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Here A Fascist, There A Fascist, Everywhere A Fascist

The hysteria, and evident delusion, over the perceived sudden resurgence of fascism and the subsequent demonization of anyone who expresses conservative thought, supports Trump, or refuses to cave to the thrall of identity politics and political correctness on campuses, has given campus activists a new and potent tool in their campaign against any ideas they do not like –meaning, of course, any ideas that challenge their preconceived and leftist notions.

Gun Safety Is Our Issue Too

Since Columbine, mass shootings have become much more deadly. NO ONE should have access to a gun without proper screening and training--and, outside of the military, NO ONE should have assault weapons

An Anti-Semitic Smear Gets Another Hearing

Those who want to besmirch Israel’s supporters as undermining U.S. interests without being rightly labeled as anti-Semites are fooling no one.

The Greatest Libel Since the Blood Libel

That America today oppresses minorities and women is as far from the truth as was the claim that Jews used Christian blood for matzah. Indeed, no country in the world is so accepting of minorities as fellow citizens as America.

Humanitarian Crises Can Be Good News for Gaza

Ironically, all three Hamas-Israel wars of the past decade might have been averted had the international community not tried so hard to “protect” Gaza’s civilian population.

Ongoing Kulturkampf with the ultra-Orthodox

If current trends are sustained, haredi growth as a percentage of Israel’s total population is expected to be 14% in 2024 and 27% in 2050, when haredim will account for 35% of the total Jewish population.

Palestinian Human Rights — and Wrongs

The Palestinian Authority has treated detainees in ways that even the most infamous of Mafia gangsters would find appalling.

How Palestine “Occupies” Itself

On the one hand, the Palestinians claim the Israeli “occupation” makes serious negotiations with Israel impossible. On the other, they claim the “occupation” makes the development of local institutions and civil society impossible.

Center for Jewish History Hosting Jewish Voices for Peace Events

Jewish Voices for Peace, Mr. Fishback, David N. Myers, and the American Jewish Historical Society have the right to their opinions. They, however, should not be 'leaders' in the normative Jewish community.

Israel Courts Shield Hamas Officials from Consequences

In reality, the implications of this case are broad, because if even swearing allegiance to a foreign government on behalf of a terrorist organization committed to Israel’s destruction isn’t enough to make a Palestinian lose his Israeli residency and its attendant benefits, what on earth would be?

Stepping Forward, or Backward, in Jerusalem?

Cutting Arab neighborhoods in the east and north out of Jerusalem’s municipal jurisdiction is a bad idea; a slippery slope towards a full-scale political division of the city. Either Israel rules effectively, generously and fully in greater Jerusalem, for all residents, or it doesn’t.

Palestinian “Reconciliation”: Hamas Free to Fight but Now Abbas Accountable

Abbas's new partnership with Hamas means that from this moment on, the Palestinian Authority (PA) president should be held responsible for everything that takes place inside the Gaza Strip.

The Female Jihadi

Linda Sarsour: Poster-girl for damage done to the female psyche by a strict Islamic upbringing

Long Before Hamas, FDR Was Calling For Jihad Using Stones And Knives

Whether adopting The Muslim terminology, like the US or adapting and remaking Islam as the Nazis attempted, a lot of effort was put into winning over the Muslims as part of the WWII effort.

Where Is The Jewish Response To Monuments Of Anti-Semites?

We live in a time where 'heroes' are being reconsidered in a 'PC' prism leading to statues being felled. But where is the public remonstrance against the celebrated anti-Semites of history?

Israel’s Sandy Koufax

As a representative of Israel, Dudi Sela made up his mind that he would not play on the holiest day on the Jewish calendar. His decision is all the more impressive because he is not particularly religious.

Poland 2017: Tears And Tribute

We Jews are alive and thriving, Baruch Hashem. At each memorial in Poland we were uplifted by the sight of the blue and white flags of the state of Israel, placed there as reminders: “Never again.”

Children’s Shots And The Maccabees’ Shields

Year after year, I strategized: How far in advance should I tell them the kids the dreaded shots were coming? Regardless of when, I always had lollipops in my pocket

Interpol and the Palestinians: Where’s a Cop When you Need One?

The international community just gave the Good Housekeeping seal of approval to those who traffic in terrorism, by welcoming the Palestinian Authority into INTERPOL

No, This Isn’t The Time To Talk Gun Control. Here Are 3 Reasons Why.

Passion doesn’t make policy good or worthwhile. And injecting emotional accusations into the process never makes policy — or the country — better.

Trump’s “New” Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan Was Tried by Netanyahu 8 Years Ago

Regardless of the similarities to the previous "economic peace" plan, the concept itself is fairly new and for that reason alone there is reason for patience, if not a bit of hope, for progress

The Case for Kurdish Independence

No one who supports statehood for the Palestinians can morally oppose Kurdish independence. But they do, because it is double-standard hypocrisy, and not morality, that frames the debate over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Big Middle East Lie

The conflict is about Israel's existence in the Middle East. It's about the abiding interest in the Arab and Islamic world to destroy Israel and murder Jews.

5 Tips for Businesses in the New Year

Whether you’ve had a great year in business, or not, here are a few things to consider for the New Year:

Boycotting Any Part of Israel Is Boycotting ALL Israel

Is boycotting “over the green line” akin to a full boycott of Israel? The clear answer, according to Israeli Law, Scarlett Johansson and leaders across the political spectrum is "YES!"

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