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Big left-wing demonstrators in showdown with rather slighter youths in Rishon L’Tzion, September 3, 2022.

On Saturday night, Meretz MK Yair Golan tweeted: “Anyone surprised? The next political murder is approaching! Continue to interview Ben Gvir, meet with Ben Gvir, and let Ben Gvir into the Knesset. The violent, right-wing, anti-democratic bloc is the greatest threat to Israel.”

Golan responded to a Ynet report about “violence at the demonstration of the ‘Crime Minister’ organization in Rishon L’tzion: this evening, young people threw stones at participants of a protest against former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Rishonim bridge. Two of the demonstrators were slightly injured. The documentation shows the confrontation between the young people and the protesters and the moment of stone-throwing which led to one of the protestors starting to bleed from his head.”


The Ynet headline read: “Blood at the demonstration against Netanyahu: stones were thrown at protesters, two were injured.”

Ariel Danino then posted a video that he said had been removed by the original user, showing what really happened on the bridge Saturday afternoon.

The left-wing YouTube channel Democrat TV, realizing the video was making the left look bad, tweeted the early portion of the video, showing there was a larger group of young people, including a little girl, in a stopped car on the highway below, who played loud patriotic music and got into a shouting match with the demonstrators up above on the bridge. Two of them are seen leaving the car and starting to throw stones from a great distance, until they were chased by a burly motorist, at which point, presumably, they walked up the ramp to the bridge and were confronted menacingly by the demonstrators who were much bigger than them. At some point, one of the boys threw a stone that hit the leftist guy in the head and became the central feature of the entire bruhaha.

Expect more biased reporting as the country wades closer to November 1, election day.

Incidentally, Itamar Ben Gvir challenged MK Golan to drop his Knesset immunity so that he, Ben Gvir, could sue him for defamation, for the obvious reason that no one on that bridge had any connection, for or against Ben Gvir.

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