The Children are Ready

Part 1/3 [youtube] Part 2/3 [youtube] Part 3/3 [youtube]

Operation: Gaza on the Water


BDS This


The Occupation


IDF Paratroopers Expose Weapons and Tunnel Openings


Watch: THE Wedding of the Past Two Millennia

The groom said quietly to the bride, “Behold, you are sanctified to me with this ring, in accordance with the law of Moshe and Israel,” and quickly slipped the ring on her finger.

Gazan Self Goal

When Hamas releases their latest fake casualty figures, the MSM will uncritically include this person as wounded by the IDF.

Why Wear Fringes?

In this past week's Parsha in Israel (this coming Shabbat in Galus) we read about the Mitzvah of Tzizit - ritual fringes. [youtube]

Super Dvora Patrol Boat

The Israeli Navy has been racking up of some big scores lately. Here's a video about one of their top patrol boats. [youtube]

Mahmoud Abbas Contradicts his Own Refugee Narrative

Abbas forgot which lie he should tell, and accidentally spoke some truth.

Goodbye Sweden

Pat Condell continues to present facts and show how they string together to form nightmares in today's Europe. Today's visit: the disappearing land of...

A Little Arson, A Little Praise for Jerusalem – The Terror Report

It is a day celebrated by Zionists who believe that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish state and people.

A Percapella Purim Grogger Mash-up


Rav Amnon Yitzchak Debating Neturei Karta

He's my favorite Haredi speaker, by far, even though he is a staunch enemy of secular Zionism and the closest thing we have to...

Watch: Arava Rivulet Turns into a Dangerous River Flood in Minutes

On its way, the hour-old river sweeps everything in its path.

Netanyahu Takes on the Media

Unlike the previous election, this time around Prime Minister Netanyahu is clearly investing his time and efforts to make sure the Likud does well....

Q: How Much Do You Hate Palestinians/Israelis?

[youtube] [youtube]

Caroline Glick Speaks at the Stop Iran Rally


Jerusalem’s “First Station”


Video: IDF Takes Down Enemy Drone Over the Kinneret

Israel tracked the drone, until it decided it was time to blow it up.

M*A*S*H : Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

Video: Israel's Mazor Ladach field clinic in Syria: August 2017 to August 2018, packing up and coming back home to Israel.

Holy Temple Myth Busters: Part III: Do We Need Mashiach to Build the Third...

Must wait for the messiah to build the Holy Temple? The answer will surprise you!

There’s No Racist like a Liberal Racist

"Progressive" used to mean socially enlightened and forward looking. Now it's just another word for a creepy liberal racist. [youtube]

Live Video Streams from Netiv Ha’Avot

Live feeds from from Ari Fuld, Sara Haetzni-Cohen, Josh Hasten, and others in Netiv Ha'Avot.

Watch: Terrorist Video Teaches How to Make a ‘Balloon’ Bomb

As of June 21, 2018 more than 400 fires have been started in southern Israeli agricultural fields, nature reserves and forestlands as a result of these arson balloons.

A Merkava IV Tank Defends the Border

The tank fired smoke rounds at Gazans infiltrating through the fence they destroyed.


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