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A Laughable Accusation

On any given day, PragerU increases goodness and kindness on earth while the Southern Poverty Law Center, which placed PragerU on its “Hatewatch” blog increases anger and resentment.

INTO THE FRAY – Elements of Oslo: Drug Trafficking & high treason?

The arrest of former Minister Gonen Segev, on charges of treason, constitute a regrettable vindication of my assessment of the man – over 25 years ago.

Who’s Rendering Women ‘Invisible’?

We at The Jewish Press publish pictures of women, but the publications that don't are not trying to “oppress” women. They're trying to follow the laws of tznius as they understand them.

Palestinians: Victims of Arab Apartheid

No one cares when an Arab country mistreats and discriminates and kills Palestinians. But when something happens in the West Bank or Gaza Strip, the international media and community suddenly wake up. Why? Because they do not want to miss an opportunity to condemn Israel.

INTO THE FRAY: The IDF & Gaza: Soldiers or sociologists?

Has the IDF brass forgotten that they are soldiers, charged with providing military solutions to physical threats to the nation’s security; not sociologists, tasked with diagnosing the societal ailments of its enemies?

No Jews Allowed in Palestine

Neither Jordan nor Egypt have laws that forbid the sale of land to Jews nor have they made statements that Jews are unwelcome in their respective countries. Meanwhile Palestinians neither permit the sale nor permit the presence of Jews.

Swimming Against the Tide? The Battle for Camp Ramah

An anti-Zionist group’s effort to use Jewish camps to undermine support for Israel poses a difficult challenge for a key American Jewish institution.
MK Moshe-Feiglin

Dynamite Doves? Blazing Butterflies?

When Israel recognized a foreign nation's supposed right to the land of Israel, it turned itself into a colonialist state and the terrorists who launch the rockets, mortars, and terror kites into freedom fighters.

Bernie’s Smear Directs Democrats Further From Israel

Presidential contender’s videos boost Hamas terror organization and the Palestinian “right of return.”

Palestinians: No Place for Gays

A Palestinian was executed in Gaza by three bullets to the chest, because he lived among people who consider homosexuality a sin punishable by death -- and who act on it.

Pro-Trump Jews are the Future of American Zionism

Those American Jews who have the courage to be Zionists will be bold enough to stop being Democrats, to turn off NPR, unsubscribe from the New York Times and thumb their noses at society.

Ending Apartheid in Jerusalem

Discrimination still exists in Jerusalem and it is practiced against the Jews of the city.

INTO THE FRAY: Gaza—The “Humanitarian” Hoax

The privation in Gaza is not the cause of the enmity towards the Jewish state. Quite the opposite! It is the enmity towards the Jewish state that is the cause of the privation in Gaza.

Gaza: A Simple Solution

The solution for Gaza is not, and cannot be, its reconstruction, but its deconstruction and the generously funded humanitarian relocation and rehabilitation of the non-belligerent Gazans to third party countries, outside the “circle of violence”.
MK Moshe-Feiglin

Creating New Jewish Leadership

A radically innovative approach to Israel's present military approach to Gaza and the Palestinians.

NY Times Touts Yet Another anti-Israel Narrative

Times Whitewashes Motivation of Palestinian Assassin of Robert Kennedy

Religious Freedom for Me, but not for Thee

Opposition from Jewish groups to a Supreme Court decision defending the rights of a believer is a discouraging retreat from principle.

While the UNSC Debates Israel-or-Hamas Regarding Gaza, Gazans Debate Whether to Stay-or-Go

According to the polls, Palestinians are indeed fed up with their leadership, but more with Abbas than Hamas. That sentiment is more pronounced in Gaza (81%) than the West Bank (62%).

INTO THE FRAY: Gaza – A “Simple” Solution

The solution for Gaza is not, and cannot be, its reconstruction, but its deconstruction and the generously funded humanitarian relocation and rehabilitation of the non-belligerent Gazans to third party countries, outside the “circle of violence”.

Jerusalem Still On The Table

If Jerusalem were to be divided, Arab residents would abandon the eastern side, and move to west Jerusalem to retain the benefits that Israel provides. In turn, they would be replaced by terrorist and/or anarchistic elements that would turn the area into a war zone.

Bill the UN to Repair the Gaza Fence

Palestinian Arabs have been given tacit approval to attack Israel for decades by the United Nations. Therefore shouldn't the UN cover the bill for the damage to Israel's security fence in violation of Israel’s sovereignty?

Selective Horror

It is good to bring police brutality out in the open but has anyone heard media discussing the tens of youths who were tortured and never indicted over the supposed attack on Duma? Don’t the continued arsons in Duma demand the release of the detained youths?

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