Photo Credit: Screenshot
Rabbi depicted in Liberman's anti Haredi video

The Israel Beiteinu campaign on Friday posted a disgraceful video ad telling Israeli Haredim they don’t have to enlist in the IDF special forces, they just have to enlist in the army. The video features a Haredi man standing in the Kotel Plaza, with vile, condescending slogans being superimposed over his face.


In case the Liberman campaign removes the vile tweet, here’s a Facebook copy:

Here’s the rub: of all the hundreds of thousands of Haredim living in Israel, the Liberman people picked on Rabbi Elisha Levy, a Zionist educator who fought in the Six-Day War.

His son, Asher Levy, also served in the IDF, and Asher’s daughter just received her honorable discharge from the army, having served as an officer in an infantry boot camp. Asher has two other daughters who are serving right now, one in the air force, the other a recruitment NCO.

Avigdor Liberman served as an office clerk in the IDF civil government in Hebron. He may have received a paper cut.

We obviously saw this only Saturday night, even though the scandal broke Friday afternoon, so by the time we rushed to Liberman’s Twitter account it had all been removed. But, as we all know, what goes up never comes down on the Internet.