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Israel is giving in on the release of Palestinian prisoners with Jewish blood on their hands.

As to settlement freeze – that’s already the situation on the ground. Nowhere in East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria do you see nowadays any new projects coming up, other than a few, local projects, here and there.

Dark times are coming. Livni actually spoke up regarding the possibility that Jewish Home would leave the coalition government over the negotiations, and stopped just short of saying how delighted she would be to see them go.


Instead of a rebellion in the ranks of Likud-Beiteinu, we’re likely to see the Labor party coming to replace Bennett and the Srugim. There’s nobody here but us battered wives.

The one ray of hope is the Hamas. Its spokesman, Fawzi Barhoum, told the Ma’an news agency on Saturday that the PA’s return to negotiations is a “disaster” and a cover for the Israeli agenda of Judaization, settlement building and the displacement of Palestinians.

Moreover, the return to peace talks will risk the reconciliation talk between Hamas and the PA, Barhoum added. “Stopping political reconciliation for negotiations between the PA and Israel is very dangerous,” he said.

Which could mean that Hamas would go back to undermining the PA in Judea and Samaria, making it very tough for them to concede to anything in the talks with israel. Under such pressure, the PA negotiators would be forced to backtrack quickly, much as they have done twice already, in their 2000 talks with Ehud Barak in Camp David, and their 2007 talks with Ehud Olmert in Annapolis.


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Yori Yanover has been a working journalist since age 17, before he enlisted and worked for Ba'Machane Nachal. Since then he has worked for Israel Shelanu, the US supplement of Yedioth,,, Lubavitch News Service, Arutz 7 (as DJ on the high seas), and the Grand Street News. He has published Dancing and Crying, a colorful and intimate portrait of the last two years in the life of the late Lubavitch Rebbe, (in Hebrew), and two fun books in English: The Cabalist's Daughter: A Novel of Practical Messianic Redemption, and How Would God REALLY Vote.


  1. Because Israel is letting these men go as a show of good will to the Arabs, I believe that God perhaps would bless it regardless of these men and their crimes. However, because Israel is entering into talks that will demand that it give up some of God's land, I believe that God will be angry about it. Iran continues unwavering on it’s march in the development of nuclear weapons and Assad the dictator of Syria is still in power. Current intelligence seems uncertain of when Iran will get the bomb and Israel cannot afford to gamble with this. Assad of Syria has allegedly used chemical weapons against his own people and has targeted Tel-Aviv with his missiles. If this situation does not drastically change soon for the better, I believe the war in Isaiah Chapter 17 will likely take place. Damascus Syria would be destroyed. The worlds economy would likely collapse as a result and could usher in a one world government movement. I wrote a small 6 page book that outlines what I believe the Bible states will take place soon as well as the potential trends I see at this time. I don’t accept donations and it’s free. It’s a short read. I encourage you to have a look:

  2. Israelis should never have taken these savages prisoner. They should have been eliminated on the spot. Jews are too soft hearted. Letting the savages go will ultimately result in more innocent Jewish deaths.

  3. When will we ever learn? What did we gain from all the murderers we released already? What have we gained? We're no more closer to Peace then we were 40 years ago and we're still doing the same thing over and over again! Einstein said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Israel is the living example of this sage wisdom..

  4. The United States and the EU have declared a war on Israel.

    The question is why will any Jew want to give his/her property away to his/her enemy? Will he/her give part of his home away to his/her enemy?

    During many decades the Europeans have systematically humiliated, persecuted, banned and expelled Jews from one country to another until a Jew became known as the 'wandering Jew'. It is not enough that in 1939-to-1945 the Europeans have expelled Jews who lived among them from their homes, displaced and murdered six million Jews, now they are doing the very same, working, systematically to expel Jews from their HOMELAND, Israel.

    So what is happening to you in Israel, where are the wide protests?

    Why do you agree that the government will release murderers of Jews for the "honor" to be able to speak with the Arabs? It is a precondition.

    Netanyahu is lacking courage, a liar and manipulative of the first order… Pollard is in prison, and the Americans demand that Israel releases murderers of Jews… Where self-respect? Is Jewish blood worthless? My blood is boiling.

    When will Israel STOP being a partner in the double standard by which the world treats her?

    Israel has no convincing mantra which should be:

    The Palestinian Authority (PA) is just as Hamas – genocidal, AND.

    The land, from the river to the sea, belongs to the nation state of the Jewish people, Israel and the Jewish people.

    If we want to help Israel, we have to begin with the above, nothing less or more.

  5. How about president Obama and mr.kerry meeting with these murderers and see how peacefully they plan to be now that they are released! And oh yea how about sendin all the Palestinians back to Jordan where they belong( or maybe somewhere a little more drastic)!

  6. The flawed, insane decisions of Israeli politicians will once again result in Jewish blood being spilled if the muslim barbarians are released. HaShem forbid

  7. Maybe it is time for the all the jews of the world to aliyah, showing up for next shabbo’s meal, and just forget to go home! There wouldn’t be any room left to keep giving away parts of Israel, would there? It is just easier to critizes our brethern who suffer daily from this Hell fire situation when comfortably sitting in your living room reclining chair, eh?
    While our Haredi brother literally weary themselves thin from Torah study, so we all don’t perish, or our beautiful young youths in the IDF whose lives are at risk daily to protect Israel, whose lives may be snuffed out in an instant, lost to the world to protect OUR Israel. The same Israel that you’ll smugly sit back planning your next “vacation” to. Don’t you understand? Israel has ALWAYS been fighting for its life. Every single day. What are YOU going to do about it?

    It is odd isn’t it, muslims say they are part of a 22 nation group, isn’t that enough room? And yet, they keep trying to tear Israel up into little pieces until there will be no Israel left.

    Where is the mercy? Weren’t they just saying the other day that they won’t re-establish communications with the Pope of the Catholic Church unless he makes a public statement that Islam is a religion of peace? How would one prove this to even make that statement? Needless to say, the Pope has not.

    Don’t the ESTABLISHED muslim states have enough room for every last muslim that they don’t need to do any more land grabbing? Do you think the Pope, who is in charge of the largest religion in the world, would tolerate even for a moment anyone trying to overtake and commandeer his country, the smallest in the world? Do you think Christians will tolerate that? When Hell freezes over, don’t you think? It is time people start smartening up about what we are dealing with here. Give an inch, a mile will definitely taken. This is about WORLD DOMINATION, period. If you let it happen with out a fight, you deserve to be dominated.

  8. I don't like killing, but when some one kills intentionally a jew, no jail, no lawsuit.
    Immediate elimination on the place.
    The arab who kills a jew, when free he will do it again. Remember the law :an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

  9. Your not thinking big enough or broadly enough here and muslims are. It is time for every jew to get up out their easy chairs and out of their comfortable places and push back using all their resources to do it. Or Israel will continue to be disected and muslims will attempt to envelop the earth and conquer it.

  10. What kind of madness is this?! Who is standing behind this ill habitus repeating it all over again globaly as an enforced standard recipe for every country and nation?!! Doesn't it prove that the so-called "democracy" is nothing else than a opium for the masses? Isn't it a new age universal religion of celebrating and adoring the death and destruction?! If not so, how is it possible that in the every corner of the globe, the evil people, politicians, murderers, fraudlers, and similar human vaste are glorified, engaged in most influent global organizations??! We can see this clearly in almost every conflict on the earth. The organizers, mediatiors, promotioners and executers of such atrocius deeds are going away unpunished or what is the most disgusting, are being rewarded with positions of power within the system!!! Goodbye brain! May HaShem the Allmighty God have mercy on us because these monstrums well organized globaly certainly won't!!!

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