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INTO THE FRAY: INSS’s Puerile, Preposterous Proposal

The cynically minded may be forgiven for suspecting that the prime goal of INSS’s newly launched plan is the demolition of Jewish communities, rather than the future resolution of conflict or enhanced Israeli security

25 years Post-Oslo: Why Israelis Shy from Victory

One day, imagine, a U.S. president tells an Israeli prime minister: “Palestinian extremism damages American security. We need you to end it by achieving victory over the Palestinians.”

What a Political General Teaches us about the Israel-Diaspora Disconnect

American Jews don’t know much about Benny Gantz, but they should acknowledge the collapse of the Israeli left.

Nikki Haley: Proof that Americans can Succeed at the UN

The resignation of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley took the political world by surprise, but it’s likely that no one is more disappointed than supporters of Israel.

A Sofer at the Kotel

So-fer, so good; a creative idea to increase shalom amongst Jews through Torah

The Co-existence CULT

We hear how Arabs and Jews meet and greet and drink coffee. As I’ve noted before, the Jews of Hebron in 1929 also would have sworn that they had coexistence. Some of them also shared Turkish coffee with their Arab neighbors. And yet, their neighbors butchered them in 1929--and they did so again this past Sunday in the Barkan industrial zone.

The Left’s Contempt For Middle-Class Values

while most liberals and conservatives abide by society’s rules of order and decency, most leftists do not feel bound to live by these same rules.

Don’t Forget The Homeless

Now that we have returned home from our Sukkahs, let's remember those who have to homes to go to. Charity "may start at home" but let's extend it others without one.

Would You Have Spared Eichmann?

If you allow legal debate over the morality of destroying the Jews – thereby drawing a question mark over the legitimacy of their existence – you immediately remove yourself from the parameters of legitimate discourse and turn the legal platform itself into a patently unethical mechanism.

Obsessing over Oslo: Einat Wilf in ‘The Atlantic’

Wilf seems oblivious to “pesky details” such as the murderous terror unleashed by the Palestinians, their Judeophobic indoctrination and Judeocidal incitement, as “grand obstacles to peace”

What Does Female Empowerment Mean?

Dennis defends against the onslaught of criticism generated by his last column.

On Fuld’s Murder, Oslo’s Failure, And Tactical Negligence

The Russian bear came to fill the vacuum in Syria, and Israel’s ability to defend itself is now dependent on Putin’s good will.

Even If Kavanaugh Is Guilty…

I am not interested in whether Mrs. Ford, an anti-Trump activist, is telling the truth. Because even if true, what happened to her was clearly wrong, but it tells us nothing about Brett Kavanaugh since the age of 17. But for the record, I don’t believe her story.

INTO THE FRAY: Rumored “Ultimate Deal”: Potential Payoffs; Possible Pitfalls.

The potential impermanence of the positive measures already undertaken by the Trump team should not be the only reason for Israeli concern over the brewing “ultimate deal”

Why Are Young Jews Leaving Israel?

Israel's abundance is not reaching the places it should. It is being blocked by a million state workers, 20 ministerial offices that are extraneous, budget-based pensions, a bloated, ineffective army, truckloads of cash and free electricity to Gaza, and more

Yom Kippur Airlines

On Sukkos, we shake a lulav, esrog, haddasim, and aravos, symbolizing all Jews, from saints to sinners. We have to interact with all of them. Some may challenge us and even trigger anger and resentment, yet Hashem expects us, af al pi kein, to stand together.

INTO THE FRAY: Israel’s Left as a Jilted Lover

The Left in Israel is behaving like a person who cannot accept that the object of his love has chosen another in his stead

Ari Fuld. Warrior for Peace

It is unclear whether Ari was targeted for attack because of his zealous pro-Zionist views, or whether he was yet another Jew killed by an Arab for the simple reason that he was a Jew

Is The President A Bad Role Model?

The role of the president of the United States is first and foremost to be a good president. If he (or she) is a personal role model, that is a lovely bonus – but it is only a bonus.

INTO THE FRAY: My New Year Appeal to Caroline Glick – Rethink “The Israeli Solution”.

Glick’s prescription for a “A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East” will jeopardize the Zionist enterprise no less than the two-state paradigm, which she rightly repudiates with great force and eloquence.


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