Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash 90
Ismail Haniyeh, highest ranking Hamas member in Gaza, pictured Nov. 25, 2012.

The nephew of Hamas de facto prime minister Ismail Haniyeh was hospitalized over the weekend at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem.

The report, broadcast by Israel’s Channel 2 television news, did not include details of why the nephew was admitted. The report could not be independently confirmed.


Israel has confirmed that Gaza’s ruling Hamas terror group has been “partnering” with the growing local Sinai Province branch of the now-international Da’esh (ISIS) terrorist organization, based primarily in the northern Sinai Peninsula.

Hamas has been providing medical aid, communications and technical support as well as assistance with funding resources to the group via its Gaza tunneling system, some of which snakes its way beneath the Egyptian border — and, at least until recently — under the Israeli border as well.

The Sinai Province group, once known as Ansar Beyt al-Maqdis, is also linked to the Muslim Brotherhood — as is Hamas — and is committed to toppling the Cairo government of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. They should not be allowed in Israeli hospitals. It is beyond undersanding. They call for the destruction of Israel and Jews. Not Palestinians nor anyone associated with the BDS movement should be allowed or should be treated by Jewish doctors or medical equipment invented by or manufactured in Israel. Sounds great, but will never happen. Too bad.

  2. Its a very well known fact that all Israel's hard core enemies send their relatives to be healed in Israel! not Quatar, not London but Israel ! they always request Jewish Doctors! and they pay good money nothing is free…so much for medical tourism…

  3. Speaking as a pro-Israel/pro/Zionist Jew_ I do agree_ these vipers should not be allowed to be treated in any Israeli hospitals_ true! Israel does go 'way overboard' to try to prove to the world that they are good_ I, however, refuse to use the word 'stupid' when it comes to Israel_ we surely have the right to feel anger_ and I too feel extreme anger, but we still must be very careful to not call Israel any negative names_ as the Jew-hating/Israel-hating world reads these comments, but, I do believe, that a petition or a letter with as many signatures as possible sent to Netanyahu, 'might' give him the push, to re- think this, hopefully he will put a stop to their his treating these barbarians.

  4. It's high time already that Israel had the self-confidence and self-respect to announce that it has no obligation nor reason to treat for free relatives of people who publicy seek to kill, to murder Israeli citizens. One would have to logically assume that the governmnet of Israel does not see those people as truly dangerous enemies, as no other country in the world, with any self-respect would do such a thing. It's not winning you any friends, only making people wonder why you claim those folks are such despicable people if this is how you treat them and their family!

  5. I thought it was a good sign that a man from the Orlando terrorist's mosque, interviewed by the media,* rejected all the genocidal jihadi groups, listing Al Qaeda, ISIS and Hamas in one breath.
    * I saw him on CNN and Fox but I can't recall his name – apologies…

  6. Life as sacred is a core value.

    Israel has provided medical care for those who need it. To start picking and choosing is not an option.

    Sometimes a positive effecct of medical in Israel is some people treated finding themselves looked after well rethink their views. Not always but the hardest settimg of Love They Neighbour is when that neighbour badly wants you dead.

    It is the only way Israel can conduct itself .

  7. Those vipers are people. Life is sacred. So sacred you can break nearly all the rules to save one other than the one saying you must.

    Yes they hate Jews. When has that stopped Israel from "being a light unto the nations." They provide health care when it is needed plain and simple.

    Do they go overboard I don't think so. Some times this humane treatment and close up interaction with Jews makes a person rethink the hate that has been fed to them since birth and sometimes it doesn't.

    I doubt this will have any long term effect but consider another effort Israel has been engaged in. Despite a long standing state of war with Syria on what has become an island of the dead, Sapphos, they have a team that helps bringt the boats ashore (often the deadly bit) treats people for hypothermia and whaever else and provides dry clothes and so on.

    In a world filled with those who hate Jews Syrians poll very high for this yet I watched a short documentary and some people after working out where the people who helped them safely onto firm ground were you could see the hatred dissolve.

    It has not harmed Israel to provide health care. Not providing it could.

    The sanctity of life is a given. What would have them do? Pick and choose which lives are sacred? Would that emperil their souls?

    This is the right thing to do

  8. Sarah Esther It's not stupid. It is Jewish. Life is sacred. All life. I think it is more about the duty set out for Israel to be a light unto the nations than carring what any specific Muslims think.

    Go speak to your rabbi as the sanctity of life is so foundational I am alarmed by these posts.

  9. It is not beyond understanding. Israel has always done this. We are asked to love our neighbour. Now when that neighbour is hbent on genocide that is hard move but life is sacred.

    You sure think you get to play G-d and decides which groups merit mecial help and how does not Jackie yet G-d is pretty clear about the sanctity of life and our duty to the ill and hurt.

    Why am I the only one here not prepared to insult Israel for living Torah. You guys really should have a chat with a rabbi or two or 10 as I feel quite distressed that you all feel like you have a say in this or cannot see the connection of how Israel acts with Jewish ethics and values.

  10. Kis Brink Yes, all life is sacred, but didn't G-d specify who the Israelites were to KILL, and who they were to allow to live? And weren't the ones allowed to live made SLAVES? It seems Israel has forgotten their heritage and lays down as doormats, thinking people will like them better. I don't know anyone who respects a doormat. Esp. when lives hang in the balance.

  11. CB Horr When G-d was giving direct directions yes at times. G-d does explain at times why as G-d can judge in ways humans may not. (Not that is stopping the majority here so sanctity of life may not be the only point that needs refreshing )

    In the absence of new instructions to kill and enslave one presumes that the overall instuctions apply right. Maybe you work somewhere with Standard Operating Procedures so in the absence of someone higher up the work food chain to get direction from you know what to do in specific situations.

    The sanctity of life clearly has to come first or it would not be the thing you can say okay I can only save this life if I break 27 other rules but that's okay because to keep those rules and lose a life is a far graver sin.

    Lives do hang in the balance but you do realize that one life is not more valuable than another right? Since you refer to textual examples what happens when Jews have crossed the sea of reeds? Is their a scolding incoming? A few people cheer and G-d does scold them despite it having been G-d's actions that lead to their deaths. It is one of the more applicable points to modern life I think as G-d clearly claims a group that does not worship the singular G-d. It is the first really obvious statement that whatever path to G-d is taken the planet does not have people who are not G-d's children.

    I guess I will watch for you on the news if you take up killing and enslaving versus being a part of the Nation of Israel who must be a "light unto the nations".

  12. The hypocratic oath an MD takes requires him/her to heal all the ones needing healing. Its source is in Judaism! In case you skipped the book of Proverbs, it also says:put thy bread upon the water, it will eventually come back! Jewish law calls tsedakah real mitsvah when its given without getting something back.In fact when you give only if you know you'll get something back ,its considered using the torah for your own gain. Think of Job (eeyov, in Hebrew) he lost everything he had but trusted it was the Devine"s plan. you on the other hand who claim to be the religious keepers of Israel ? are none of those ! calling everyone stupid, not giving bread to the needy if they are not your color, doubting the Torah.. wow!

  13. Kis Brink Thank you for actually reading the Torah and bothering to understand.! many of those angry commentors think, adhering to a Shtetle dress code make you a good Jew. they cannot see how their action is completely contrary to the commandments…

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