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Seizing the Moment

Actually, when we first heard what Mr. Trump is reported to have said, we thought he was praising Sgt. Johnson’s sacrifice because he knowingly, and selflessly, put himself in harm’s way in defense of his country.

The Bernice Chronicles: A Son Makes Aliyah

It was a war that would change the country's destiny. It would also change the destiny of Joshua Schwartz of Teaneck, New Jersey.

Westerners: Guilty of Reading the News

Hypothetically, if large numbers of Eastern Europeans started to export terrorism globally, a majority of the public in a country might call for increased security checks on people of Eastern European origin not from racism but solely because the public merely followed the news

History Repeating: Jewish Voice for Britain’s Labour Party

The deployment of a number of Jews to take Corbyn's social revolution to the 'Jewish masses' are to deflect accusations of anti-Semitism. The number is tiny but their voices are amplified out of all proportion

Abbas’ Party Openly Refuses Recognition of Israel AND Demands Hamas Not Recognize Israel

They have never repudiated, revised or modified its Arab supremacist program of denying Jewish peoplehood, destroying Israel and replacing it with an Arab-dominated regime.

The World is Waiting for Us

In the first conversation HaShem had with him, Avraham was told to live in Israel, or in modern terms, make Aliyah.

Lectures of the Fat and Happy

An economic overview at the United Nations-and the hypocrites that pontificate there.

Chaos in Jerusalem

I have no words to describe my contempt for the "Rabbinic" leaders of the Peleg, who -- in their unbelievable arrogance and shortsightedness -- have stood by and not only allowed but ENCOURAGED this desecration of G-d, including fighting police and army, while in turn often calling them murderers and Nazis for simply trying to move them out of the way of traffic.

Iran: Will Congress Rise to the Challenge?

When examining the impact of the JCPOA on the US national security, Congress should assess the dramatic erosion of the US posture of deterrence, as reflected by the surging geo-strategic posture of Russia

Speaker at Center for Jewish History Violently Denounces Israel

I am not suggesting that people who attack Israel should be deprived of their right to free speech. The question I am raising is whether mainstream Jewish community institutions should provide platforms for those who attack the Jewish state.

Justice Needed for American Victims of Palestinian Terrorism

Given America's leverage with the Palestinians, as well as the vast capabilities of US intelligence, it beggars the imagination to believe that Washington cannot be doing more to go after Palestinian terrorists with American blood on their hands.

Tension Rises in Northern Israel as Syria&Iran team to fight ‘Zio-American Schemes’

The rocket fire from Syria came amid a rare visit to Damascus by Iranian military chief Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri, who, during his visit, signed a memorandum of understanding with his Syrian counterpart, calling to enhance the countries’ coordination against “Zio-American schemes.”

Challenging Capture of Kirkuk Necessary to Counter Iran

There are no coincidences in the Mid-East. And it was certainly no coincidence that Iranian-backed militia advanced on a key U.S. ally just days after the Trump administration announced it was not recertifying the nuclear accord with Iran and designated the IRGC as a terrorist organization in its entirety.

Giuliani, Arafat, And The Meaning Of Leadership

Arafat has a good sense of humor, said a Jewish organizational spokesman.

INTO THE FRAY: Decertifying Iran- A Moral Imperative. Now WHAT?

As the experience of 2003 shows, Iran will only abandon its nuclear program if confronted by what it perceives to be a tangible military threat

Standing Up to Censorship at the Jordan Option Conference

Rachel Avraham, condemned the oppression of dissidents and other human rights abuses within the Hashemite Kingdom while delivering a talk at the Jordan Option Conference now speaks out against the censorship surrounding the conference.

Mind-blowing EU CHUTZPAH!

First the EU builds illegal settlements in defiance of Israel, then it demands that Israel pay for these offenses when Israel acts against them. How much more contemptuous can you get than that?

Sukkot Brings Out International Love For Israel

The contrast with the increasing manifestations of international anti-Semitism is stark, and raises the question: What is the source of this incredible and effusive love for Israel from so many different stripes of people?

Belgium and Norway–but not US– Act Against Palestinian Incitement

Norway and Belgium, in at least one important respect, have gone much further than the US in confronting the problem of Palestinian incitement against Israel--and they are not known for their love of Israel

Stephen Paddock Gives Mental Illness A Bad Name

Let's label Paddock for what he was: A diabolically evil person not a person suffering from mental illness.

President Trump Did the Right Thing by Walking Away from UNESCO — for Now

By withdrawing from UNESCO – again – President Trump is sending a powerful message to the international community: that we will no longer tolerate international organizations that serve as forums for Jew-bashing.

Religious Liberty For Me But Not For Thee

Rather than aiding bigotry, Trump is standing up for a principle that Jews ought to be defending: Religious liberty

Move Over, Sandy Koufax

While NFL players are running away from their country and refusing to stand during the national anthem, Israel’s professional athletes are doing the complete opposite! They are connecting to their nation and showing just how proud they are to be Jewish.

The Sons of Noach: Genuine Righteous Gentiles Revisited

It is not easy to be a Ben Noach. The Seven Laws (even more according to many rabbinic decisors) represent categories that encompass subcategories, and the penalties for abrogation of this covenant are stricter than they would be for a Jew who abrogates them

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