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Biased Pollster Gets Biased Results

America overwhelmingly opposes US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, a new poll claims. Cause for concern? Not when you realize the poll was carried out by an anti-Israel professor who crafted the question so the results would be slanted in that direction.

Finding The Right One

Eternal wisdom from Rebbetzin Jungreis, a”h. The topic is the intense research that goes into shidduchim.

Will We Still Light The Menorah In The Window?

One wonders if other religions ever had to take into consideration frequent swells of persecution and literal danger to life and limb and encode it into religious law. In too many times and places, being Jewish has been and still is an act of courage.

Timely Recognition

The original Asara B’Teves was a yom hadin (judgment day) on which it was decided whether there would be a churban that year.

Competing Creditors And The Ketubah (77:11)

Although Shimon’s right of collection against Reuven’s estate preceded Levi’s, Levi did not violate Shimon’s prior right to the assets of Reuven’s estate.

Beis HaMikdash – Spiritual Power Source

The Bach seems to be saying that all that was to befall the Jewish people was because we no longer approached the Avodah with the appropriate sense of purpose, and therefore it was taken from us.

Daf Yomi

K’vod Ha’brios ‘Excluding Where He Was Preoccupied’ (Shavuos 18b-19a)

Presidential Chanukah Celebrations

Washington, inspired by the message of the little Chanukah candles, went on with increased confidence and vigor to lead the Continental Army to an unlikely victory against the British.

V.A.T. Refund

While in Israel, Dov purchased two large portraits. With the frames, the total price came to 1,200 NIS.

Q & A: Did Abraham Daven Minchah?

Question: We are taught that the Patriarchs kept the entire Torah even before it was given to the Jewish nation on Mount Sinai. If so, why do our Sages say that Abraham was the originator of Shacharit, Isaac was the originator of Minchah, and Jacob was the originator of Maariv? That seems incongruous given the fact that the Patriarchs kept the entire Torah. S. Friedman

Hashem Called When She Got “Home”

How could I leave Israel with her in this condition? After telling my wife how I felt, she urged me to extend my trip. My brother also urged me to stay.

The Great Escape

The Talmud tells us that a lamp is lit over the head of each unborn child in its mother’s womb, enabling it to perceive all the ways of God throughout the world.

The Power Of Dreams

From Joseph we learn three principles. The first: Dream dreams. Second: Leaders interpret other people’s dreams. Third: Find a way to implement dreams:

Recognizing All Of Jerusalem, Here To Stay

Contrary to how Trump’s announcement has been portrayed in the international media, I believe it will advance the cause of peace and the international effort against terror.


Although this bringing in of light begins at home, it does not stop there. Such is the nature of light that when one lights a light for one’s own benefit, it benefits also all who are in the vicinity.

HaRav Aharon Leib Shteinman, ZT”L

Known for his extraordinarily incisive intellect, Rav Shteinman was regularly sought out by individuals with personal problems as well as Israeli governmental officials seeking guidance on public issues.

Parsing The President’s Jerusalem Declaration

So the president all but invited the Palestinians to come and negotiate over the issue he ostensibly resolved by recognizing Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem.

When A Licentious Culture Becomes An Accusatory Culture

What could be more ironic than the fact that we are experiencing an unprecedented outbreak of long-belated sexual harassment charges in a generation defined by its sexual licentiousness?

‘Bitachon Means Knowing Hashem Will Come Through For You’ Rabbi Yitzchak Dwek on living...

If only we would realize that every smack we receive is a gift in disguise, we would embrace those moments of challenge and cherish them.

Rav Kook On The Lights Of Chanukah

Like Rabbi Akiva of old, Rav Kook was able to laugh in the face of adversity, while his contemporaries could only cry.

The Happiness Of Pursuit: A Community-Focused Interpretation

Every quest has a beginning, and sooner or later, every quest will come to an end.

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