New Winds in the Middle East – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

The agreements between Israel< Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates are the first important game-changers in the Middle East since World War 1

Israeli Right Wing Parties & Did Iran Attack an Israeli Ship? – The Tamar...

Tamar speaks with two different representatives from two different Right Wing leaning parties, as Israeli citizens will soon be voting yet AGAIN in its 4th knesset elections inside of two years. In fact, already there are politicians saying that this won't be the end, and that Israeli citizens should not be surprised if they will have to go for FIFTH election in the coming few months.

Fresh-Slate Countdown! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

What do 'First Fruits' teach us about Jewish practice and outlook? And what weighs more: Repentance out of fear or repentance born of love?

Believing In The Power To Believe: The Secret To Personal Transformation – Soul Talk...

This may sound counter-intuitive, but if you want to make drastic change in your life, you need to admit that you are powerless. Only a power greater than yourself can help you. That power is G-d!

Balaam’s Ass and the Chickpea Thief – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this week's show, Ross and Jono share the latest good and bad news out of the UN. It seems that they have taken up the noble cause of finding those countries that abuse the rights of women. The bad news is that Israel was identified as the world's only violator. A Saudi blogger is assaulted on his way to pray at Al Aqsa, Ahmadinejad sets the record straight on his Antisemitism, and the US House of Representatives (or most of them) vote against BDS. A Bedouin stole 1/2 ton of chickpeas, prisoners claimed to be Jewish to get better food, and a weed cafe concerns a certain rabbi. Bon Jovi is back in Israel and members of the "Squad" have been permitted to travel to Israel as well. These stories and much more in Balaam's Ass and the Chickpea Thief.

An Ex-Pat in Jerusalem! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

A proud American who happens to live in the Holy Land.

A Lottery, A Cow, and a Passover Lamb – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

What in the world is the connection between Purim, the Red Heifer, and Passover. Rav Yitzchak and William discuss this upside down world, and a lesson from Rebbe Nachman of Breslov who connects these three concepts which seem to be unrelated.

A Hebrew in the Heartland – New Hope for Troubled Boys [audio]

A solution for teens with learning difficulties and emotional challenges in the Charedi community in Israel.

Take On Something – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

The world was created for you. Say what??? In adding to one small, positive behavior/attitude, an individual can alter the spiritual trajectory of the world! Be the catalyst for change and Take On Something. Today.

Archaeological Proof of Israel – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

Archaeological evidence has been found authenticating the proof of the history of the Roman conquest of Jerusalem in the Year 70 CE

Why Is G-d So Punishing? Making Peace with Punishment – Soul Talk [audio]

G-d created a system by which He runs the world. Part of this system is reward and punishment. Most of us are comfortable with the concept of reward and less comfortable with the concept of punishment.

Bibi’s Lost Moxie? – Phantom Nation [audio]

The prime minister stumbles over Poland, Reform Jews, and Gaza.

The Big Mistake Jews Make – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

Tamar talks about the BIG mistake we Jews make and have made since Biblical times.

Pesach and Being Proud – Returning Home [audio]

Natalie starts off the show discussing the beauty and excitement in the air during Chol haMoed Pesach, especially this year, after so many Corona restrictions

Window of Opportunity – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

If Israel is planning to annex the Jordan Valley, the window of opportunity is only from now until the American election in November

Jerusalem Day – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

Jerusalem Day marks Jewish independence in the Holy City after almost two millennia of exile

Beyond the Matrix – Religion, Relationship, and Rosh HaShanah [audio]

Ira and Rod discuss what it is like for Jew and non Jew alike to be approaching the holy day of Rosh HaShanah when...

You Have a Choice Between Right and Wrong – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Do people have the right to 'pull the plug' on life? Andrea Simantov goes into an emotional rant on our values and our playing G-d.

There is no reality outside of G-d – Soul Talk [audio]

G-d is One. G-d is good. Accepting these facts, how does evil exist in the world? This is a question that has both philosophical and practical ramifications. Join Rabbi David Aaron and Leora Mandel to gain a new and true perspective on this fundamental challenge.

Counting Our Blessing While the World is Acting Out – From Jerusalem With Love...

Orly interviews Lotem Finkelstien from Check-Point about the impotence of cyber security and to not put yourself in a vulnerable situation online.

Happy New Year to the World – From Jerusalem With Love [audio]

In this show Orly touch base to welcome the new Jewish year with questions. Where are we going from here? And how we can eliminate antisemitism from among us?


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