Photo Credit: Shai Kabasa / Nature and Parks Authority
The bunny rabbit's first moment of freedom in the wild after her release.

Umm al-Fahm police detectives on Tuesday identified a field rabbit that was allegedly kept illegally in a house in the village of Salem in the Wadi Ara area of the northern Triangle, 4 kilometers northeast of Umm al-Fahm. The detectives contacted Shai Kabasa, the Nature and Parks Authority inspector in the area, and sent him a picture of the bunny for identification.

The Cape hare is a typical hare, with well-developed legs for leaping and running, and large eyes and ears to look for threats from its environment. Usually, a white ring surrounds the eye. It has a fine, soft coat which varies in colour from light brown to reddish to sandy grey. Unusually among mammals, the female is larger than the male, an example of sexual dimorphism.


After identifying the animal, Kabasa arrived at the suspect’s home, collected the bunny rabbit, and performed an examination to assess her health condition. When it became clear that her physical condition was relatively good, Kabasa returned her to the wild in the fields of Jezreel Valley where had been captured originally, according to the findings of the interrogation of the suspect, who confessed to the crime.

The Nature and Parks Authority states that any capture, possession, and trade involving wildlife without an official prior permit from the Nature and Parks Authority is prohibited by law and may carry fines and legal proceedings depending on the severity of the offenses. The Authority will continue to act with the assistance of other law enforcement agencies, including the Israel Police, to eradicate these illegal acts that have a significant impact on the unique and beautiful nature of Israel.


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