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Shidduchim Saviors: ‘The Rebbetzins’

We take a whole person approach, giving our people assistance with whatever they need.

‘He Didn’t Get A Chance To Complete His Mission’: Remembering Justin Zemser – Star...

"...his neshamah reached out to us to have the zechus of Torah learning to take with him on his final journey.”

Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz: A Different Type of Philanthropist

Rechnitz proves that learning Torah, chesed, and entrepreneurship can complement each other.

Reaching The Top

Commenting on the public’s growing acceptance of challenged individuals, Dr. Hahn says, “Little by little, things are changing.

‘The Litmus Test Of Political Correctness Is One’s Stance On Israel’: An Interview With...

Jews are an anxious group – understandably, given the millennia of persecution – and want to have no trouble.

Israel Police Help Special Children Run The Marathon

Although it's emotionally difficult to see the suffering, helping out makes me happy.

Jew For A Week: Ryan Bellerose’s Story

I decided to really understand what Jewish people go through by becoming a Jew.

Poland, FDR, And The Bombing Of Auschwitz: An Interview with Holocaust Historian Dr. Michael...

Why do Jews, then, sometimes feel more intensely about Polish anti-Semitism than they do about German anti-Semitism?

Americans’ Support For Israel ‘Almost Overwhelming’: Veteran Israeli Diplomat Meir Shlomo Reflects on U.S.-Israel...

“Texans share a lot of the same attitude as Israelis, that we say what we think and we think what we say, and that makes it much easier to communicate,” he says.

Reflections On My Great-Grandmother, Mrs. Golda Katz a”h

She had many names and was many things to many people, but to me she was just Babineni.

‘There Never Will Be Peace Between Radical Islam And Israel’: A Conversation with Foreign...

Mitchell Bard is nothing if not prolific. He has written and edited 23 books, including “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Middle East” and “The...

‘Putin Is Scared Of An Uprising’: An Interview With Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi, Rav Yaakov...

You have to understand that Ukraine was really a very, very Jewish place for many years.

Rebbetzin Of The World: An interview with Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis

"The idea of bringing people back to Yiddishkeit was inside me from my childhood days."

‘A Gathering Place For The Most Serious Talmidei Chachamim’: An Interview with Rabbi Aaron...

Those seeking accounting, finance, business, healthcare, technology, etc., will often enter a specialized graduate degree “track” created by Lakewood’s Professional Career Services, in conjunction with local institutions of higher education, for our alumni.

In Shifra’s Arms

Erica Pelman is a spiritually-driven woman. She is founder and director of “In Shifra’s Arms” (ISA), an organization that offers aid to pregnant Jewish...

Nechama and Me

I rescued you?! You're doing me a favor letting me help you!

‘An Israeli Leader Must Be Able To Stand Up And Tell The Truth’: An...

The Iranians do not believe the West has the necessary conviction to intensify the sanctions – precisely at a time when biting sanctions would be most effective with the falling prices of oil.

‘Academia Can Meet Tradition And Not Be A Contradiction’: An Interview with Bible Lecturer...

What I think is going on here is the Midrash is making a comment about Rut’s love for Naomi being some sort of reflection of how we have to love God.

‘The Left Holds The Arabs In Such Low Regard’: An Interview with Author and...

During the Nazi period, as bad as the Germans were, no German politician ever declared openly a desire to exterminate the Jews.

From Northern Ireland to Israel: Meet Gush Katif Supporter Stephen Haire

I never visited but Gush Katif looked like an amazing oasis created by Israel's most loyal citizens

After Losing His Legs, U.S. Veteran Brian Mast Gets ‘Hands Dirty’ To Support Israel

Posting ‘I support Israel’s right to defend herself’ on Facebook isn’t enough.

‘Trying To Keep The UN Honest’: An Interview With B’nai B’rith International Executive Vice...

HarperCollins’s omission was especially egregious because it is a major general and educational publisher.

A Sheep Farmer Today

Shepherding in the Shomron isn’t your usual kind of shepherding – despite his business-minded beginnings, Eli has discovered that a strong ideological impetus powers the job.

The Volunteers Who Saved Israel In 1948

I said to myself, “This story has got to be told. We’re losing this generation of World War II and if we don’t listen to them now, we’ve lost it.”

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