Watch: Ehud Barak Destroys IDF Claims of Hamas Headquarters under Shifa Hospital

We could say that you’re beneath contempt, but we don’t wish to insult all the people who are beneath contempt.

Gaza Envelope Children’s Updated ‘Friendship’ Song Deleted by State TV

On Sunday, they posted an updated version of Gouri’s masterpiece, sung by children ages 6 to 12, all of whom have been evacuated from the Gaza envelope settlements.

Watch: Pro-Hamas Demonstrator Ripping Down US Flags, and Other Outrageous Footage

And additional videos of pro-Hamas demonstrations in the US and Europe.

Watch: Nakba in Gaza, this Time Arabs Fleeing Hamas

IDF tanks are protecting the procession, taking out the Hamas threats.

Nitsana Darshan Leitner: Where Are the Feminists?

“It seems only certain women and children are worthy of their outrage and protection,” she says.

Watch the IDF in Action in Gaza

On Thursday, IDF fighters completed the encirclement of Gaza City, the hub of Hamas’s activities.

Watch: BBC Cut these 4 Poignant Minutes from President Herzog’s Interview

Herzog shared realities of Israel’s war against Nazi Arabs and what the late Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill would have done to them.

Shabbat Table Set Up in Times Square to Honor Israeli Hostages

Pro-Israel groups on Friday morning set up a Shabbat table for the 200+ Israeli hostages who were kidnapped by Hamas on October 7.

Watch Douglas Murray Teaching Interviewer a Lesson on ‘Proportionate Response’

British author and political commentator Douglas Murray, God bless him, offered a remarkably wry and cutting answer, which made him my friend for life.

U2’s Bono Mourns Israelis Murdered by Hamas in Nature Party

At last count, 240 young men and women perished at the nature party near the Gaza Strip.

What a Sight: the Miluimnikim Are Coming to Gaza!

Amar Assadi provided this most cheerful video of the day, trust me, it'll gladden your sad hearts.

Watch: Priestly Blessing at the Kotel

Tens of thousands of Jews attended Monday morning’s Birkat Ha’Cohanim – the priestly blessing – at the Western Wall.

Two Heartening Sukkot Notes from the Late Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Here are two sober notes from the late Rabbi Sacks which are at the same time uplifting and heartwarming.

Avreimel Fried Spends Quality Time with Haredi Troops Ahead of Yom Kippur

Hundreds of Haredi soldiers heard words of encouragement and sang along with the great Avreimel Fried.

Confused Motorist Rams through 5 Protesters Blocking Ayalon Highway Injuring 1

The rioters went down to Ayalon Road, where there was continuous vehicle traffic at the time.

Watch: Shaming the Anarchist

Rosilio operates thousands of anarchists to whom she WhatsApps real-time reports on the locations of coalition ministers and MKs.

Watch: Anarchists Mock Father Who Begs Them to Let his Baby Sleep

What could the man do? Scuffle? Didn’t I tell you he was a Brit?

Watch: Haredi Soldier’s Recruitment Pitch

The unit was set ups to allow Haredi Jewish men to serve as combat soldiers in the proper atmosphere required by their religious upbringing.

Anarchist Women Crash International Tefillin Day in Tel Aviv

Did any of the male readers ever get the urge to crash a women’s event? I didn’t think so.

Land of the Never-Ending Protests: Wolt Couriers Paralyze Dizengoff Circle

The new contract allegedly states that the courier will not be notified of the specific parameters affecting his pay.

Kiddush Hashem: Jewish Man Saves Social Influencer from Fake Suicide in France

The video-maker wanted to see how people reacted and responded to his fake attempt at suicide in public.

Watch: Leftwing MKs Rage Against Yair Lapid, Because That’s Just What They Do

The more Rothman read from the statement critical of the Supreme Court, the more the Leftwing MK screamed and yelled.

This, Folks, Is What Selective Enforcement in the Liberated Territories Looks Like

The illegal Arab structure didn’t bother the Civil Administration at all, until Jews moved in.

MK Gafni: My Haredi Brother Fought in Lebanon and Was Still Called ‘Parasite’

His children will receive half the salary and half the funding Yair Lapid will receive.

Watch: Terrorists’ Live Video Tweet Captures their Death

The live feed on Twitter shows two terrorists removing rifles from a stash before they are hit.

Jews Arrested on Temple Mount for Unfurling Israeli Flag, Prostrating, Saying Shema Israel

“I call on the Israeli police to not interfere by provoking ascenders to the Temple Mount."


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