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Hamas terrorist preparing to fire Qassam rockets at Israel.

It would be interesting – actually it not would be interesting – to know what Rabbi Kastel would say about love if one of his faithful Jews were to marry a Muslim. Love is the way it peace, so why let assimilation get in the way?

He undoubtedly would object to intermarriage, but that blows his outer space idea that no one should be alienated for being different. That kind of hurts when it hits home, doesn’t it?


It is my fault, and your fault, dear reader that Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Assad, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and a host of other groups of human beings have grown into terrorists.

We are wrong for being right and they are right for being wrong. Make everyone right, and there is no wrong in the world.

Just say “love.”

Pastor Chilcott, representing the original “turn the other cheek” faith whose principle has been adopted by an orthodox rabbi, said, “When you alienate any group of people, whether that is due to being unemployed, young, disabled, or of a different faith, you create conditions where people don’t trust authority and they separate from mainstream society and alienation becomes anger and frustration.”

People who don’t trust authority have been alienated.

There is no evil in the world. God created mankind, and mankind knows evil because one of his colleagues rejected him for stealing, or raping, or killing, actions which would not have taken place if all mankind would have been wise enough to love, love and love so that no one would ever think to steal, rape or kill.

If there is wrong in this world, it is my fault and your fault.

That is true.

It is your fault and my fault – and especially Rabbi’s Kastel’s fault for not accepting what God commanded in the Torah portion of Ki Titzei that is to be read in synagogues in two weeks.

But the Lord, your God, did not want to listen to Balaam. So the Lord, your God, transformed the curse into a blessing for you, because the Lord, your God, loves you.

“You shall not ever seek out their welfare or their good, all your days.” – Devarim:23, 6-7.

It also is written in a very non-Torah source, the Pogo comic strip by Walt Kelly, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

If you think I am making this stuff up about Rabbi Kastel, see below, at your own risk.


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