Photo Credit: City of David
Ambassador David Friedman and US Envoy Jason Greenblatt open up the path the City of David's Pilgrimage Road. June 30, 2019

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman had the honor of opening the path to the rediscovered City of David’s Pilgrimage Road.

The honor was shared by US Mideast Special Envoy Jason Greenblatt, Sara Netanyahu, Sheldon Adelson, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon and other distinguished individuals.


The Pilgrimage Road is the two-thousand-year-old main thoroughfare used by pilgrims to ascend to the Jewish Temple on Mount Moriah, after ritually purifying themselves in the Pool of Siloam (Shiloach).

The road’s opening comes after six years of intensive archaeological excavations.

In ancient times, pilgrims from Israel and abroad traveled far and wide to walk on these very flagstones, and now you can too.

The road opening begins around an hour into the video.

Of course, no event in Jerusalem is possible without it being politicized by those who would deny history – and reality.


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