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The quoted address for the ISIS cyber jihad fundraiser to arm Palestinian Authority terrorists against Israeli Jews.

The Da’esh (ISIS) terror organization has launched a cyber jihad fundraiser to arm Palestinian Authority terrorists in their efforts to attack Israel’s Jews.

The cyber campaign allows a donor to purchase a weapon for as little as $3,000 (a simple rocket-propelled grenade launcher) and donate it to the “cause” – killing Israeli Jews, that is.


Aimed at arming “mujahedeen of Beyt al-Maqdis” — a reference to Jerusalem and a metaphor for all of Israel – the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reports the fundraiser started a few weeks ago on Twitter and Telegram. 

Al Aqsa Nafeer” (mobilization for jihad) is very busy online collecting money to buy weapons and equipment specifically for terrorists in Judea, Samaria and Gaza so they can kill Jews throughout Israel.

A statement released by the terror group said that so far the campaign has been “successful,” MEMRI reported.

Are you a small-time donor? Then you can participate in the jihad for the token sum of only $900, and donate a Katyusha rocket.

For $4,000, you can provide a Grad missile to the jihad – one with a range of 20 kilometers – and with a bigger investment ($10,000) your Grad missile can reach as far as 40 kilometers!

A sniper rifle can be donated for $6,000; a PK machine gun for $5,500. Maybe you are a big-time donor: in that case, donate an entire arsenal. The sky is the limit.

The campaign, which is “slickly produced” according to MEMRI, features various posters and a video, and is coordinated across most important social media platforms, including Skype, Gmail, Twitter and Telegram.

Instructions for the transfer of funds are provided in a shielded manner, probably after a discreet screening process.



  1. Please call the U.S. Capitol and let them know you OPPOSE the SYRIAN REFUGEES in the United States. 1-202-224-3121 as the operator will ask for your state and transfer you to your Senator (two calls to speak with each of them) and then call back to speak with your State Representative. It takes about a minute or two and is a relatively painless endeavor. Together we can put pressure on our Representatives. They won’t know you are against this unless you contact them! Please share this!

  2. palestinians are in bed with isis they are both terrorist s who cry to the world that its acceptable because they have a just cause. Its mind numbing how many people support these pigs and believe their lies claiming israel is the terrorist nation. We are justified knifing an old woman because mohamed the child molester said its ok. These palestinian vermin need to die or we can continue to live in an unsafe world where is it acceptable to fire unguided missiles at innocent people, yes they usually miss, not always, and it doesnt matter it is not ok to shoot missiles at innocent people and yes retaliatory attacks bombing your buildings after warning all the people by dropping leafleats is accaptable if it were my decision id kill every last man woman and child in gaza and west bank.

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