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Joint Arab List member Hanin Zoabi at the Knesset, on February 8, 2016.

Haneen Zoabi is an Israeli Arab member of the Knesset who is frequently in the news for verbally attacking the Jewish State or for actions against Israel, such as participating in the anti-Israel Gaza Flotilla in 2010.

Zoabi also praised the Palestinian Arabs who kidnapped and murdered the three Israeli boys during the summer of 2014, called for a violent uprising against Israel, and has spit in the face of Arab Israeli police officers for being “traitors.”


Zoabi, 47, recently again showed her loyalty to those who murder Israelis by making a condolence call, with several other Arab MKs, on the families of terrorists who murdered Israelis, including one American Israeli, Richard Lakin.

Zoabi and her colleagues told the families of the terrorists that they would help to get the bodies of the terrorists released from Israeli authorities. They referred to the terrorists as “martyrs.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was infuriated by the visit, as were many knesset members across several different parties.

“MKs going to console families of terrorists who murdered Israelis are not worthy of serving in the Knesset,” Netanyahu said in a statement.

The Zionist Union party issued a statement criticizing the meeting, saying that the visit with the families of terrorists by Arab MKS “encourages more terrorism and killing of innocents.”

Zoabi and her two Arab Israeli knesset member compatriots were suspended for several months. They will be barred from attending the Knesset plenum, but will still be able to vote both in the Knesset and in committees.

Zoabi was just given an American media platform from which to respond to the criticism leveled against her.

Newsweek magazine ran an op-ed by Zoabi on Feb 14. Zoabi rejected construing Israel’s violence towards Palestinian Arabs as self-defense. The legislator went so far as to say that Israel, because it is an “occupying power,” is not entitled to self-defense.

She wrote:

‘Self-defense’ is the expression the Israelis use in order to justify any extra-judiciary executions as well as their control over others’ lives. However, there can be no justification for killing, nor for oppression. The occupier does not have the right to self-defense. We, the occupied, have the full and only right to fight it, by all means recognized within the framework of international law and supported by the international community.

Zoabi, while rejecting Israel’s right to defend itself, nonetheless claimed that the terrorists, killed by Israeli authorities while committing terrorist acts, are just as much victims as are the innocent Israelis whom the terrorists maimed and killed.

She also argued that her suspension was evidence of what she claims is an increasingly undemocratic Israel, as well as of Israel’s blatant hostility towards Palestinian Arabs, whom she refers to as the indigenous people of the region.


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  1. Ms. Zoabi should emigrate, either voluntarily or involuntarily. To run for and win a public office, to represent the people in the country's legislature, only to use it as a platform to spit at the police and incite terrorism? Despicable and sadly representative of the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the Arabs.

  2. Zoabi is Abbas in drag. She spouts the same drivel he has. Old Arabs full of crap die off (Arafat and Abbas eventually ) just to be replaced by younger Arabs full of crap. Jordan dumped the dregs on Israel, won’t take them back and they call it “occupation “.

  3. Zoabi is irrelevant. A talking head, nothing more. She belongs in jail as a traitor or, better, dumped at the border. The foolish Palestinian terrorists who try to murder Israelis (and sometimes goof and kill their own) need to be very, very dead. No pity for murderers or wannabees.

  4. Once again the foreign press have shown their anti Israel stance by publishing this op-ed by an enemy of the State of Israel. This arab MK bitch Zoabi should be hung out to dry. That she has been suspended from the Knesset is not good enough. She should be expelled and be looking at the four walls of a prison cell. In NO OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD would her typw of behaviour be tolerated. In fact, in many countries she would have got the death sentence.

  5. This Israeli Parliament Member knows better than to claim herself as a "Falistinian", being a resident of The Jewish Homeland by virtue of her family's arrival from Iraq as migrant workers. I don't know her religion, but she's an Israeli citizen and if Israel has been so bad to her, she is free to leave.

  6. This Israeli Parliament Member knows better than to claim herself as a "Falistinian", being a resident of The Jewish Homeland by virtue of her family's arrival from Iraq as migrant workers. I don't know her religion, but she's an Israeli citizen and if Israel has been so bad to her, she is free to leave.

  7. Israel deserves this, because trying to be a rational democracy it has allowed murderous enemies to be fruitful and multiply, Jews let these offspring of Satan sit with them in government, and be a mouthpiece for Jew-hatred throughout the world. All in the name of co-existence, how many genocides does the Jews have to go through before they actually, proudly, without hesitation eliminate these vicious Arab enemies? Both Arabs and Jews have to suffer, because Israel cares more about looking good to the pathetic world, than doing the right thing to protect themselves from these murderous Arabs.

  8. I guess in her stupid world, Jews should be defenseless against her Muslim colleagues and just get shot. The only right thing to do is arm as many civilians as possible provided that they under go a major psycological exam. I'm all for giving gins to citizens who can handle the responsibility of owning a dangerous weapon for self-defense. F–k this Mk who thinks we are occupiers. The Arabs ate the only occupiers and this woman should have her citizenship revoked for insightning period.


  10. The problem with such a half assed dismissal from the knesset instead of a well deserved removal/ charge of treason/ deportation/ , is that the world does not take Israel, or Jews seriously! Its like she got sent to detention for throwing paper airplanes.she still gets to vote??? or have the option to come back.? Please wake up Israeli govt, and recognize the insane threat she is ,inciting violence against Jews worldwide. We in the diaspora are also affected by this. How is it that the Israeli Law Center can file a lawsuit against fb for inciting, but not also hold those responsible on Israeli soil, where you have the control!

  11. In any nation on Earth (as far as I know) if you want to serve in the government, at least at the level at which she is serving, you cannot claim that you are a citizen of another "country". By her claiming that she is a "Balastinian" then she is by definition not an Israeli and therefore should not be allowed to serve in the Israeli parlement.

  12. spin doctor the lies often enough, you figure everyone will accept the lies as the truth…Israel is a nation, and the Hamas and PLO are enraged and full of hatred because of this… their knife jihad they order their children to do is an example of their twisted logic and murderous rage…

  13. Daniel Friedman Dual citizenship is not rare. Some of us have 3 passports.

    In Arabic, the word is pronounced as "Falistini".
    (I'm not sure about this "P' vs "B" quandary – seems to be a bit betty).

    Among my Arab speaking classmates at The Heb U of Jerusalem I was known as "Beter".

  14. There are no such people as palestinians. They are just fakes, a name created by greedy Arab land grabbers jusy to create a caliphate in that stretch of Arab lands, trying their best to rid ISRAEL of their own God-given Lands so as to steal prime properties from the rightful owners, which is ISRAEL. Pals are FAKES, FAKES. No such peoples as pals. They are EVIL ARAB land grabers.

  15. send this moslim piece of drek out of the country along with the rest of these arab scum who hate Israel. The biggest problem has always been the Israel and the Jewish Establishment here in the US have given $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to educate these animals, just enough to join the PLO and fight against Israel. Read THEY MUST GO by Rav Kahane ZT"L and you will know the truth

  16. Ok Knesset, is it time yet to get rid of this piece of dregs?
    what are you waiting for – for madame Zoabi to enter with a gun and start shooting. there is no reason in the world for
    a panel of representatives to put up with such anti-nation
    antics and verbal and written 'graffiti' that she continuously
    creates… How stupid can jews be….
    evidentally, very stupid and our enemies are taking note of our
    penchant for internal tolerance for abuse.

    we took the rockets…. until it was too late.
    and now the verbal missles from the arab haters of zion
    are accepted through inaction.

    shame on bobo, and the knesset- they look like and seem to be a ship of fools!

  17. This B*TCH needs to be drawn and quartered…IMMEDIATELY if not sooner!!! She is a traitor and needs to treated as such. Israel needs to kick all of these anti-Israel Jew hating MKs off of the Knesset for starters. Then they have to be thrown into jail, tried for treason and will definitely found guilty!…then deported to anyone of 22 arab countries NOT of their choosing!!!

  18. Mr. Animal, you seem to be in the same zoo as the pals who never had a state, government, national flower or song, other than the song of the terrorists.
    You are one big jew hater and are so screwed up in your history, it is pathetic. get facts before you decide to become a cheerleader for the corrupt pals.

    we do have sympathy for you in that you use bias in place of intellect and integrity to draw your ugly pictures. Those who bless Israel will be blessed-
    get ready for your grand finale!

    there are dopes and dupes- you seem to qualify for both.

  19. Israel is responsible for this madness.
    What sane country ALLOWS an open
    enemy, who calls for the destruction of
    it's country to be an ACTIVE member
    of its government?? If this isn't treason
    what is?

    I wonder if Putin would encourage/
    tolerate this insanity?

  20. Yes, they are occupying THEIR OWN land, just like I'm occupying my own home. God gave them the land and they were driven out. Then the UN gave them the land and the Arabs started a war with them in which the Jews won more land. It's called the spoils of war, the Arabs lost the war they started. Israel won. If my bible is correct, and I believe it is, there is a day coming when Israel will be occupying even more land and certain nations will no longer exist. It was a wasteland when the Jews were given the land and look at it now. Their God is with them and so am I.

  21. MORON…that was when the Jews lived in arab/moslem lands! But these TRAITORS are living in OUR LAND…ISRAEL…all of the land belongs to the Jews…AZA, Judea/Yehuda and Samaria/Shomron. And just to put a fire under your Jew hating anti-Semitic A$$…TransJordan——>Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, the Sinai Desert and parts of Iraq and Iran ALSO belong to Israel proper and were STOLEN over the past couple or hundred years right from under our Jewish noses…and without any discussion on our part. This was done by the arabs sanctioned by the US, UK, France and other entities. And since He Created the entire world, it's His to Give to whomever He Chooses…and He Chose the Jews!!! But don't worry your little Jew hating head about this FACT…our G-D, the ONE and ONLY G-D, the Creator of everyone and everything Will Return ALL of the land to the Jews…in good time…in His Time…when He Decides that the land that He Gave to His Chosen People Israel goes back to its original owners! You can bet money on this one, Warren!!!

  22. Arabs in the Knesset are a necessity for Israel's democracy, however, sedition by Arab or Jew via the Knesset, is absolutely untenable the more so in the case of an Arab supporting the enemy and using a position of trust to undermine the State of Israel. Anywhere else she would be jailed at best or, in her homeland (not Israel!) she would be put to death being shot,stoned or beheaded. Send her where she belongs, amongst Arabs of her ilk. The sooner the better, before she really causes further worse damage to the State of Israel. As they say in Brooklyn: Throw the bum out!

  23. Benny,your Prezidente working very hard and will continues to do that till last day of he's mandate to destroy America.All the Muslims all over the main Comittes and government offices…….We are the people that we choose who's going to f$$k us on the next 4 years,no?:-):-)Sorry but this is my opinion.Have a great day ahead

  24. In the Brooklyn of my youth the mafioso would have come to her house with baseball bats . Though Rabbi Kahane lived two neighborhoods over, he never used vigilante methods . Mostly
    The Jewish neighborhoods just hid when the violence hit.

  25. Alan Kardon I believe so … I'm never sure these Arabs so steeped in Jew hate from the moment they're born, don't believe in their heart of hearts that Jews have no right to breath much less defend themselves .. remember to many we are not human but descended from pigs and apes

  26. I blame the Israeli government totally for not arresting,and sending this evil woman and others like her in the Israeli government to jail. There is no other nation in the entire world that would put up with this kind of open treason. If she did this in any Arab nation,she would have been executed by now.

  27. It's far past time for Israel to expel every Arab in government, rejecting the division that the Arab mentality inherently brings. As descendants of Ishmael, Arabs are living out the divisiveness that God foretold when Ishmael and Hagar were cast out. It's time to cast out the descendants of the bondwoman from any leadership positions in Israel, and time to cast out every Arab from the nation that supports PA violence, or condoning the violence that Israel regularly has to defend against.

  28. Uzi Kattan It is all very regrettable, there are many ways to neutralize someone, but our soldiers only have guns, and so naturally use them.let us rethink this and of course every terrorists hopes to get away with his life. Sharia hacks of a hand to neutralize, maybe we need to do that too.

  29. Shalom. I wished you help me send what am about to write down below to my beloved PM Benjamin Nentayahu. I am a black African of the west part of Nigeria. But I am an ardent lover of the nation of Israel and Israelite. As a matter of truth, I'm of the commonwealth of Israel. I want you all and those in Authority in Israel to note the following-whether they are Christians or not:
    1- Genesis 16; 12- God prophecies concerning Ishmael and his seeds (Arabs) after him will not fail to come to pass till the LORD Jesus return and establish new Kingdom. The Arabs will never stop their fights against anyone who's not on same page with them. Read Genesis 16: 12. That's parts of Father Abraham and Mother Sarah's errors.
    2. – Genesis 12: 3- Madam Haneen Zoabi should be made to read and understand Genesis 12; 3. God the Jehovah, the Holy One of Israel will always defend His interests in Israel. Individual and Nations that rose or will rise against Israel and Israelite will; FALL. Yes, They will fall.
    3. Galatians 4; 25- 31- Read, understand and act!!!
    Thanks all. God bless the Israel of God.

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