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Thomas Friedman: Peddler of Racist Fiction and Adolescent Fantasy

Thomas Friedman, the three-time Pulitzer Prize winner for Middle East reporting seems to never be shy at demonstrating his complete ignorance, his willful naivete, and racist views on the region.

One Jewish People; Two Dissonant Tribes

A new survey of Israeli Jews shows strong feelings of solidarity with the Diaspora, but little interest in listening to the views of American Jews. It should cause soul-searching in both communities.

INTO THE FRAY: Inane …Again! Tom Friedman on Gaza

Tom Friedman’s last piece on Gaza is a “masterful” blend of personal bile & bias, liberally laced with logical inconsistencies, factual inaccuracies and even blatant non-sequiturs

Western Media… What A Riot!

The media continues to play a crucial part in Hamas' evil drama, faithfully publicizing any anti-Israel lie, no matter how obvious and grotesque.
MK Moshe-Feiglin

Torah Flowing Through Our Cultural Veins

We salute the IDF and Netanyahu for their decisive roles in the events of the past week. But we must embark upon a strategy of triumph. If we do not do so, President Trump will want to make "peace." Remember Oslo?

INTO THE FRAY: Swastikas over Gaza!

Nothing could expose the true intent of the Judeocidal riots on Gaza border more than the Nazi-style swastikas on incendiary kites flown into Israel to set Jewish property (& if possible, Jewish people) ablaze.

The Dead-Baby Strategy

Exploiting the death of a Palestinian infant shows the depths to which anti-Israel propaganda has sunk and how effective such immoral arguments can be.in defending human rights.

Jerusalem, City Of Headlines

A modern-day record for the number of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount was set this week on Jerusalem Day – 2,046 Jews! Among them were many who sang and danced, "May G-d rebuild His House soon!" a healthy expression of the Jewish People singing its joy at returning to its land and city.
MK Moshe-Feiglin

The Mask Is Off

When Israel is attacked, the world forgives the attackers because, after all, what are we doing here in the first place? In order to win, we must possess a different kind of justification –one that relies on truth.

Did Trump Endanger Israel?

Withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal raised tensions, but it’s Iran that’s more isolated and weaker now, not Israel.

Wrong Man? Right Decision!

Pres. Donald Trump’s Iran-deal decision was a first, necessary step to reverse his predecessor’s dangerous appeasement policy that empowered a rogue nation.

Feiglin on Pres. Trump’s Withdrawal of US from the Nuclear Deal with Iran

Regardless that the US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement was best thing that could have happened to Israel, we must stop passing the responsibility for our own defense.

INTO THE FRAY: Iran & the Chilling Significance of the “No Alternative” Argument

The attempt to justify the 2015 deal with Iran, as being the only viable alternative to allowing it to develop nuclear weapons, is both infuriating and disingenuous.

Nobody Knew

The JCPOA was based on Western charity for Iranian lies. After Israel’s intelligence coup, the question is: Will JCPOA boosters continue to deny reality and accuse Israel of being alarmist? Will they continue to pretend they didn’t know, and to accept Iran’s naked denials?

Palestinians: The Real Gaza Blockade

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh recently admitted that the Palestinian protests are aimed at thwarting Trump's yet-to-be-announced plan for peace in the Middle East rather than improving conditions for Gazans

A Baby Called Alfie

Alfie Evans was born in May 2016 with an incurable neurological condition and has been in the hospital ever since. The boy’s parents have been fighting in the courts to keep their son alive. Last week, his family lost their latest legal appeal and Alfie's life support was switched off. But then something unexpected happened. Alfie carried on breathing without the life support.

220 Airstrikes on Palestinians; World Yawns

Dropping barrels of dynamite on houses and hospitals in a Palestinian refugee camp is apparently of no interest to those who pretend to champion Palestinians around the world. Nor does the issue seem to move the UN Security Council.

Trump, King Darius, And Jerusalem

President Trump has not yet given his "permission" to build the Third Temple, but he seems to have gone a fair ways towards taking his place in Jewish history.
MK Moshe-Feiglin

Hamas, Abandoned Bodies, And A Cynical Calculation

The calculus of Israel's politicians today is that it is easier to deal with the pressure from the family of fallen soldier Hadar Goldin, and to hold out a bit longer until the next round of fighting than it is to confront Hamas.

INTO THE FRAY: Natalie Portman as a Symptom

Israel must convey a resolute message to arm-chair liberals who are staunchly prepared to defend their principles…down to the last Israeli

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