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A Message for Our Day from the Jungles of Africa of Yesteryear

Modernity proves Schweitzer’s critique “we had no scale of values, for we had no reverence for life”

A Question of Patriotism

Obama is setting the stage to turn Americans against Jews, a tactic Jews experienced through history

Liberal Jews Afraid to Oppose Iran Deal

Evangelical Christians have more courage than Reform Jews to support the survival of a Jewish state

Moshe Rabbeinu’s Ingenious Pleading

How would Moshe Rabbeinu, at today's crucial crossroad of Jewish history, address God?

Save The ‘Nebbish’!

People are proudly called "nerd or geek" (both Gentile appellations) but who aspires to "nebbish"?

Lessons Of The Leo Frank Lynching, 100 Years Later

Although Frank's the only US Jew lynched by a mob,the act has a profound&lasting impact on US Jewry

What’s Morally Right? How Liberals and Conservatives Differ

Without God, there are no moral truths, only moral opinions. Right & wrong are only subjective terms

The President Should Stop Questioning the Motivations of Opponents of the Iran Deal

Obama&supporters do themselves no favors by vulgar, personal attacks against those opposing the deal

Note to Former Pres. Jimmy Carter: PLEASE Boycott Israeli Products & Technology

Mr. Carter, Please continue boycotting Israeli products & refuse all medical help discovered by Jews

Obama’s Partners in the PA-PLO and their American victims

It amazes that the Obama administration could sink to new depths, quite this low,

So Sorry Jonathan, We Failed you!

We have to admit, after nothing helped Jonathan these 30 years, that the strategy was misguided.

Jewish Communal Fund Covering Up Millions Donated For Boycotts Of Israel

Shame on the JCF for financing a boycott of Israel; shame on them for deceiving the Jewish Community

Republicans Can Score With Jewish Voters In 2016

To protect US standing, Republicans must campaign effectively & with "seichel" to woo Jewish voters.

Religious Liberty Versus Legislative Morality: Thoughts on the Supreme Court’s Recent Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Jews should support legislation prohibiting denial of services or employment due to beliefs.

Bad Advice On Arafat, Bad Advice On Iran

Does Miller's track record on Mid-East inspire confidence regarding his Iran recommendations? NO!

Jewish Communal Fund: Why Support A Boycott Of Israel?

New Israel Fund advocates & funds ($30 million annually) boycott of Israel, harming Israel immensely

The Left Rejoices

Media gets euphoric when it has "proof" that Jewish settler violence is Mid East's biggest problem

The Madness of President Obama

On what note will President Obama end his presidency?

Joy And Disillusion

Coming a close second to Jackie Robinson in our esteem was David Ben-Gurion, PM of new State of Israel

Dilemmas Of A Jewish Congressman

For the Jewish Democrats in Congress, this is a trying moment

An Eye For An Eye…

The murderer of Shira Banki had no authority or warrant. There was no due process.

When Shul Talk Goes Nuclear: Should Pulpit Rabbis Publicly Discuss Iran?

How and when is it appropriate for pulpit rabbis to comment publicly on the Iran issue?

Getting a Grip on Guilt: It’s Not Always About the Jews

Some Israelis seem to have forgotten no one has yet tracked down the murderers of Ali Bawabsheh.

Condemn the Attack on Gay Israelis… and Condemn the New Israel Fund

The New Israel Fund, as usual, condemns the State of Israel rather than condemning a horrible act.

Know Thy Enemy Seeking a Moderate Islam

I sought a Muslim group that claims to preach a peaceful and accepting posture of Islam, Ahmadiyya

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