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The Great Deception March on Gaza’s Border

If even Palestinian leaders see through the Hamas ruse, why do Amnesty, the UN, the NY Times, Bernie Sanders, and so many others have such a hard time understanding what's really going on?

The Great Iranian Nuclear Heist

Israel's revelation will no doubt create fissures in the Iranian regime. These can be exploited by Israel and the US when the inevitable conflict arises.

Threatening Regional Storm Clouds

We are fortunate that Netanyahu heads the nation at this crucial time.. But he is treading on eggshells as he faces three challenges:

A Tale of Two speeches

Three years after Netanyahu was panned for telling Congress the truth about the Iran nuclear deal, the media cheered French Pres. Emmanuel Macron for doing the opposite.

Middle East Braces for a Tense May

Nevertheless, the nations and parties in the midst of possible escalation have nothing to gain from an all-out war.

Dr. Adelaide Hautval Of France: A Friend Of The Jews

Her brave answer resulted in her imprisonment in Bourges prison where she would witness further cruelty towards Jews.

Beating The Boycott

We go out and strengthen those who want to hear us. We give them tools and information.

Hashem Gave This Talent To Me

There is no question that the lack of a community of peers is uniquely challenging for someone with Abby’s musical gifts.

Supremely Misleading Analogy to Israel

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan’s comparison of a hypothetical travel ban on Israel to one on real terrorist hotbeds explains what’s wrong with the critique of Trump.

Abandoning the Jewish State

An ideologically bankrupt A.B. Yehoshua wants to replace the Jewish state with an Israeli-Palestinian federation, the inevitable result of a loss of Jewish-Zionist identity and demoralization that began with the Oslo Accords. Having despaired of the “two-state solution,” he is now dumping the idea of Israel all-together

Christian Missionary Hananya Naftali Appointed As PM Netanyahu’s Deputy New Media Advisor

Netanyahu has appointed a known Christian missionary to a position of power and importance as deputy media advisor. Now the missionary will have unfettered access to millions of Israeli Jews with the imprimatur of the PM. Boggles the mind.

Middle East Braces for a Tense May

Nevertheless, the nations and parties in the midst of possible escalation have nothing to gain from an all-out war.

INTO THE FRAY: Natalie Portman as a Symptom

Israel must convey a resolute message to arm-chair liberals who are staunchly prepared to defend their principles…down to the last Israeli

President Trump puts Americans First

President Trump has never once discriminated among Americans. Whether Jewish or Muslim, Black or Asian, gay or feminist, this President sees them simply as Americans—and as Americans, he seeks to serve them, putting their welfare and safety ahead of non-Americans.

The “Great Myth of Return”

Pro-Palestinian organizations like Al Jazeera (Qatar) and Press TV (Iran) have produced videos related to the Gaza border protest regarding Palestinian rights, providing few actual facts, proving the claim of a Palestinian “Great March of Return” is a sham.

Palestinian Nazi flags and Hamas Talking Points

Although many reporters have uncritically repeated Hamas’s false claim that the “Great Return March” is nonviolent, photographic and video evidence has shown the opposite.

Has Europe Even Tried to Fight Anti-Semitism?

When European governments refuse to accept Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and when they urge "restraint" instead of affirming that Israel has the right to defend itself, they are indulging in appeasement. On one side, they condemn anti-Semitism but on other, they are just whipping it up.

Parroting Propaganda

“Israel was created exactly 70 years ago as a haven for refugees from the Holocaust.” Portman may believe this, but as a matter of historical fact, it simply isn't true.

Honoring Dr. King, 50 Years Later

I find it serendipitous that Dr. King’s jubilee yahrzeit fell on Pesach. The freedom that Pesach conjures has a universal stamp; it reflects every man’s yearning for liberty. Indeed, black Americans saw the Israelite longing for freedom as emblematic of their own just battle.

Natalie Portman Is No Prize

Whether or not Ms. Portman is a good actress is utterly irrelevant. More relevant is the fact that her analytical prowess is less than impressive, as is her appreciation of a complex society and democracy.

Remembering Former First Lady Barbara Bush: Role Model, Matriarch, A True Woman of Valor

I greatly admire the example she set for all Americans on dedication to causes greater than oneself, as well as civility, humility and faith. That will always be her legacy.

What FFBs Don’t Get About Us Ba’alei Teshuvah

As a ba’al teshuvah myself, I sense this young firebrand not only can handle suggestions for improvement but would gladly welcome them.

Learning from Thunder

Yesterday’s and today's rains might have dampened the efforts of Hamas, but it couldn’t bring them to a total halt. However, the effects of weather can be multiplied and utilized to our advantage.

Natalie Portman’s Insult to Israel

Portman refusing the Genesis prize makes abundantly clear that she was never deserving of it in the first place.

Texting On Shabbos – Whose Fault Is It?

Parents may have to step up their game and focus on explaining the importance and beauty of the Sabbath. And teachers and rabbis have to start focusing the big picture. Talking about God, hashkafa, and one's love and understanding of Torah is just as important as a brilliant analysis of Tosafos.

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