theft of intellectual property. The USDOE in 2019 announced investigation of donations to US colleges and universities by China, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Investigations by the Clarion Project into additional disclosures filed by US colleges and universities after the USDOE announcement revealed that more than $1 billion of foreign donations were not reported under US law creating a “black hole” as to what were nefarious purposes of these foreign country donors.

Political Hitman – Why Won’t the Left Accept the Results? [audio]

Critics jumped on Donald Trump for refusing to pledge that he'd accept the results of the presidential election.

The United Nations Hidden Secret – Beyond The Matrix [audio]

You don't want to miss this revealing conversation with Rabbi Ya'akov David Cohen the founder and director of Institute of Noahide Code, working with the 7 laws for 70 nations in United Nations.

Beyond the Matrix – Sudan: The Rise of an Islamic Caliphate [audio]

The leader of Sudan is attempting to build once again a 'Caliphate'.

Tamar Yonah Show – Israel, Plain and Simple [audio]

Orly Benny Davis sits in for Tamar and breaks down the convoluted saga of political affairs in Israel.

A Jewish Spy? [audio]

In this last episode of the book, "From Both Sides of the Border: The Hezbollah Senior Officer that Spied for Israel," Tamar shares the end of this tale, and some new information on the fate of this Arab Muslim man that spied for Israel.

A Historic Breakthrough – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

Diplomatic relations between Israel and UAE may be the beginning of a new era

EASY FASTING: Before & After Meals for Fasting – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

What are some of the best things to eat before a fast, and after? Also, hear about what keeps you younger, helps you sleep better, and eases stress in your body, including getting over jet lag and balancing your body's chemistry. Sara Chana Silverstein, a Master Herbalist, Classical Homeopath and author of the book 'MOODTOPIA -Tame your moods and De-stress' joins Tamar Yonah and answers your questions! Visit her website at:

Bringing Back Your Spirit to the World – From Jerusalem With Love [audio]

Orly speaks with Andrew Vitek from 'turn 1' about racing cars and making movies that connect people around the world.

Phantom Nation – Homicidal Hamites [audio]

Is it their Arab culture or it is Islam? They're not Semites, but Hamites.


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