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Donald trump Square with blood

Petah Tikva residents were surprised on Monday morning to see “blood” fountains in Donald Trump Square in the city. It was a protest exhibit against the coming application of Israeli law in the Jewish settlements of Judea and Samaria, created by anonymous artists who oppose the move – due on July 1.

The anonymous protesters told News 12: “There are steps that you can’t take back. We will never forget the fear of terrorist attacks in our childhood. The annexation will bring us a security and economic disaster, and all of it because of politicians playing with fire at the expense of citizens during a time of economic crisis.”


For the record, the fear of terrorist attacks in the artists’ childhood followed the signing of the 1994 Oslo accords, when the PLO, brought back to life by the Rabin government, started blowing up buses and shooting Israeli civilians by the thousands. So, logic dictates that with less Palestinian State out there, the chance for those traumatic acts of terrorism would be diminished. But young minds with access to red dye aren’t interested in logic.

Donald trump Square in Petah Tikva / Google maps

The square on the corner of Haim Ozer and the Hagana Streets in Petah Tikva was named after President Trump in early 2019 by Mayor Rami Greenberg. They had a big ceremony, with the prime minister and the American ambassador. Nice looking square, too…


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