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The WOW group pray at the Kotel, but Jordan objects.

Jordan has condemned the plan for a new area at the Western Wall to accommodate the Women of the Wall organization’s demand for an area for them to pray in an “egalitarian” minyan in which they can wear tefillin and read from a Torah scroll. Orthodox Judaism considers women as “equal but not the same” as men, who have an obligation to wear tefillin and pray in a minyan.

Their campaign offended Haredim and many Orthodox Jews, but with broad support from the Diaspora and media outlets that love issues of quality and women’s rights without knowing what they are talking about, The Women of the Wall succeeded.


Jewish Agency chairman Natan Sharansky, appointed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to come up with a solution for the women without causing a religious war at the Western Wall, came up with a compromise for the women to pray as they wish at the southern section of the Wall, known as the Kotel.

The WoW were not happy with the compromise, but that is another story.

More urgent, Jordan also is not happy.

The women forgot that although the Western Wall is the city of Jerusalem, totally under Israeli sovereignty, Jordan thinks differently, despite the peace treaty with Israel.

It states that Israel “respects the present special role of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Muslim Holy shrines in Jerusalem…. The Parties will act together to promote interfaith relations among the three monotheistic religions, with the aim of working towards religious understanding, moral commitment, freedom of religious worship, and tolerance and peace.”

Israel has recognized Jordan as the “custodian” of the Al Aqsa mosque built over the ruins of the Holy Temples.

However, Israel did not take into consideration that Yasser Arafat would start a terrorist war to declare the Jewish Quarter of the Old City the capital of a new Arab state. Nor did it take into account that his successor Mahmoud Abbas is as much too clever politician.

Earlier this year, while Israel assumed that the PA was slowing crumbling into non-existence economically and politically, Abbas’ adviser Adnan Husseini declared that the Western Wall “is part of Islamic heritage that cannot be given up, and it must be under Muslim control.”

This past March 31, Abbas and King Abdullah reached an agreement that “His Majesty King ‘Abdullah II, as the custodian of the Jerusalem holy sites, will exert all possible efforts to preserve [these] sites, especially Al-Haram Al-Sharif [The Al-Aqsa Mosque]… and to represent their interests.” The agreement states further that King ‘Abdullah is responsible for ensuring respect for the holy places, guaranteeing the Muslims’ freedom of movement to and from the sites, ensuring their maintenance and representing their interests in the international arena.”

The catch is what is a “Muslim site?”

The Arab world has spent the past few years to translate history into fiction and declare that the Western Wall is a Muslim  site. So who are these uppity Jewish women, Orthodox, Reform or otherwise, to have the chutzpa to make a change at a supposed Muslim site without consulting with the “Custodian”?

Jordanian Minister for Media Affairs, Mohammad Momani condemned Israel’s “construction of a stage in the southern part of the Buraq Square which is adjacent to Al Aqsa-Mosque’s wall,” the Petra News Agency reported Monday.

Note that the Western Wall is now “Al Aqsa Mosque’s Wall,” the one where holy Arabs claim the  holy Mohammed tied his holy horse.

“Momani, who is also government spokesman, said the move is a blatant attack on the Muslim monuments and Waqf land which is an integral part of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, demanding Israeli occupation authorities to remove the stage and the damage it caused as soon as possible,” the news agency reported.

Furthermore, “The minister stressed Jordan’s stance in exerting political, diplomatic and legal efforts to protect and care for Muslim and Christian sanctities [sic] in Jerusalem.

“Momani warned of Jewish settlers and extremists’ continued call to storm the Al-Aqsa Mosque under the pretext of Jewish holidays, expressing regret over Israel’s disregard of international conventions and resolutions.”

Are the Women of the Wall listening?

Jordan’s policy is “to protect and care for Muslim and Christian ‘sanctities’ in Jerusalem.”

There is one word missing: Jewish.

The Women of the Wall never even dreamed about praying at the Kotel during the Jordanian Occupation, when Jews and Christians were prohibited from visiting holy places. Jordan has made lots of progress since then.

Now it is willing to open up holy places for Christians, and the Jews can wait for the next peace treaty.

As for the Jews “storming” the Temple Mount, that is the de rigeur term now used by the Arab press when police and Muslim escort Jews to make sure they do not commit the crime of taking a prayer book with them while ascending the Temple Mount.

The Women of the Wall have not spoken out about the discrimination against Jews trying to pray on the Temple Mount.

They have said they are focused on their own self-acclaimed rights.

The Women of the Wall, most of them Americans, do not understand with whom they are dealing. Haredim are not their enemies. Judaism is not their enemy.

Their enemies are those who demand that Jews stop being Jews.

Once they understand that, perhaps King Abdullah and Abbas will understand that while can get what they want if they deal with the Israeli government, they should never test the wrath of women.

Maybe Israel should consider sending the Women of the Wall to negotiate with Abbas.



  1. How could Women of the Wall Nashot HaKotel do this? they should be ashamed of themselves these occupiers (BTW I bet that the " New Israel Fund " wont like this now that a claim was made) , Heck B'Tselem בצלם" who receive funds as well should sue WOW (But by that they would be suing the new israel fund… uchhhhh soooo complicated.) MY BRAIN HURTS!

  2. Dave Rubin Whats your problem Dave? I dont support these woman because i believe their only goal is to disturb the jewish status Quo. That they have no real desire to pray at the wall. Their desire is to make sure that others are not praying as they would like.

    My new found support only comes because theyre pissing off the Waqf.

  3. I sure they will stop praying there now. After all they only want to offend Jews not Arabs. I don’t think they would have the guts to go up and pull the same stunt on the Temple mount

  4. hey people get a grip islam is not a peaceful religion and they are evil. Judaism is the true religion as it was first to exist before anyone was ever born. god created Israel and he created it all for the jewish people.. so look at the facts here Jerusalem is jewish and always will be and can not or ever be divided. by anyone no matter who it is Jordan has no control over that site of kotel or Jerusalem it is not muslim and Jordan need to keep out! Israel got hold of it in 1967 war so it was a jewish temple 2,000 years ago when the romans destroyed it in AD 70. the wall is today the remains of the jewish temple so islam must keep away from it I think someone needs to intervene and say sorry you cant have it, it belongs to the jewish people of Israel because it is in jewish land period! women have the right to pray at the wall on one side and men on other side of it, they are jews and they pray there all the time that mosque should not have been build there, islam thinks it can control everything sorry it should be closed to islam. and asked to leave and leave the jews alone. and go to their own land and build a mosque there…… this is all to messy with this fights over everything geeeee I wish people would wake up around the world and help put support in for Israel and her people.

  5. Wow doesn't need Jordan's permission to pray at the Kotel, or at Robinson's Arch, any more than I do. Of course, what the Jordanian a-holes said was that upgrading Robinson's Arch was a slap at Islam. It isn't, but if the Jordanians want to be offended, they can be my guest.

  6. Way too late. If Israel had done it on '67 no one would say a word. Now they can't do it anymore – it would lead to pogroms and terror attacks on jews around the globe.

  7. Time for Israel to take control of OUR MOST JEWISH HOLY SITE!
    The Temple mount, and stop acting as if were were still in the exile.
    Only leaders like Moshe Feiglin have the guts and faith to do so.
    He who rules the Mount, rules the land – poet Uri Tzvi Greenberg.

  8. Time for Israel to take control of OUR MOST JEWISH HOLY SITE!
    The Temple mount, and stop acting as if were were still in the exile.
    Only leaders like Moshe Feiglin have the guts and faith to do so.
    He who rules the Mount, rules the land – poet Uri Tzvi Greenberg.

  9. These are strangers in our land and we have cared for them and treated them with kindness, our reward an enemy that is convinced of our weakness and lack of resolve: enough…enough of these strangers and their ways…they are not our ways and are not of Israel…let them begone! sent out from us, out of Israel, and into their own homelands and among their own kit and kin!

  10. Jordan has been defeated many times by Jewish women and is afraid that the Jordanian women will realize the strength and achievements of Jewish women and lack of achievement of Jordanian men that they will rise up against their male dominated religion and government and take over and probably improve the life in Jordan instead of staying atiquated and subservient.

  11. WE should have taken all of it in “67, but hind site is 20/20. Now we should take Al Ahksa and the eastern side of the Yarden river like it should have been before the english maricones hijos de mala madres stuck their noses in our business and future as a nation. Nobody will give to us what is ours except us with G-ds grace and backing.

  12. Oh for shame! Yes Fools! to vie, in the name of G-d, for what is not yours alone, but loaned, for a time, to each and everyone of us by G-d–
    How presumcious, to assume the right to pray is exclusive and not inclusive.
    Is the manner of a man measured by One's ego? One's level of 'bulling' and 'suppression? or, the wealth of learning, freedom, peace, protection, laughter and celebration One has passed on to all those to whom G-d had given?
    Oh foolish One, be sore afraid! 'these 'cloak & daggar' games will return unto you, for G-d WILL NOT BE MOCKED!

  13. Well spoken! Only a fool under estimates the power G-d has given to women (as has demonstrated this throughout history (including Jordan's) , and, only a foolish woman will surrender it.

  14. To retaliate in like manner is to share in G-d's retribution for these travesties. Have we come so far and learned nothing? Our Exodus is a strong, timeless documented remembrance to us and the world of G-d's intervention.. likewise, the demise of the Holocaust … if we want to stop the flow of blood, we need to remember

  15. Thanks for your support Bobby & request for the same. Biblically speaking, fools & or dogmas can and will try to change, disregard, absolve & ignore what G-d has had penned to paper centuries ago, but as G-d has spoken, written and demonstrated over & over again, lest we forget G-d is in control, and will intervene.

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