Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90
Muslims pray on the street after the Temple Mount is closed following a terror attack. July 14, 2017

Following the Temple Mount terror attack on Friday morning, the police closed the Temple Mount to all visitors.

Two Border Policemen from the Druse community were murdered by the three Muslim terrorists, and 2 more were wounded in the attack.


Muslims usually arrive at the Temple Mount on Friday for prayers. Those that arrived were turned away, and those already on the Temple Mount, were removed from the compound.

Just a few short hours later, as the Druse families began their mourning, Jordan began negotiating with Israel in an attempt to reopen the Temple Mount to Muslim visitors.

As of Friday afternoon, the Temple Mount is still closed, and Muslims held prayer sessions on the streets of Jerusalem.

In Umm El-Fahm, the Israeli-Arab town where the terrorists came from, a mourning tent has been set up and hundred of Muslims have already visited it.

The Mufti of Jerusalem, Muhammad Ahmad Hussein, was also detained after calling on Muslims to come down to the Temple Mount following the attack and trying to enter the site. Hussein condemned Israeli “aggression” on the Temple Mount, either referring to killing the terrorists or locking down the Temple Mount following the attack.

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