Photo Credit: Office of The Zvhil-Mezbuz Rebbe / Screenshot from NY Times Events
Rabbi Yitzhak Aharon Korff and Shari Redstone

Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority on Sunday announced it was deporting Brandon Korff, the son of billionaire chairwoman of ViacomCBS and president of National Amusements Shari Redstone, for secretly visiting his 18-year-old model girlfriend, Yael Shelbia, in violation of his entry permit.

Branson is the son of Redstone and her ex-husband, Rabbi Yitzhak Aharon Korff, the Zvhil-Mezhbizh Rebbe.


Last Friday, Branson Kroff was granted an exceptional permit to enter Israel, to visit his brother, who is serving in the IDF. But, according to the PIA, Korff instead “violated the isolation orders from the moment he entered the country and met his Israeli partner,” spending Shabbat in her apartment. He was ordered to leave Israel immediately.

According to The Associated Press, Shelbia, who is also an enlisted IDF soldier, appeared in commercials for Renuar, an Israeli fashion line, and Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty makeup line.

Redstone is the daughter of businessman and media magnate Sumner Redstone, formerly the executive chairman of both CBS and Viacom, who, at age 92, resigned both chairmanships following a court-ordered examination by a geriatric psychiatrist.

Rabbi Korff has combined simultaneous careers as a rabbi, chaplain, lawyer, diplomat, businessman and entrepreneur.

Redstone and Rabbi Korff had three children and were later divorced. Rabbi Korff was president and director of National Amusements until two years after they divorced. Earlier in life he received three ordinations, and learned at Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin in Brooklyn, the Rabbinical Seminary of Israel, and Yeshivas Beis Mordechai (Zvhil) of Jerusalem. He was also tutored privately by cabalist masters. His second wife is the daughter of the late Shomer Emunim Rebbe, Avrohom Chayim Roth of Jerusalem and Bnei Brak.

Also earlier in his career, the Zvhil-Mezhbizh Rebbe organized one of the first White Collar Crime Units and Juvenile Diversion Units in the United States as a special consultant to the Norfolk County, Mass., District Attorney’s Office, and served as Special Assistant Attorney General for Massachusetts. He consulted candidates for political office at Massachusetts’ City Council, Mayoral, State Senate, Governor, US Congress and US Senate levels – before and after their elections.