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Prime Minister Netanyahu speaks to reporters with his wife at his side at Ben Gurion Airport.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu arrived Sunday in Washington ahead of his scheduled appearances at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee annual convention, and subsequently before the U.S. Congress.

Netanyahu is expected to speak about the dangers of allowing Iran to achieve the ability to complete its creation of an atomic weapon.


“The White House did not want Mr. Netanyahu to give this speech,” at least three television networks said bluntly during newscasts on Sunday night. The Israeli leader was invited to speak to the Congress by House Speaker John Boehner, all news anchors noted.

Netanyahu has said he will make his case for stopping the Iranians from achieving their goal both at the AIPAC podium and again before the U.S. Congress on Tuesday. The issue is critical to Israel, which faces an existential threat if the deal currently on the table is signed by Tehran and world powers led by the United States.

During his speech to Congress, Netanyahu will reportedly reveal Israel’s knowledge of the details of the agreement on the table being discussed between world powers – led by the U.S. – and Tehran. A senior official traveling with the prime minister spoke with CNN, saying, “The prime minister is going to explain what they don’t know about this agreement is that it is a bad agreement.”

Netanyahu’s speech is seen as a last-ditch attempt to make America’s lawmakers understand the danger facing not only Israel, but their own nation and the rest of the world as well, before a March 24 deadline for inking any agreement with Tehran is reached.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. President Obama why what all hear and read from Islamist Iran officials are ignored by you?
    Obama pls explain why you give up to Islamist Iran.

    If the agreement is that good- why the powerful Obama doesn't want the world to hear Netanyahu??

    Democrats, Republicans – worldwide politicians should be concerned about Islamist Iran with Nuks and hear what a courageous leader has to say about Islamist Iran danger.
    North Korea is not supporting directly terrorists worldwide and its forces don't take active part in countries conflicts.
    Unlike North Korea, Shia terrorists supported by Islamist Iran attacked in Yemen-Argentina- Lebanon-Bulgaria-Iraq- India-Syria-Thailand- Egypt- Uruguay- Gulf states- USA-Saud Arabia (listed 41 countries)
    Imagine how will be living in a world where terrorists are protected by a Islamist Iran with almost ready NUK power!!

    If a world leader delivered a speech in the British parliament before Chambering surrender Czechoslovakia to the NAZI and managed to change the faulty agreement, could changed the world history.

    President Obama diverts away the discussion from the crucial problem relevant to the entire world to irrelevant points, such as protocol.
    President Obama, leading the mighty USA, faulty ME political experiments are dangerous for the entire world.
    The next 2 USA presidents will have a hard work to fix his faulty experiments.

    Like in Hans Christians Anderson story- Netanyahu plays the role of the small child crying:

    ""The king is naked"".
    (And the King ( Obama) wants to stop the child cry, before the people will realize indeed that the king(Obama) is naked
    Islamist Iran is dangerous for all the worldwide cultures- defined in 2 stages:
    The difference between the worldwide cultures and Israel is that they want to convert all to Islamist Shia by war and Israel they want tosetroy.

    Stage 1:
    Reestablishing the Persian Empire over by using the SHIA in Islamist Iran,Iraq, Syria,Lebanon,Jordan,Israel,Gulf states
    Islamist Iran proxies and revolutionary guard fight in all conflicts.
    (NAZI stage 1 was to control the territories with German speaking people)

    Stage 2:Imposing worldwide the Shia Islamism:
    (NAZI stage 2 was to try to impose their ideology worldwide by force)

    **"This century will witness the establishment of a universal holy government and the downfall of all others"**
    Constitution of Islamist Republic of Iran

    **"the Islamic Republic’s ideals include destroying America".
    Said Ayatollah Khamenei,supreme leader

    **USA foreign affairs report about Islamist Iran:
    -"Iran leaders view terrorism as an impotent foreign policy to export their idiology in listed 41 countries."

    **"we will raise the flag of Islam over the White House"
    "The Islamic Republic directly supports the Houthis in Yemen and Hezbollah in Lebanon and Shiite militias in Syria and Iraq,"
    Said by Shirazi leading Iranian cleric,close to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei

    Wikileaks disclosed that the Arab leaders requested USA to stop Islamist Iran, the traditional regional historical superpower Arabs geopolitical enemy by any means.

  2. Search "fox news judge jeanine pirro slams Obama on ISIS", and you should be able to find the March 1st video link which is titled "On the Wrong Side of History", regarding Obama and Netanyahu's visit. This video is very representative of what most Americans think. We welcome Netanyahu's meeting with our Congress!

  3. Today man’s world is reeling on its last legs. Wars, violence,destruction, terrorism engulf the entire world. Mankind is nearing the end of his rope. But even now, God will not intervene to save this defiant humanity from itself until man is finally brought to the point where, if God delayed longer in intervention, man would annihilate himself. God will not intervene and usher in the next world under the kingdom of God until the remnant of mankind has been brought to fully realize human inability to solve problems or bring world-wide peace in happiness and joy. Man must be brought to realize his helplessness and futility without God.

  4. Worth reading: This is current day Purim history revisited.

    THEN: Once there was a king in Shushan, the most powerful ruler in the world, very despised, or indifferent or even hated Jews.
    TODAY: Washington now has a president, the most powerful ruler in the world, indifferent or even hated Jews.

    THEN: Once there was a Persian who wanted to kill all the Jews, but needed the approval of the king to continue his program.
    TODAY: Today there are Persians who want to kill all the Jews, but must be approved by the President to proceed with.

    THEN: King did not really care, as long as earn something for him – a lot of money ….
    TODAY: President does not really care, as long as gain something for himself – a deal with the Iranians (at any cost)….

    THEN: a Jewish Queen Esther wanted to tell the king what is really happening, but to meet and talk with the king was very dangerous.
    TODAY: Jewish prime minister wants to tell the president and Congress what is really happening, but to meet them is very dangerous (e.g. relationship, politics).

    THEN: Some people thought that the Queen does not have to go to the king, it would anger the king and will drive him to make things worse.
    TODAY: Some people think that the prime minister should not go, it will just anger the President and motivate him to make things worse.

    THEN: The Queen (Esther) asked the Jews to fast and pray for the success of its mission. They did so, and the king accepted the words of the Jewish queen and the extermination plot of the Jews was foiled.
    TODAY: Do we fast and pray for the success of the mission of the Prime Minister? Will the president and Congress accept / respect / act on Prime Minister words? Will this thwart the plot to destroy the Jewish state?

    Israeli Prime Minister was invited to address the Congress of the United States on March 3
    Fast of Esther begins on the same day (almost )
    we hope for the same outcome – as during the period of Queen Esther

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