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MK Taleb Abu Arar

MK Talab Abu Arar (Joint Arab List) Arab List) on Friday called on the Palestinian Authority to sever its security cooperation with Israel at Once, Israel Radio reported. Abu Arar suggested the PA must now enlist the entire world against the policies of President Trump and Prime Minster Netanyahu.

Abu Arar predicted the new policy announced at the White House on Wednesday will lead to “burning down the whole world” and to the “burial of a political resolution” of the Israeli-Arab conflict.


MK Abu Arar is a Bedouin Israeli Arab who entered the Knesset with the United Arab List in 2013.

MK Abu Arar’s official Knesset email address was discovered among the 36 million email addresses registered to the affair website Ashley Madison. Abu Arar, already with two wives (and 10 children), denied he was a member of the disgraced site, telling Israel Radio: “Someone signed up with my e-mail address in order to sully my reputation.” His membership was discovered by

The cooperation between Israeli and PA security forces originates from the Oslo Accords II, Article XII, which designates a “joint Coordination and Cooperation Committee for Mutual Security Purposes” of the two neighboring entities, “to guarantee public order and internal security for the Palestinians of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.”

Israeli security officials regularly praise this cooperation, but Arab critics see it as serving primarily the security of Israel.


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  1. By Bob

    In 1922, The League of Nations laid out the borders for a future Land of Israel. It included the West Bank, the Gaza Strip. and everything between them west of the Jordan River. It was approved by 51 countries. When the League disbanded and the United Nations was created, they voted and approved the Leagues Document on the future Israeli border. This document was legal according to international law. In 1948, the U.N. abandoned their agreement with the League to uphold the document and let Jordan illegally take the West Bank and East Jerusalem away from Israel, which didn’t only violate the agreement, it violated international law. In 1968, Israel reclaimed the land from Jordan. The U.N , the P.A., and the rest of the Arab and Muslim world keeps saying that the land belongs to the Palestinians and the Israelis are violating international law by occupying it. In 2013, the P.A. took Israel to court in France because of a dispute over a rail line Israel built in the West Bank from Jerusalem. The Court of Appeals of Versailles, after studying international law, region laws, the League of Nations Israeli Border Document, and the Agreement of the United Nations to honor that document, ruled that ALL of the West Bank and ALL of Jerusalem belong to Israel and that the Palestinians have NO rights to any of the land. Since the P.A. did not challenge the ruling, it became final
    According to international law, Israel should have been in possession of all of the West Bank and all of Jerusalem since 1948. There is no need for Israel to pass settlement laws a nd wrongfully destroy settlements like Amona when they are all on Israel’s land. All the Israeli Government has to do is quit listening to the U.N., quit being afraid of Hamas and the P.A., and read the international laws regarding Israel’s legal borders. If any of them know how to use a computer, have them checkout the Court of Appeals of Versailles ruling of 2013. It was only 4 years ago so they wont have to look so far back.

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